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Because I'm that one person who still collects them. (This page will also include my few vinyls and 7-inches)

Album Cover Collage-Mabob

I sort my albums in a very strict order of by-artist, then title in ABC order. Bands named after someone are filed under their first name (Example: Kevin Drumm filed under K). Numbers come after letters, then special characters. The word "the" is the only word not factored in categorization.

Aleph Empire

Aleph Empire - Playback Device Confusion Volume One
Aleph Empire, not Alec Empire. Different person. Shaped disc I picked up in Recycled Books the day the first band I was ever in played their first concert in Denton. Sadly, we soon broke up after that, there was no falling-out, they just kinda stopped responding to my texts. Anyways, this disc is really cool, it features Doormouse and Stunt Rock on it. 20 minutes of bat-shit insane noise. The track features like 20 people on it or something and they're all jut inserting each others noise in at random intervals. Not the most intelligent, but it doesn't try to be.

Animal Collective

Animal Collective - Feels
I got this one at a Half-Price-Books over in Dallas (I think it was the original Half Price Books). My dad was around and he wanted to look for a book only available in that store. We went there and I picked up this one and two Don Caballero CDs. Not one of their better albums.

Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion
Got this at the same Half-Price Books as Feels, but on Record Store Day of 2019. Pretty good album, not one of my favorites, but still pretty good. The packaging is neat.

Aphex Twin (RDJ)

AFX - Analogue Bubblebath
Great EP. My dad used to own this one. Now I do.

AFX - AFX in his third Analogue Bubblebath (Or just Analogue Bubblebath 3 if you will)
Fantastic album. Bought this one off of Discogs, came in great condition, had the front sticker, but not the back sticker.

AFX - Analogue Bubblebath 4
Pretty good EP. After Record Store Day 2019, but still in April, I found this on Discogs in mint condition for the great deal of $16 including shipping.

Aphex Twin - Cheetah
Back when this EP came out, I hadn't yet started my collection (I still had a couple laying around for later mentions) and I bought this one on iTunes. For all the albums I've bought on iTunes, I've just been waiting until I find them in record stores later to rebuy them on CD. This one I found when I was in New York City in this place called Village Music World and I found this there. Didn't come with the sticker. Should've bought it when it came out...

Aphex Twin - Chosen Lords
This is the one that started it all. I got this for Christmas back in 2016, and the feel of having this CD in my hands and the nostalgia of my dad's CD collection from back when I was a kid, I decided to start one. Not the biggest fan of acid house, but this is a good CD to start off the collection.

Aphex Twin - Collapse EP
This one was fun to get. For the previous Aphex Twin releases I just kinda saw them appear on iTunes. Fast forward to 2017 and Aphex Twin opens up his own website and I was checking that neurotically every day for updates for the next year. August last year, I find Reddit. One of my favorite subs becomes r/aphextwin and fast forward to 2018, the whole marketing campaign for Collapse comes out and I'm sitting there riding the train! This release was so much fun to be a part of the hype train! Looking forward to next year's release.

Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy
At my local Half Price Books (address not given cause I don't want the city I live in out there) for a little while they had the CDs "...I Care Because You Do" and "Come To Daddy". When I finally decided to buy them, they only had "Come To Daddy". Someone had taken my precious Daddy from me... I swear it's gonna be years until I find it again.

Aphex Twin - Drukqs
The other one I got at Village Music World (two in total)

AFX - Hangable Auto Bulb
My personal favorite RDJ album. Weird version I got that came in a jewel case with no sticker. Bought this one off of Amazon in mint condition.

Aphex Twin - ...I Care Because You Do
If you recall my article on Come To Daddy, you remember how I regret passing this one up before I got the chance in my local Half-Price Books. Well, I found it again in the Dallas Half Price Books on Record Store Day 2019. Found quite a few cool things there including the second time I ever found Venetian Snares in a record store. They actually had two copies of this album there. I like the CD version of this album because on the CD it has the giant COMPACT DISC logo. This is a pretty good album. Some songs run a little dry though.

