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Welcome To Clydebank (The Label) Discography Listening Project:

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Definitely recommended
Various Artists - Straight Outta Clydebank
Sam Fauchon - Long Distance Dork Control
Various Artists - You Have Thirty-Three Seconds
Various Artists - You Have Three Seconds
King Tiger - Tree Fiddy
BHP Shuffla - Proposed Contrasts
shamanic princess - shamanic princess
Shifala - Trapped
Jojo Mcjoe / MTS AIRMASS / Giraffe People / Wenton - Ice Cream Truck Around The Corner Of Hell
kidwithapedalboard - AUDIO PRO C-60
Cube Underlord - TERROR TV
Deep Fried Ice - Burn Your Money
Gas Mine Found - Nighttime Despair Soul Balsam
Demvr - Ideation
My Cell Phone Is Better Than Your Cell Phone - Wool Sweaters
Sam Fauchon - Dream Songs Night Songs
Giraffe People - The Eye
Holey Ghost - I Saw God And Vincent Walking Hand In Hand Towards The Retension Basin Gate
Smiffmaff & The Salesmen - Motion Pictures (For Carrie) NEILYOUNG4EVA
Reitu - Freefall
kickassmotherfuckerontheblock - yeahsureman
Sam Fauchon - Trump Tested Positive Party!
mammary problem - desk job psychedelic swirl
The CD Skipper Orchestra - Scratched
Broken Computer Orchestra - Live @ Michaelsoft Binbows
Family Dollar - Four Weeks In Pain
Burdent - Raw Teeth EP
Burdent - Psuedoflowers
Kris T Reeder - NOISE JAZZ D7823 (Single)
Jimmy Cutter - Lost Peace
蒸気波それは良いお尻の傷ですはいはいいいえいいえシャム猫を見せてくれたくない - Flogal Shopper
Critual with the Kastanet Krew - Jazzy Feelings
Jimmy Cutter - The New Theme Tune For Every Single British Program
Vrothers - Digital Gonorrhea
Deep Fried Ice - Kap Dwa
Jimmy Cutter - Dog Music
Jimmy Cutter - I Sold My House For An Aube CD
Raz Rielbs & The Incorporated Cup - Any Spare Change?
rise&shine - a​:​/​/​3;meBe10
WTC Communications - <in the beginning...>
Lo Lid Rocko - When Will I Be Hi Fidelity?

joignez les contraires - making a reductionism album but with an anime cover to infuriate rym users
Various Artists - Gamer Time
Merchant - The Pastille Album
Sam Fauchon - Aryan Breakups
car shining sounds - fffelicity (3 minute excerpt taken from 90 minute cassette)
Eyerolls / vay - Eyerolls / vay
Yamashiro Kusuo - Three Words
Deep Fried Ice - Solar Plexus Clown Glider
DJ リゼルグ酸ジエチルアミド - psychedelic noise death trip
TELEVANGELIST - Esteemed Chapel Towers Part 1
kowloon antifreeze / Televangelist - God's Children: Live From His Laundry Basket
Family Dollar - Flamly Doalrl
Yawn - Volumes
Family Dollar - Lombard Street
Critual - It Takes Up To 40 Dumb Animals To Make A Fur Coat But Only One To Wear It
Vrothers - Digital Gonorrhea (Version 2)
Sam Fauchon - Puke Blood With Little Men
Daichi Audio Company - Solo For Wounded Turntable
Family Dollar - Benevolent Feedback
Vrothers - Redwood Ridgeway
Cube Underlord - TABLOID TV
Giraffe People - Giraffe People's Guide To Making A Top 10 Hit
Crow - Field A
Thee Jimmy Cutter - Untitled
Hallend Oats188 - Blood And Hatred
Kirgo, Cat Merchant - Spicy Joseph's Saunter To Tesco Extra
Vrothers - Compendium Intellectuel
Giraffe People - You Cannot Buy Blu​-​Tack In Indonesia
Sam Fauchon - Sewerslvt Cvts My Fvcking Nvts Off
King Tiger - Magic Wood EP
isabelle cedar - 4 queers burn down the christian church
pfjdspfijsdf - dsfpsdfjsdifj
Walkman Kulture - Fucked​-​Down Tape Destructive Melange
Walkman Kulture - Radio Shit Method
Red 'n' Blue - Freeform
Lol Fuck - Lol Fuck's Overly Long And Unsatisfying Eastenders Edit
Carriion - Meltdown
私のお尻はかゆいクソくそったれ - Vaporware: Greatest Hits
yeemeen nosa - Garden Slumbers
Medial Q - Live Assault 30.3.20
Vrothers - Fuck Bacteria
Cathode Ray Mission - Digital Datura
Lo Lid Rocko - Come To Us
Plastic Fuck - A Cover of "Le Freak" by Chic Which Is Incredibly Superior To The Original
bitrman - talking on the phone to you makes me want to die
Critual - 12 Second Freezeflac
Reed & Bleu - Improvisations On Cheap Gear
Cube Underlord - scouting daintrees wildlife reanimated
D. Solomon - Music For Long People
Mike Mulligan - Saturday Night Pool
Medial Q - A Bloke Who Smokes Too Much Crack Is A Good Bloke
Walkman Kulture - The Return Of Walkman Kulture
Vrothers - Real Music
rise&shine - returntoLightlane
Last Login - Data hoarding is a mental illness
auradog - elusive
Crumbo Finnrt - Nottingham Rehearsal
Hana's Trash - Junk Jazz
Piss Drinker - Drink Piss
[The] Superslow Disc Fockey Medial Q - Nature Supreme
Jimmy Cutter - This Is Christian Hip-Hop
Jimmy Cutter - Cutting Through Security Systems
Cathode Ray Mission - Live??
Riz Rilez & The Cunet Inoc / Jimmy Cutter - Full Of Stars
Godbin / Glenmusik - World Famous / Music For Pipe Cleaners
Plastic Fuck - FL Studio Millionaires
Hana's Trash / kowloon antifreeze - Trash Slum Noise Pollution
Cathode Ray Mission - Cathode Ray Mission
Walkman Kulture - Walkmen

