Because I'm not entirely sure how to work Neocities, you'll have to click this link to enter the website before anything else. I originally just wrote all these scripts on Notepad on my laptop and I have the whole thing saved in my HTML folder. So I just dragged all the files (that the free version of neocities will let me) into here and am linking this page to what would've been the MTS AIRMASS homepage. Please try to keep in mind that this website is not at all close to being finished and I really just put it online so I could share the progress I have so far with people> I eventually want to add things like audio and video and whatnot but that's gonna cost like 5$ or something so I'll just put that off for a while. If you're here to view the Electromagnetic Compact Discs homepage, click this page, scroll down to the "More" section of the homepage, and click the CDr photoscan that says something like "CDr presses (The record label if you will [and I will]).

Please email me at if you want to join my "record label". We're slowly growing and hoping to become a reality soon, we want as many fitting artists as possible.


I listen to giant discographies and review them all. CLICK HERE for my listening project/music blog.