Aphex Twin - MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96
On Record Store Day of 2019, the first place I stopped was Good Records. It was the best location I went to last year, but this year, they moved locations for some reason. When Record Store Day rolled around, they barely finished moving and the CDs weren't in the store yet, so I really had to just browse the vinyl. Picked up this since it's a vinyl only and Autechre's L-Event (you can't pass up that artowrk on a 12-inch).

Aphex Twin - On (Remixes)
Got this one off of Discogs because I hadn't really listened to it yet. I found twenty dollars and bought this and something else with it. Decent album, not his best, solid remixes by Reload and µ-Ziq.

AFX - Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-08
Found this Record Store Day 2019 in mint condition in CD Warehouse in Arlington. Decent album/EP. More of an AFX release than an Aphex Twin release, that's for sure.

Aphex Twin - Richard D. James Album
CD Warehouse in Arlington had a lot of Aphex Twin there. Picked this one up on Record Store Day 2019 in mint condition. Brilliant album, but again, a couple songs like Cornish Acid run a bit dry.

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92
FIRST CD I ever got. Cover drawn all over by a young me.

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Here it is again. One of my few duplicates. Comes in a SUPER Jewel Case. Picked this one up at CD Warehouse in Arlington on Record Store Day 2019 again because I don't like how I drew on the artwork of my other copy.

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II
This one I also got from my dad. He has another version that had the bonus track, "Hankie" but it he spilled water on it and it was tarnished by disc rot.

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II
This is the version with the bonus track "Hankie". Got it on 2019 Record Store Day in CD Warehouse.

AFX - Smojphace
It's Christmas! This is a CD I got today. 2018. I should remember that. Magic stuff on here. One of my favorite of his releases. With the sticker!

Polygon Window - Surfing On Sine Waves
If you don't know already, Polygon Window is an alias of Aphex Twin. Got this one at the Amoeba in Hollywood the one time I went there. I was with a couple other people, so I was dragged out before I was able to buy too much.

Aphex Twin - Syro
Got this one at my local Half Price Books, it just kinda showed up one day and I got it. Sadly, it didn't come with the sticker.

Aphex Twin - Windowlicker
Bought off of Amazon because Windowlicker is surprisingly cheaper on Amazon than Discogs. Never knew about that video thing on the end, but I did know it had some extra data. I'm gonna have to check that out soon.

Aphex Twin - 26 Mixes For Cash
Another weird version that comes in a jewel case. Cool white tray. Got this at Amoeba too. Great condition.

Arab On Radar

Arab On Radar - Soak The Saddle
The version of this CD I have is the last picture in the list on the Discogs page. Got it on Record Store Day of 2018 at Recycled Books. Great record shop. Since my birthday is near Record Store Day, it was really fun to go record shopping (or CD shopping if you will [which I won't]).

Arab On Radar - Yaweh Or The Highway
Also got on Record Store Day mint condition at Good Records. Another great record shop.


Autechre - Amber
Picked this one up in CD Universe sometime in I think around December of 2018. It's a decent album, probably one of my least favorite Autechre one's though.

Autechre - Autechre
Some call it LP5. 2019 Christmas. Not the version with the black case sadly. Pretty good album, quite appreciate the opening track.

Autechre - Chiastic Slide
This one I found in Recycled Books with Aleph Empire. Decent album, not as good as some of their others though.

Autechre - Confield
2018 Christmas gift. Pretty good, not my favorite Autechre album like others might consider it.

Autechre - Draft 7.30
2019 Christmas. NO strong opinions on this one, it's good. It's more Autechre.

Autechre - EP7
2019 Christmas. Again, just more Autechre, no strong opinions. Not the version with the hidden track sadly.

Autechre - Gantz Graf
2019 Christmas. Pretty epic set of tracks. One of their best EPs. Not the version with the DVD.