Fine I guess, very mediocre
Demvr / Gov. Physics - Somnambulae
Family Dollar - Now That's What I Call
Mike Mulligan - Rotary Dreams
punished auradog - oath of silence
punished auradog - tearsea
Crow - I Am Scat
75258050866944 - Ununited
Ra Relzilay And The Innocent Count Cunt - The Adventures Of Jimmy Landrover & His Companion Rig
The Vietnamese Printer Assembly - Look At Him (He's Got No Legs)
Req Reieuz And The Sieoncous Cunpt - Bush Geometry
rise&shine - Retrieved From Void
AJJ Spritzer - Quest For The Sacred Creme Egg
Crow - Red Light
Zoloft - What Filthy, Rotten Blood
Jimmy Cutter - Remove The Centerpiece, Thanks
Jimmy Cutter - 0412
Daichi Audio Company - Exquisite Sound
Vrothers Korporation - Launch On
Red 'n' Blue - Big Ups To The Crew
Sleeping Penguin - Shakin' Stevens Goes Nuts & Fucking Dies
Vrothers - I See The World Again With My Revolver
Rad Rilei + The Iconsounds Cuowt - notright.aif
dcsdm - dcsdm1
Lo Lid Rocko - laughing japanese people.
West Challenger - Radio Excerpts 1-11
Kris T Reeder - NOISE JAZZ D7823 (Album)
sorwu - branch
Kelpie National - Tone Mixture: forawhile​[​>if]
Walkman Kulture - Do You Like Cows? (damaged)
The Stink Practitioner - Chippy Prostate Death Spiral
Reb Rizbleele, NDA Iconcountis Countin - Jimmy Boke Oe
Critual with Raz Rizla & The Innocuous Cunt - Dirty Fucker
Sleeping Penguin - Ultra Dire Into <wow>
The Piss Artist - Magical Moments
James Beatsman - cool_breakcore_very_nice_not_bad_super_fun​.​mp7
XoArK - 15minConvolutiontest1
Imperium - Dedicated To Cray-1
DJ Fuckface & His Band Of Rogue Electronic Instruments - Loops 'n' Shit
Jimmy Cutter - Ambient Party
Burdent - Catalog 1
Rent Tazor + What's Left of The Stupid Band - Deep City
Red 'n' Blue - Super Team X
Magic Crow - Repercussions
Wettertone - Recycled Outtakes​/​Unreleased Garbage

The Stink Practitioner - Invocation Of Our Smelly Mistress
Lol Fuck - Lol Fuck Extended Play
Lol Fuck - Lol Fuck Presents British House Classics Vol. 396
Lol Fuck - Lol Fuck
The Stink Practitioner - Hi
The Other Mike Oldfield - The Sounds Of The Tubular Bells (Volume 2​.​718391)
International Society For The Prevention Of Geese - Pocket Music
Various Artists - Clydebank Allstars?
(The Other) Mike Oldfield - The Other The Other Mike Oldfield Album (Tubular Bells Volume 3)
The Other Mike Oldfield - The Sounds of the Tubular Bells
UltraHyperRoboEroticFuckWad - 20 Jazz Funk Hip Hop Latin Dance EDM IDM Experimental Pornogrind Black Metal Hits
UltraHyperRoboEroticFuckWad - 4 More Jazz Funk Hip Hop Latin Dance EDM IDM Experimental Pornogrind Black Metal Hits
Merchant - FaaaaaAAAAAAF
Zed Tee Qa - Peace Out
Mike Dean Of Demenex Plant Hire Ltd - The Microcassette Recordings
The Stink Pracitioner - A Very Pungent Christmas
Various Artists - The Wonderful Fully National Sampler Thingy Manjong
Sherlocks Home And His Group Of Bald Middle Aged Men - Boiled Pot
synthesized lasagne - A Very Chestnut Christmas
DJ Shithead - Musical Vibeez
Walkman Kulture - How Many Trapezoids Are At My Window?
The Me Dial With Band In Six Q - No Needle Cut-Out Groove Deconstruction
Post-artist - Jury Kidnap
DanzoBeanz - The Hot Ones
synthesised lasagne - Plastic Development Fluid
DJ DanzoBeanz - Pop Party 77

Shawty Real - Fam
Coronachu - Music For The Underwater Generation
No Artist - Yeah, Crisps
The Walmart Pensioner Orchestra - Livin' In A Walmart
Philaru - The Long Debt