Autechre - L-Event
Record Store Day 2019. This was the other one I got at Good Records. Mint condition. I couldn't pass picking this one up, but for some reason I could pass up the mint condition Incunabula vinyl. I don't regret passing that one up (yet). This EP is pretty good.

Autechre - Move Of Ten
Got this recently mint condition at a record shop called CD Universe which was awesome, I got the cashier of the place to look at my Discogs wantlist and see if they had any of it in store. Got three things. Great EP.

Autechre - NTS Sessions.
Ah... the fabled NTS Sessions box set. This one is gooooood. 8 Hours of pure, concentrated, IDM. Preordered off of Autechre's website

Autechre - Oversteps
Christmas 2018! Yes, I'm going to preface all 18 Christmas CDs like this. This one focuses more on melodies.

Autechre - Peel Session 2
I was on Discogs once and just wanted to get something cheap. Got this. Pretty good.

Autechre - Quaristice
Also got this at CD Universe. Listened to it a couple times. Still good, but not my favorite Autechre album. The songs are just too short and tend to fade into the background. They don't develop much.

Autechre - Tri Repetae++
Ah, got this one Christmas of last year. It's Christmas right now as I'm writing this! Memories... I love Tri Repetae, the other two "EPs" I'm not the biggest fan of, but "Garbage" is starting to grow on me.

Autechre - Untilted
Favorite Autechre album. I can't remember if I bought this before or after NTS Sessions came out. Whenever I got this off of Discogs, it was definitely before the CDs shipped, or even August 13th, when they were originally sheduled to ship. I got it cause I wanted to get more into Autechre. This album helped a lot, one of my favorites by them. Ipacial Section is my favorite off of this.


Beck - Odelay
Getting this was probably not the best choice I ever made. I listened to Devil's Haircut once and I liked it. Was at a Half Price Books once and saw this had Devil's Haircut on it. That's it.


Biohazard - New World Disorder
Old place called ██████ ██ ████ (not sure if I should cross-reference this place or not due to privacy reasons) I used to take drum lessons at. They used to run things really well there until ███ left. ███ used to own the place, and once he left, it was like the people had no idea what to do with the place. A new owner named █████ took over for about half a year and basically ran the place into the ground. They got new floors one time, and the people who installed them basically did the worst job possible. He told us that he was planning to demolish the place or something, but then half a year later, he left. I forgot who took over, I'm pretty sure it was the person at the front desk. Well, one year they had a Halloween party where the dude, █████, gave away a bunch of free CDs and I got a few of them. This was one of them. The dude invited a bunch of his friend over too, who were out front smoking weed out of their trucks most of the time (keep in mind this was a place for kids) and running back in like nothing happened. My drum lessons teacher also changed frequently throughout this period. The first one left to pursue a carreer in butchering (or something like that), the second one was █████, and basically made me a worse drummer, the third one was probably the best teacher I had, had him for three lessons, then he got in a terrible car accident and had to quit his job there. Fourth one I had for a little while until I switched to another part of the franchise over in ██████. They ran things a lot better over there. (Story of what I did with the rest of the CDs continued on "The Chemical Brothers - Push The Button".)

Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group - Audio
Got this one at Josey Records last Record Store Day. Not the best place, pretty unorganized, and doesn't have the best finds, but they do have and Aphex Twin mosaic on the wall, and you can't go wrong with Aphex Twin. Over the summer I saw Blue Man Group live. They had a different version of the CD there. Didn't get it cause I already had this version.

Boards Of Canada

Boards Of Canada - In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
On my vacation to New York City last summer, I got this one at Academy Records & CDs, a great place with not the biggest selection, but some amazing stuff that perfectly fit my tastes. I had to put a couple things down! Highly reccomend this place to any fan of the avant-garde looking to visit places in New York.

Boards Of Canada - Trans Canada Highway
Also got this at Academy Records & CDs. These two EPs are good and all, don't get me wrong, but I like their studio albums a lot better.

Bogdan Raczynski

Bogdan Raczynski - Boku Mo Wakaran
Christmas 2019. Pretty good album. Not as good as Samurai Math Beats though.