WTC Communications - <in the beginning...>

Total Run Time: 13:21

1. [p] - 3:17
2. [15*a] - 4:07
3. fa5q[{] - 5:57

SOOOOO starting this off. Today is February 16th. It snowed on Saturday, Sunday was fun, and Monday, because Texas is in no way prepared for a few inches of snow, the power was out all damn day. The power has been out for most of today (I'm writing this cause the power just came on) and to pass time, I've started the WTC discography over limited cell service. In the time between finishing the RINGEX PLASTER discography and now, I've done a few listening projects that I haven't actually accounted for. Firstly, I'm halfway through the Merzbox now (I know, not that impressive considering I've been in the 20s for a WHILE now [but granted, I haven't listened to it in a few weeks because JEEZ that gets boring]), I listened to Goodbye Sol from Nanocyborg Uberholocaust, AMAZING experience (RINGEX was wrong, only their first couple albums are just super slowed down other songs, this album was actually insanely good) including listening to the entire penultimate track, a 7 and a half hour track on its own in one sitting the night before New Years. I'm also currently chunking through some Tsundere Violence compilations too (in fact I might start a listening project of all of Tsundere Violence soon [GOD HELP ME][after WTC of course]). I'm listening to some XoArK as I write this. Now that I speak of it, follow my last.fm, why don't you. While I listened to a bunch of WTC albums, I wrote down thoughts in a notebook, so I'll copy some of those down to here. My thoughts were a bit sparse, because these "albums" are extremely short (even sometimes just singles) I project we'll move through these quite a bit faster than RINGEX PLASTER. Maybe we'll be done within a couple weeks (I'll be laughing at myself when those couple weeks roll by and I'm nowhere close). Anyways I've been writing thoughts track by track on these ones so for this I wrote: "Track 1. Brilliant plunderphonics. 2. also great. seems a lot like V/Vm or RINGEX PLASTER (no wait, NEGATIVLAND (specially Big 10-8 place). very weird samples. Greatly chosen though they all seem the same tambre. 3. A lot more loop focused. Seems like something fun to perform live. Now some nice glitched vocals w/o loops. Ooo, for the first time it's doing a loop from the beginning [of the track] again. Very chaotic. Very well-chosen samples. Chaotic noise from Seinfeld intro. Very noisy at the end here. 7.5/10"

so uh... take that how you will. A lot of these cause of the situation I'm doing it with will seem more like notes and less like reviews. I did put numbers at the end so I could remember rankings though.

Jimmy Cutter - Remove The Centerpiece, Thanks

Total Run Time: 4:38

1. Removal Centerpiece - 4:38

I wrote: "Loops of a piano now. Some nice noise mixed in too. Nice loops. Very very noisy, a lot like fa5q[{]. Nice single. Nothing that special. 6.5/10" so yeah, really just seems like an additional (but a little sub-par) track to in the beginning.

The Other Mike Oldfield - The Sounds of the Tubular Bells

Total Run Time: 20:06

1. Bell Crossing - 0:50
2. Bell It - 2:37
3. BellEnders - 2:57
4. B-Team (B For Bells) - 1:05
5. U Can't Touch This (Bell) - 4:09
6. Bell De Ba - 1:35
7. Live & Let Bell - 2:56
8. Da Ba De Ba Da Bell - 3:57

God, this one was a slog to get through, I'm pretty sure it was intentionally terrible. MIDI covers of songs. I wrote: "1. Lame Tubular Bells MIDI. 2. Lame MIDI bell cover of Whip It. 3. So yeah, it seems this is just gonna be annoying MIDI tubular bell covers. Still listenable though because it seems there's a BIT of depth in these recreations. 4. Appreciate the title. This sounds more like Gamelan than tubular bells. 5. Cover of Can't Touch this. The bells are doing drums on this too tho. It loops too much tho. Goes on too long. 6. Audio noticably clips. 7. Chords sound a bit atonal. 8. Jesus how much more of there is this Oh, this is the last one. Annoying album. Intentional. 3/10." (but I might change it to a 4/10 given a later album which I for some reason ranked higher than this even though it was less listenable.

Jimmy Cutter - Ambient Party

Total Run Time: 1:43

1. Ambient Party - 1:43

Kinda cool, but also nothing special. Only 2 minutes tho so it definitely didn't overstay its welcome. I wrote: "Cool noise. that's about it. 7/10" (Changing to 6.5/10 due to how later releases turned out again).

rise&shine - returntoLightlane

Total Run Time: 8:37

1. 01 - 8:07
2. 02 - 0:30

Despite it being obviously gimmicky, this one actually turned out pretty cool. Wrote: "1. Actually kinda cool despite being obviously gimmicky But yea actually this sounds super cool. Pan Sonic-esque ends weirdly. 2. Only 30 seconds and Reese's puffs meme. Sucks haha. 7/10" Feels right.

Jimmy Cutter - This Is Christian Hip-Hop

Total Run Time: 5:35

1. Violence (in) - 1:50
2. Brokenist - 2:26
3. Last Time Sleeping - 1:05
4. (out) - 0:14

Violence (in) starts it off as one of the better noise only projects on the label so far. But then the rest of the tracks kinda ruin it. I wrote: "Real noisy again & nice like this one quite a bit Ooh, this distorted thing at the end is PERFECT. 2. Also pretty cool, A quiet one. Sounds a bit like Strange HPB CDr. Nothing special though. 3. Drony and a bit interesting. Also nothing special. Probably going to knock the overall rating to a 7 cause the first track was so good. 4. Neat little outro. 7/10." Yep, agree with those still.

West Challenger - Radio Excerpts 1-11

Total Run Time: 6:28

1. Radio Excerpt 01 - 0:33
2. Radio Excerpt 02 - 0:06
3. Radio Excerpt 03 - 0:20
4. Radio Excerpt 04 - 0:14
5. Radio Excerpt 05 - 0:19
6. Radio Excerpt 06 - 0:16
7. Radio Excerpt 07 - 0:17
8. Radio Excerpt 08 - 0:07
9. Radio Excerpt 09 - 0:51
10. Radio Excerpt 10 - 2:05
11. Radio Excerpt 11 - 1:20

A fun compilation of random ass radio segments, willing to bet LLR recorded this alongside doing Ice Cream Truck Around The Corner Of Hell (though I'll make the claim that one's done much better [we'll get to that soon]). I wrote: "1. Probs recorded alongside Ice Cream Truck. 2. Fun. 3. Language I don't speak. 4. Fun. 5. Refer to 3. 6. David Guetta!. 8. Fun. 9. Probs best track on here. 10. Actually this might be. Yeah this is 11. Yea, no real comments anymore. 6.5/10." Still agree with that. Enjoyable for the most part.

Coronachu - Music For The Underwater Generation

Total Run Time: 19:44

1. Attached To The Floor - 3:22
2. Yoinks: The New Rick Ruben Album, Out 19/3/57 - 4:08
3. Me & Someone Else Not Incredibly Important - 3:42
4. Next Grap (Death Grap) - 4:17
5. Your Wife Is Now In Venezuela (Clipping Mix) - 4:15

The first two tracks were actually interesting until I got bored and realized this is terrible, the worst one so far (even though I for some reason put it above tubular bells, hence now changing the numbers while typing this). I wrote: "1. Fun, but gimmicky. Vaporwavey. 2. Equal to previous I think it's just songs that sound ULTRA compressed. Mildly interesting at best. 3. Slightly more interesting than the others b/c there's a bit of extra noise in some points. But overall, just sounds like listening to a bad radio. 4. It's a Death Grips song. Cool I guess, not epecially interesting. 5. Also not interesting. Also Death Grips. 4/10" Changed to 3/10 after reevaluation and comparison to tubular bells.

Plastic Fuck - FL Studio Millionaires

Total Run Time: 21:59

1. (This Is) Music - 5:12
2. How Many of You in the Room are Fans of Vomit Lunchs - 5:32
3. OPN, Please Respond To My DMs - 5:36
4. How To Become A FL Studio Millionaire - 5:39

Interesting noise/noise walls. Was cool for a while, still ended up getting boring, but part of that might've been just being bored from the overall power outage. Wrote: "1. Noise again. That's fun. This one actually is pretty ool. I like. 2. More cool harsh noise, I still like. Bassy. Gimmicky, I know. 3. More interesting noise than the last 2 tracks. Sounds like a power drill. 4. Real quiet humminh to start with. Ooo, there was a slight bang [in hindsight, there's a chance I made that up and it was actually a noise from the house]. Yeah, I think this one's just a real quiet drone. 7/10" Agree still.

Jimmy Cutter - Dog Music

Total Run Time: 4:18

1. Dog Music - 4:18

Started off thinking it would be terrible, actually turned out to be the best thing I've heard so far somehow. Wrote: "Dog panting crazy. Okay it's dog sound effects. So that's the gimmick then. Literally just dogs. ooh, interesting effects put onto a couple of them. Okay now it's fairly interesting. Haha I quite like it now. 8/10" Definitely recommend.

Lo Lid Rocko - Come To Us

Total Run Time: 21:42

1. The Journey - 6:37
2. Velocity/Vin - 4:07
3. Step Into The Light - 10:58

Pretty cool, but got boring after a while. Somehow, the longest track was actually the most interesting one. Wrote: "1. A bit drony to start with. Some nice droning chords OK I like this one quite a bit. I have a feeling these will be some of the best releases on the label. 2. These looped chords are more interesting than the previous. nice sea waves. Definitely adds to it. 3. Starts with some interesting noises rather than chords. Quiet noises, slowly & progressively changing. Ooh, now the noises got super glitchy & interesting. Then they do that yet again. Sounds a bit like Autechre. 7.5/10." I'll add that that last track also had some really nice percussion at the end.

Plastic Fuck - A Cover of "Le Freak" by Chic Which Is Incredibly Superior To The Original

Total Run Time: 6:28

1. The Actual Cover - 6:28

Sounds very much like the power drill song from FL Studio Millionaires until halfway through when some noises that remind me of plates come in. "Pretty cool noise single. I like these ceramic sounds around halfway through. 7.5/10" Agreed.

Lo Lid Rocko - laughing japanese people.

Total Run Time: 17:32

1. North? South! East, West. - 8:27
2. Drum Rapid - 9:05

Like Come To Us but worse cause it's just more of the same and more boring. Wrote: "Starts with interesting chords, some nice things done to em. Just some wobbly quiet noise though really, gets a bit boring after aa while. 2. Oo some nice drums on this one. Maybe some semblance of progression. Noises are done to the drums. Pretty coo. Reminiscent of Merzbow's beaty stuff, Except quieter. 6.5/10" Yea, the second track was wildly more interesting than the first in that it didn't make me THAT bored. Just slightly by the end, altho part of that again could very well be power outtage bias.

私のお尻はかゆいクソくそったれ - Vaporware: Greatest Hits

Total Run Time: 68:00

1. lush dreamsお尻を食べる - 13:42
2. 私の赤い車 【Hey there!】 - 4:31
3. My Love [ピーター・グリフィン] - 8:55
4. Brown - 4:59
5. {日本のニュースヒットロッド} - 17:33
6. グーグル翻訳DLDのコック420叙事詩ペニス - 5:23
7. はじめまして/今夜はカセットテープを食べます - 6:25
8. ビョーク [A Good] ↓ - 6:32