Bogdan Raczynski - Samurai Math Beats
Christmas 2019. Really good, probably one of my favorite albums. Super rare CD, came in great condition with the sticker included. Yes, I am the one who bought it for $99. This album is so good, great noisy breakbeats, semi-nostalgic, semi-ironic, lofi vocals. All adds up to an amazing experience with infinite replay value.

The B-52s

The B-52's - The B-52's
I've been listening to Rock Lobster for the longest time now. Found it at Half Price Books. Got it more for the novelty of having Rock Lobster on my computer.

The B-52's - Live In The Studio January '78
Mint condition at my local Half Price Books. Mint condition isn't a lot to brag about on this one as it's probably a bootleg.


Can - Ege Bamyasi
Decent Can album got on Record Store Day 2019 at the Half Price Books in Dallas


Cheer-Accident - Babies Shouldn't Smoke
Christmas 2018! Great math rock stuff on here, one of their better albums.

Cheer-Accident - Fades
Huge fan of Cheer-Accident. Love their earlier math rock stuff, super underated band. This one isn't my favorite by them, but it got album of the day on Bandcamp, so at least they're finally getting the recognition they deserve. When I bought this, I got a super cool SKiN GRAFT Records sticker that's on the back of my computer.

Cheer-Accident - No Ifs, Ands, Or Dogs
Christmas 2018! Some good stuff on here. Haven't heard much from it except Barely Breathing.

Cheer-Accident - Putting Off Death
On my trip to Chicago in 2019, we stopped by Reckless Records on Belmont and picked up some crazy-obscure, cool stuff. They specialize in that stuff for a really good price. My dad found a Caroliner record there as well, so that's pretty cool. This album is great as well, sounds like their other album Enduring The American Dream.

Cheer-Accident - Trading Balloons
Great 52 minutes of prog/math rock. Awesome. Got this Christmas of last year.

The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers - Push The Button
So anyways, I got like seven CDs, because I wanted to just test them out, see how I liked them. I didn't really like any of them except this one, and I only kind of liked this one. I tried to scratch some of the other ones and see how they sounded. That experiment didn't work, and I threw away the other CDs except for one.


Deerhoof - Friend Opportunity
Another one I got at Half Price Books. Came with the sticker!

Deerhoof - Holdypaws
Got this for Christmas last year. I like Deerhoof's earlier stuff more. Their noise-rock stuff is great. This album is better than Friend Opportunity.

Deerhoof - Offend Maggie
Bit of nostalgia behind this album. I remember I used to listen to it all the time, before I had any taste in music at all. Overall, this album is okay, but it has more nostalgia value than anything.

Diamond Version

Diamond Version - CI
Found this at Reckless as well on the 2019 trip to Chicago. Some of it is good, akin to Pan Sonic, but other tracks suck as Were You There are pretty cheesy and annoying. But an overall good album.

Diamond Version - EP2
This one is not actually a CD. This is one of the vinyls in my collection. Back when I was big into Pan Sonic, I got their vinyl only release, "Pan Sonic - B". The dude who I bought it from threw this one in there for free.

Don Caballero

Don Caballero - American Don
Christmas 2018! Keep forgetting to listen to this one... Always happy to see Don Caballero though!

Don Caballero - Punkgasm
Got this at the other Half Price Books with World Class Listening Problem. Always excited to see Don Caballero anywhere.

Don Caballero - Singles Breaking Up (Vol. 1)
Got this at Reckless on the 2019 trip to Chicago. I think this one's a compilation of previously 7-inch exclusives.

Don Caballero - What Burns Never Returns
Another last Chirstmas CD. One of their best albums.

Don Caballero - World Class Listening Problem
You know where I got this. Probably my least favorite album by them. Actually scratch that, For Respect is their worst album.