LLR told me to skip this one because it was terrible apparently. But... this was actually pretty good, idk what he's on. I liked it quite a bit. Also my power came back on during listening (it went back out when I started writing for Ambient Party, but its been here solidly since then). Wrote: "1. Weird ambient nonsense. LLR warned me about this release. This seems a lot like Coronachu again. They added a lot of reverb. Stupid though [haha you can see a bit of bias here towards LLR's caution]. Somehow going by kinda fast despite being 13 minutes. Maybe it was all the trying to write down Japyamese [sidenote: For each of the tracks, I got bored during power outtage and started trying to write down the Japyamese characters the titles are made up with]. Some real crazy wails & stuff tho. Sounds like Death of Rave. 2. Ha, it's slowed down My Red Hot Car with a few added things. 3. It's some pop song with enough reverb that it clips quite a bit. But in a way that I actually like it a lot. 4. Idk, something slowed down I still somehow like it quite a bit though. It's like Homophonics. 5. This sounds like something off of Goodbye Sol. I like it. 6. Some vaporwaved thing over distorted screaming or some song (too distorted to tell, but hilarious). 7. Reese's Puffs meme kinda slowed with a fair bit of noise on top along a couple other things. Really crazy. Ha now I think it's some dubstep song on the top. Hey, a slap bass! Fun song. Goes on a bit long. 8. Starts with some interesting beat. Yea, it's a vaporwaved song. I think this release was the most entertaining one [somehow]. Oh shit, it cut out and now NOISE! Wow, despite the warnings, this was somehow pretty good. 8/10."

Wettertone - Recycled Outtakes/Unreleased Garbage

Total Run Time: 9:40

1. Synthetic Warm - 0:29
2. Upbeat Decision - 0:29
3. Driving Property - 0:38
4. Classic Machine - 0:30
5. Big Morning - 0:09
6. Classic Zebra - 0:15
7. Complex Morning - 0:42
8. Gentle Brothers - 0:24
9. Gooey Connection - 0:30
10. Harmonic Morning - 0:19
11. Huge Education - 0:30
12. Lo-Fi Question - 0:39
13. Lo-Fi Wheel - 0:30
14. Melodic Property - 0:30
15. Raw Vintage Property - 0:30
16. Rotten Playground - 0:30
17. Small Cream - 0:30
18. Synthetic Boundary - 0:39
19. Upbeat Scream - 0:27
20. Vintage Magic - 0:30

Undoubtedly some program (likely an online one) was used to create this (and the track names). Just kinda random ass beats/melodies, kinda fun I guess. 5/10. Listened to this while the power was on so I don't have a track-by-track on-paper review for this one, but even if I did do that, the tracks are too fast and substanceless for me to actually have opinions on each one. Another gimmick I think.

Rent Tazor + What's Left of The Stupid Band - Deep City

Total Run Time: 16:19

1. First - 2:24
2. Second - 2:00
3. Third - 2:28
4. Fourth - 2:39
5. Fifth - 2:48
6. Sixth - 1:48
7. Seventh - 2:12

So far this one's nice. Kinda sounds like Pole. Altho I think it also clearly used some program as a gimmick. Still, a more interesting listen than most of these. I like how it's a nice break from the noise, the beats are still interesting, yet monotonous enough for time to pass without boring. Power's on while listening so again, don't wanna write track-by-track reviews for it. Haha, I like the beginning sample of Seventh. Definitely a 6/10 cause it's not really musically good at all, just more interesting because 1. The Power's back on and 2. It's a nice break from all the noise shit.

Critual - 12 Second Freezeflac

Total Run Time: 2:11

1. 12 Second Freezeflac - 2:11

Some nice drone, then vinyl crinkle, then a cut out, and here we go, some nice plunderphonics over a REALLY pleasant drone. I quite like this track. Haha, British people. 7/10.

UltraHyperRoboEroticFuckWad - 4 More Jazz Funk Hip Hop Latin Dance EDM IDM Experimental Pornogrind Black Metal Hits

Total Run Time: 1:07

1. M - 0:15
2. U - 0:15
3. S - 0:20
4. I - 0:17

Haha hilarious. Random, short-ass MIDI shit. I hate it, but it's more listenable than the other two bad ones (actually maybe worse than tubular bells, but definitely better than Coronachu. I should probably lower my number rating for that to 2/10, cause this is a 3/10). But that went by faster than I could type it.

UltraHyperRoboEroticFuckWad - 20 Jazz Funk Hip Hop Latin Dance EDM IDM Experimental Pornogrind Black Metal Hits

Total Run Time: 4:48

1. This is the Introduction - 0:15
2. Martin Clunes - 0:15
3. The Newest Phil Collins Album - 0:06
4. T - 0:15
5. O - 0:14
6. S - 0:15
7. S (part 2) - 0:10
8. E - 0:15
9. R - 0:15
10. Digital DJ Battle Tool.wav - 0:15
11. Wonderful - 0:16
12. Wonderful Wonderful - 0:15
13. Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful - 0:29
14. I Love [Wevie Stonder] - 0:03
15. Avatar: Ultimate Edition - 0:15
16. Folk Music For Blind People - 0:15
17. Horn Basil - 0:15
18. Buy Used Cars at https//www.usedcars.com.net.org/ - 0:12
19. Shit Sandwich - 0:15
20. Fuck! - 0:18

Also terrible. Slightly better because of the end though. Also hilarious. No number rating, I only did that so I could remember my rankings while I was stuck on paper.

Philaru - The Long Debt

Total Run Time: 11:33

1. Intro To Goutland - 0:32
2. Detractors Are Crime You Are Paypig - 2:33
3. Gout Hunting - 0:32
4. Celebrate Gout 100 - 2:32
5. Hi-Gout - 2:12
6. Pig Roach Power - 3:12

Looks like another troll album. Is... MIDI songs with DarkSidePhil samples shittily layered over. Fucking terrible, why am I doing this? Flashbacks to RINGEX PLASTER already. God damn this is bad. Worse than Coronachu? Possibly, idk. Actually, yea, it is. Sucks.

Jimmy Cutter - Cutting Through Security Systems

Total Run Time: 2:51

1. Cutting Through Security Systems - 2:51

This one's a cool bit of noise with a Men In Grey sounding sample at the beginning. Not really much more to say. I'll place it wherever on the list, sounds like normal Jimmy Cutter. Oh, and there's a kinda cool loop at the end.

Various Artists - The Wonder Fully National Sampler Thingy Manjong

Total Run Time: 41:59

1. WTC Communications - [15*a] - 4:05
2. The Other Mike Oldfield - Live & Let Bell - 2:55
3. Coronachu - What's In The [shag carpet] - 3:23
4. Garbage Lambs - Moves Stoppers - 6:11
5. UltraHyperRoboEroticFuckWad - Avatar: Ultimate Edition/Folk Music For Blind People - 0:30
6. Philaru - Hi-Gout - 2:12
7. Jimmy Cutter / Critual - Rectillian - 2:06
8. Rent Tazor + What's Left of The Stupid Band - First - 2:22
9. Critual - Your Foundation Fucking Sucks - 1:08
10. Jimmy Cutter - Brokenist - 2:24
11. Lo Lid Rocko - Drum Rapid - 9:05
12. Plastic Fuck - How To Be A FL Studio Millionaire - 5:38

Woo! We've hit the first compilation!!!! And.... I've already heard most of these tracks today. Fuck. From looking at it, the selection of tracks already released is kinda terrible too. Like there were WAY better options from each artist too choose, these options kinda suck. The unreleased Coronachu track is EXACTLY like the other Coronachu tracks, also sucks. The Garbage Lambs track was cool for a bit but then got super boring cause it didn't change at all through its course. Jimmy Cutter and Critual track is pretty cool right now actually. This Critual track is also actually REALLY cool. Quite like it a bit. Aanndddd now the compilation's over. That was terrible, especially since I've heard all these mediocre tracks before (I mean, it DID say it was a sampler, but sheesh, I listened to all 40 minutes, I get to complain). Anyways, yeah this is shit, could've picked WAY better picks from each "artist" (quotes because I'm 90% sure this is the same guy for each track). Looking ahead, from here on out, these albums are gonna start getting a bit longer... Scary. Whatever, here we go! I'm going to sleep now, insane that I got through 22 of these today.

Demvr - Ideation

Total Run Time: 55:27

1. Ideation I - 34:13
2. Ideation II - 21:14

Alright, it's tomorrow, and somehow the power has been on since I did this last night. Weird. I know people near me who currently don't have power. Fun. Anyways--Ooh! I released this one on EMCD too! So yea, I've already heard all of it, but just as we did for the RINGEX PLASTER albums I had already listened to previously, so shall we refuse to skip the already listened WTC albums for sake of review. Well, seeing as I think this is the first release NOT made by the same guy, it's easily the best one so far. I called Dog Music an 8/10, which would make this a relative 10/10, but this in terms of the REST of the world of music, is probably closer to an 8/10. Here's what I said on the EMCD release: "Merzbow-esque sprawls of noise enveloping the listener in an endless drawl. Interspersed with small noise-rock segments, you will be questioning whether you're listening to actual music or if you've gone insane from the fields of static." Yep, that's about right. I'll additionally mention that the release is pretty segmented and you'll hear some really nice and welcome melodies pop out of nowhere. The noise itself that lasts the duration of each track is also quite soothing. I quite like this release a lot. The transition between tracks is also great.

Walkman Kulture - Radio Shit Method

Total Run Time: 23:16

1. Radio Shit Method 01 - 12:01
2. Radio Shit Method 02 - 11:15

Ackkk, yeah these albums start to get longer as we go along. There are still brilliantly short ones, but wow, there are going to be a lot of slogs. This one at the very least reminds me of id m theft able. I like it so far. Yea this one's nice.

The Piss Artist - Magical Moments

Total Run Time: 17:01

1. Magical Moments 1-8 - 17:01

Apparently a rip of some random found tape. I don't totally know why I'm bothering with this one then. But also it's apparently part 2 so. What was part 1??? [actually looking from it, I think it was supposed to be Critual, but its description's story could easily be made up]. It's fine, it's kinda interesting. Kinda boring too. eugh, this listening project as a whole is getting a bit boring. Why did I decide to do this???? RINGEX PLASTER flashbacks. (After talking with LLR, turns out Radio Shit Method was actually part 1)

Medial Q - Live Assault 30.3.20

Total Run Time: 17:32

1. A1 - 12:54
2. B1 - 4:38

This one's actually super cool. Some nice weird turntable shit you got that nice vinyl crackle throughout, sounds like super weird 7 inch experiments, which I absolutely LOVE. This one's pretty fun. First track was more interesting than the second, it still does get boring after a while.

Walkman Kulture - How Many Trapezoids Are At My Window?

Total Run Time: 1:11

1. Trapezoid Teo - 1:11

It's fine I guess. It doesn't feel like anything.

Red 'n' Blue - Freeform

Total Run Time: 27:39

1. Freeform - 27:39

Coming back after a decent sized break. This one's also apparently a found cassette. Beaty. I do like it a bit, especially for its lofi nature. It's a kinda interesting listen. There's a bunch of really random really hilarious things throughout. It's actually a super cool track despite the description, especially given its lofi nature. Yes, I very much do like this one. Very progressive beats and also very stupid but somehow very interesting. I don't know why I like it so much, but I do. I mean, some cool things ARE done. It has the same energy as some of the MTS AIRMASS Live In My Houses.