Doormouse - The Method Volume One: The Streets Of Miami / Freaked Out Mess
Got this in Reckless on the 2019 Chicago trip. The real meat of this 2-disc set is Freaked Out Mess. The Method is more of a djmix than anything, but there are things done with the tracks. Freaked Out Mess, however, is one of the mose brilliant breakcore albums of all time. Some amazing sound on this one, not your average breakcore album.

Electric Touch

Electric Touch - Electric Touch
The other CD I got from that Halloween Party. Signed. Thought I could make a buck off of it. Never took in the effort to sell it. It is a nice one to sample though.

Elf Power

Elf Power - In A Cave
Love everything Elephant Six. Neutral Milk Hotel is okay. I like their more experimenntal stuff, Major Organ And The Adding Machine.

Experimental Audio Research

Experimental Audio Research - Millenium Music - A Meta-Musical Portrait
Record Store Day 2019 from Recycled Books. Neat drone/noise album.

Fatboy Slim

Fatboy Slim - Fatboy Slim's Greatest Remixes
Saw this and forgot the name of that Funk Soul Brother song. Was kinda hoping this had "The Rockafeller Skank" on it. It didn't.

Fenn O'Berg

Fenn O'Berg - Magic & Return
Got this at Academy Records & CDs. So lucky to find this. My dad had the first one, "The Magic Sound of Fenn O'Berg," and this double album had that, "The Return of Fenn O'berg," and two bonus tracks. Return is one of my favorite albums of all time.


Flössin - Lead Singer
Trip to Chicago 2019, Reckless. Neat CD I found while surfing the web. Looking on Reckless' website for Kid606 and came across this. Reckless does this cool thing where they put a description on their albums of what they're like. This is the description they gave that got me into this album: "FLOSSIN is a left-field supergroup of sorts featuring ZACH HILL (HELLA), KID-606, and laptop whiz CHRISTOPHER WILLITS. Together, the trio form a sound that meshes all three of their distinct styles--Willits soft Fennesz-like laptop atmospheres, The KID's harsh tone/deconstruction, and Hill's intense and spastic drum action--without stepping on each others toes. If DON CABALLERO and OVAL did a double sided tribute to AMM and KING CRIMSON for Mille Plateaux, this is what it would sound like." Pretty acurate description if you listen to the album, I reccomend it.

Flying Saucer Attack

Flying Saucer Attack - Chorus
Found this somewhere on Record Store Day 2019. Don't remember where.

The Hafler Trio

The Hafler Trio - Á Ég Að, Halda Áfram?
Recycled Books Record Store Day 2019. Same type packaging as Being A Firefighter Isn't Just About Squirting Water.

The Hafler Trio - Being A Firefighter Isn't Just About Squirting Water
Snagged this at Recycled Books on Record Store Day 2018. This place was like Academy Records & CDs but with a bigger selection. I even found some of the same albums there. This one is limited to 500 copies, and like almost all Hafler Trio CDs, the packaging is elaborate as ever. The CD is a "minimax" type in which the CD is 5 cm, but only 3 cm of it has foil. The other 2 cm is just clear plastic.

The Hafler Trio - I Never Knew Thats Who You Thought You Were
Recycled Books Record Store Day 2019. Same type packaging as Being A Firefighter Isn't Just About Squirting Water.

The Hafler Trio - Intoutof
Christmas 2018! Yay! Weird shaped packaging.

The Hafler Trio - The Hafler Trio Play The Hafler Trio
Christmas 2018! Very interesting packaging on this one. For some reason, on the packaging the tracks are split up, but on the CD itself, it's one, hour long track. Eh.