Walkman Kulture - Do You Like Cows? (damaged)

Total Run Time: 8:36

1. Do You Like Cows? - 8:36

Yep, it's damaged. Apparently also an old found tape, except the audio for this one is terribly damaged. It's all basically one frequency tapping in seemingly randomly, but VERY occasionally can you hear other things come in. Cool, surprisingly better than a lot of the material here. Oh the last minute is quite a bit clearer.

Walkman Kulture - Walkmen

Total Run Time: 13:58

1. Walkmen - 13:58

It's pretty good. Nothing else really to say, just a cool sound collage. Sounds very much like other things on the label.

Sleeping Penguin - Ultra Dire Into <wow>

Total Run Time: 3:50

1. Chap Mange - 0:30
2. Ra Pieces - 2:12
3. Splonger - 1:08

Clips from a found cassette (I think he made the original cassette too). Nothing especially interesting. Kind of cool for a bit.

Red 'n' Blue - Super Team X

Total Run Time: 7:05

1. Gentlemen - 1:41
2. Drum Love - 1:14
3. Site Parolir - 1:31
4. gisellechapel - 2:39

More Red 'n' Blue beats. Apparently taken from a Minidisc. So less lo-fi. Also nothing special, but worse because beats are given less time to progress into anything since the WHOLE release is only 7 minutes. The last track is the most interesting out of them.

Sleeping Penguin - Shakin' Stevens Goes Nuts & Fucking Dies

Total Run Time: 34:23

1. Part 1 - 17:57
2. Part 2 - 16:26

Another day, another dollar. It's Thursday now, my power somehow is still constant (despite still knowing some people without it) but at the very least I'm thankful for ours. House has been running solidly again. Coming back from this, this album's definitely a lot less fatiguing than it would've been. Probably still need to accurately criticize it though. It's just kinda... more of the same type of shit as Walkman Kulture (I mean this is in the found tape series so i guess that's expeceted or whatever). It's not anything special really. Although some of these manipulated pop samples do actually get a bit interesting over the course of it.

Walkman Kulture - Fucked​-​Down Tape Destructive Melange

Total Run Time: 13:00

1. Melange - 13:00

Doing this on FRIDAY now (yeah, I know, insane that I only got through one of these yesterday). This is DEFINITELY one of the more interesting Walkman Kulture (and tape remaster series) projects. Probably because there's multiple tracks going on at once and a lot of sensory rather than just annoying cutting in and out static forever. It's most interesting at the beginning, the section in the middle is a bit less interesting because it ends up becoming people talking over each other rather than music collage.

Red 'n' Blue - Big Ups To The Crew

Total Run Time: 26:49

1. Beat Incorporated - 0:56
2. I Am Here...Tomorrow - 2:09
3. Radio Fuzz - 4:53
4. To The Floor - 2:20
5. I'm 20 & Already Dead! - 5:56
6. High Noise Parade - 0:57
7. Partially / Dripping - 4:02
8. Casio Melodramatics - 5:36

Another tape remaster series. Kinda boring beats. I'd say the first tracks were more interesting, but that would just be because I didn't hear them for long enough yet. Worse than Freeform, better than Super Team X. Track 6, despite being under a minute, was one of my favorite moments. Whish there was more stuff like that here. I like how track 7 slows down at the end. (After listening to it all, the second half is actually the far more interesting half).

DJ Shithead - Musical Vibeez

Total Run Time: 30:31

1. Cleaning Your House - 0:45
2. What Does Usher Sound Like? You're About To Know! - 0:16
3. Ooo - 0:03
4. Success⁸ - 0:01
5. Modern Pop Music - 0:13
6. BAPtism - 7:56

It's a raw data album.

Vrothers - Digital Gonorrhea

Total Run Time: 41:39

1. The New Steely Dan Song - 4:50
2. Fuckwit - 5:59
3. Clippin - 3:26
4. Up Yer Head - 3:13
5. Death, O-No - 1:51
6. Wwwwwww - 3:01
7. Bronze Octopus Landing - 11:48
8. Merzenders - 7:31

So uh... I don't really know what to expect from this. And listening to the first track... I can't tell if I like it or not. Definitely the most entertaining out of the first 37 though... which means.... I'm basically listening to RINGEX PLASTER again. Fun. I actually like the experience. The RINGEX PLASTER discography was amazingly fun. Track one is noise, then crazy frog over Rick & Morty. This is just the weirdest damn sound collage ever. I mean, it sounds EXACTLY like RINGEX PLASTER. This second track is actually super cool. Aandd... just got word from LLR that this is just multiple Discord bots playing over each other. Well... Doesn't change the fact that it's easily the most entertaining. Which,,,,, really doesn't make sense because of the track Up Yer Head where they're randomly banging on MIDI keyboards (probs software, but still, that was on a Discord bot?). Really doesn't seem like it for a LOT of these samples tho. But yea this is all basically some really crazy DJ mix, but I HAVE to give a huge level of props for managing to successfully use Discord bots as an instrument. Aaaanannd more word from LLR that apparently the MIDI keyboards were a DJ DanzoBeanz track. This album is too fucking insane to be Discord bots, it's unbelievable! Yeah, so it's basically RINGEX PLASTER I suppose in this case. Also I can hear some very faint christtt. This is just... It shouldn't be a masterpiece but it is!!!!! I'm having such a hard time wrapping my head around this, and this is AFTER coming from the RINGEX PLASTER discography review! Yea, this is like listening to RINGEX PLASTER for the first time again. Why is christtt slightly sped up. Are these the original samples? Nah I remember them being slightly different to this, plus they follow the same progression as on no lives matter. I think... Ha, the guy's interet freezes at 8:36 on the second to last track. Oh my God, they're literaly playing the spectrogram song from Songs About My Cats. This is amazing! But it shouldn't be! And I already said that! Whatever, now I'm actually excited for the other Vrothers albums (which I wasn't at first because of their length).