Help - Help
Got this from my Uncle when I went on vacation to California. He was in the band.

id m theft able

id m theft able - Releaseless
First CD of 2019. Bought it off of id m's website, Pretty good album. For more of my opinion on id m, read Smidge Beats. This CD was packaged in pink foam with a post-it note that says "Thanks so much! -id m". In it is the CD and a piece of printed paper with a bunch of words I haven't read yet. There's a CD in a (watercolored) paper sleeve in a plastic sleeve. In the parcel it came in was a notebook paper with "Conserving My Family's Water" on it and a picture of his mom and sister (I think). I put these things in the plastic sleeve. Very interesting packaging.

id m theft able - Smidge Beats
Just came across this album recently here, and ever since, it has become my favorite album of all time. Highly reccomend this to anyone into strange music. This album is songs based off of the sounds of skipping CDs, and it's really well done. Had to track this down on Discogs (as it was marked under "Unknown Artist") and found one for $4.00. CD placed in a paper card of some rap compilation, and a Comeau brand breaded scallops package sticker was wrapped around it. Packing-taped to the front is a broken CD. Some great packaging right there. Kinda interesting story on how I found out about this guy here; was looking for more information on a VERY obscure CD I had in my collection and came across this website. They had a funny band names section (with humor as dated as the website) and I came across the name "i dick the f table" and looked it up on Discogs. This was one of id m theft able's aliases. One of my favorite artists now.

Jack Pier

Jack Pier - Happier Day
On Record Store Day of 2018, when I went to Good Records, they were handing these out for free. Came in a paper sleeve. It's okay, nothing I'm really into, but I have the worst music taste in the world, I'm willing to bet somebody likes it. Not for me.

John Wiese

John Wiese - Circle Snare
Noise album by a pretty decent noise composer. Found on Record Store Day 2019 at Recycled Books.

John Wiese - GGA
Noise EP. Pretty good. Also found on Record Store Day 2019 at Recycled Books.

Kevin Drumm

Kevin Drumm - Elapsed Time
Six CD Box set I just got today! (Probably won't be "today" by the time this comes out). Around 12 albums on it, kinda peeved he only included half of Tannenbaum, Earrach, and Middle Of Nothing...

Kevin Drumm - Imperial Horizon
Found this at the same place I found the Fenn O'Berg CD. Pretty cool. You should be reading these in order.


Kid606 - Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You
One of Kid606's better albums. Kid606 is can be hit-or-miss. This album is a hit though. Found at CD Universe along with Autechre's Amber.

King Crimson

King Crimson - VROOOM
My dad has most of King Crimson's discography on CD (Everything except this, live albums, and ConstruKCtion of Light). I'm also trying to get the 40th anniversary editions, so this is the only one I have. Found at a Half Price Books in Illinois the time I was there.


Kraftwerk - Electric Cafe
Found at Half Price Books. The one near me.

The Locust

The Locust - Safety Second, Body Last
Christmas 2017. Pretty decent. Yeppers... I'm kinda writing this one late at night. The people on this are very good at what they do.


Main - Firmament II
Main's a good ambient/noise group. Has a section on Found this one at CD Warehouse on Record Store Day 2019.

Main - Ligature Remixes
Remixes of a few Main tracks, pretty good ones. There's a remix by Jim O'Rourke on here.


Merzbow - Timehunter
Really got this one for the packaging. A lot of the time, since there are just so many, Merzbow isn't really as worth getting unless the packaging is amazing. On this one, the packaging is amazing. Four 3-inch CDs in a day-planner. Record Store Day 2019 at Recycled Books.


Moby - Early Underground
Also found at Half Price Books near me.

Moby - Wait For Me
Dallas Half Price Books.

Mouse On Mars

Mouse On Mars - Actionist Respoke
A little extension of Idiology. It has the radio version of Actionist Respoke, and extention of the track, and a bonus track. Found on Record Store Day of 2018 at Good Records.

Mouse On Mars - Autoditacker
I think I bought this one off of Discogs as well. Pretty good album.

Mouse On Mars - Glam
Christmas 2018! Decent album.

Mouse On Mars - Instrumentals
Found at Recycled Books on Record Store Day 2019. Pretty good album.

Mouse On Mars - Niun Niggung
Christmas 2017 I think. Has a hidden track at the end. A pretty neat album if I do say so myself.

Mouse On Mars - Varcharz
Each of their albums are unique and different from each other. This album is a bit noisier than the rest. It also has the track Retphase at the end which is split into 15 or so few second parts.

Mouse On Mars - Vulvaland
Vulvaland was their first album. Not as good as their other albums, this one's a bit more minimal and empty than the others. Still good though. Record Store Day 2019 at the Dallas Half-Price Books.


Negativland - U2
I think this is the reissue of U2. First-edition would be very hard to find. An entertaining Negativland single. Found at Recycled Books on Record Store Day 2019.

Neutral Milk Hotel

Neutral Milk Hotel - On Avery Island
Dallas Half Price Books, found on the first time I went there. Okay album.

Nurse With Wound

Nurse With Wound - Alice The Goon
Christmas 2017. My introduction to Nurse With Wound. I heard about some noise act in China with a similar name like "Injured Nurse" or something, I can't remember, but I was trying to find out more information about that dude and found Nurse With Wound. It was good. This album is good. Nurse With Wound is a staple of avant-garde music.

Nurse With Wound - Drunk With The Old Man Of The Mountains

Nurse With Wound - Rock'N Roll Station
Record Store Day 2018. Found at Recycled Books. Pretty good album. Another thing I've noticed about Nurse With Wound is that the albums are almost unrankable. All of the albums are good, and none of them are really better than any other album.

V/Vm (Leyland Kirby)

V/Vm - The Death Of Rave (A Partial Flashback)
Christmas 2018! My personal favorite ambient album of all time. It's great.

The Caretaker - An Empty Bliss Beyond This World
So this one got quietly reissued on Boomkat sometime during the summer of 2019. Okay album, not Leyland's best, not his worst either. It's a good listen.

The Caretaker - Everywhere At The End Of Time Stages 1-3
Bought this off of Boomkat around a month before stage 6 came out. Brilliant set of albums, best concept album of all time. Like a more drawn out Disintegration Loops.

The Caretaker - Everywhere At The End Of Time Stages 4-6
The second part of the Everywhere At The End Of Time series consisting of 4 CDs instead of 3 like the previous set. These three albums are the best of them. The cut-up orchestral samples intertwining with each other and eventually culminating into a final stage of bliss before death. I intend these albums to be the last I ever listen to before I die. Those last 6 minutes hit hard.


Autechre & The Hafler Trio - æo³ & ³hæ
Christmas 2019. Drony, glitchy, great. 2xCD 2005 release.

Collin Potter, Andrew Liles, The Hafler Trio - 3 Eggs
Record Store Day 2019 again. Definitely got the most CDs at one time that I've ever got then. This is a pretty good album. Not really that much to say on it. The packaging is interesting.

Corpoparassita, Dyskinesia - Corpoparassita, Dyskinesia
The first CD I ever bought off of Discogs. Superb packaging. I learned of this disc off the Gozer's Den video about interesting CD packaging. I looked up a preview of a couple of the tracks and bought the disc. Great album.

Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson & Sigur Rós - Angels Of The Universe
Found this in CD Universe the first time I went there. Another album in the Sigur Rós discography.

Mike & Rich - Expert Knob Twiddlers
Christmas 2018! Aphex Twin and µ-Ziq on it. Pretty cool album. I got the 2-disc version.

Compilations 7-Inches

Bobby Bare - Daddy What If
These 7-Inches don't really matter that much. I picked up most of them to sample, one of them was given out on Record Store Day, and the other one I actually picked up because I wanted to listen to it. There probably won't be descrpitions on most of these.

Bread - Baby I'm A Want You

John Cage Meets Sun Ra
This was the one I actually wanted to listen to. Record Store Day 2019 release, it's both a 7-inch and has a DVD of the film o the same name.

José Iturbi Plays
Transparent Red colored vinyl.

Mason Dixon - Gettin' Over You

Skip Ewing - It's You Again

Various Artists - Local Buzz: Local Artists That Kick Ass Volume 1: Spring 2019
Given out at Good Records on Record Store Day 2019. Transparent Yellow colored vinyl.

Concert Band CDs