Vrothers - Digital Gonorrhea (Version 2)

Total Run Time: 42:30

1. Death, O-No (Version 2) - 3:05
2. Fuckwit (Version 2) - 4:33
3. Fuckwit (Version 2, Part 2) - 4:03
4. You Are Objectively Wrong You Fool - 8:04
5. I'm Going To Wash My Hands & You Can't Stop Me - 6:44
6. Pool In The Cool - 3:50
7. Pool In The Cool - (Part 2) - 4:03
8. Merzenders (Version 2, Not The Official Ending) - 6:10
9. Actual, Official Ending. You Cannot Deny That It Is The Ending Because We Officially Said So. I Hope You Understand That This Is The Official Ending Of The Album Because It Is The Official Ending Of The Album. - 1:58

Saturday, February 20th. Listening to this while waiting for Favicon Vol.2 (which at the time of writing this, released earlier today) to download. Making it through all of these is actually going to be a challenge. And of course, I'm going to listen to them as they continue to come out as well (same with RINGEX PLASTER, but they haven't released anything since last December). Off the bat, Death O-No (Version 2) doesn't seem that different but right when it gets to Fuckwit (Version 2) it starts to REALLY change. I think they just kinda tried to perform it again with the same-ish set of samples (of course there are some new ones, and some of the old ones are in different places). Then, at Fuckwit (Version 2, Part 2) it's really just COMPLETELY different samples. But again, like version 1, the album's just one long performance again. It seems to be just as good though. Ha, it's the DanzoBeanz MIDI again. There's just so much random shit that appears and makes me happy, this whole project is hilariously amazing. It's pretty much exactly the same quality as the previous one, but since it's just again, I'll rate it lower.

Vrothers - Compendium Intellectuel

Total Run Time: 48:46

1. Welcome To... - 12:10
2. Arrow Pusher - 9:39
3. I Was A Teenage Freak Soon After - 8:11
4. Sun Ra (Not My Favorite Jazz Musician?) - 4:49
5. The Night Falls Down - 7:54
6. Shinito Eleven - 6:03

THIS IS STILL DISCORD BOTS (apparently everything under the Vrothers name is). This is still somehow really good. Kind of ambient themed this time. Holy shit, Fenn O'Berg sample. This release is just kinda more of the Vrothers stuff, entertaining as hell, but nothing THAT special. This one's also a bit more serious (if you could even use that word to describe Vrothers) than the others though. At some points this feels more like a weird take on a DJ mix than anything. One thing interesting is inverse to RINGEX PLASTER, despite this being a more "serious" one, I think the others are actually better. Or at least Version 1 is. The samples get fairly sparse near the end.

蒸気波それは良いお尻の傷ですはいはいいいえいいえシャム猫を見せてくれたくない - Flogal Shopper

Total Run Time: 24:50

1. おかしい数420 - 0:33
2. woah,░new░land (ホょぐ) - 1:38
3. bourbon biscuits おしっこを飲むyeah - 7:33
4. 山乇ㄒ - 15:06

Ack, finally a break from Vrothers. Seems to be a LOT more focused on ambience and glitch than traditional vaporwave. (which is most definitely a good thing). And JESUS, I need to turn my headphones down for these. WHY THE FUCK IS THE REESES PUFFS MEME IN HERE AGAIN. Why does WTC keep doing that, I mean I haven't heard it in a weirdly long time, so why is it here again? This album's actually kinda really good. It was apparently a start to the moskar sublabel, but no other releases have come out on it, so there's a good chance that was a joke.

Vrothers - Real Music

Total Run Time: 36:08

1. Real Music Part 1 - 3:00
2. Real Music Part 2 - 2:16
3. Real Music Part 3 - 1:41
4. Real Music Part 4 - 3:06
5. Real Music Part 5 - 2:25
6. Real Music Part 6 - 7:22
7. Real Music Part 7 - 2:01
8. Real Music Part 8 - 4:17
9. Real Music Part 9 - 3:32
10. Real Music Part 10 - 5:45
11. Real Music Part 11 - 0:43

Basically same story as the other Vrothers stuff. The gimmick's getting a little old. This is still very entertaining, but it's starting to feel more like nothing. The taste is getting stale. This is the last Vrothers album for a while though (and by a while, I mean there's only 3 other things in between this and the next one, and they're all very short). I guess all I have to say after this: There's 5 of these left, God help me.

Sherlocks Home And His Group Of Bald Middle Aged Men

Total Run Time: 7:19

1. Boiled Pot Intro - 0:10
2. Uninstalling The Pots - 0:37
3. Crazy Men In My Kitchen Sink - 0:04
4. Autechre Gantz Graf Not Clickbait Real MP3 Download - 0:01
5. Cabbage Insertion (Inserting The Cabbage Into My Cooking Pot - 1:05
6. Ow My Fucking Ears - 0:01
7. Syd Barrett's New Ambient Techno Album Out Now On Rephlex Records - 1:40
8. John Lennon Dismantles The Scream Powered Nuclear Warhead In Yoko Ono's Basement - 1:43
9. No - 1:00
10. The Pot Has Boiled, Fucker - 0:58

It's another raw data album. More points than DJ Shithead for bigger variety of sounds, also a couple of the last tracks have an Audacity effect over them.

Jimmy Cutter - 0412

Total Run Time: 3:24

1. 0412 - 3:24

Sunday the 21st now. Gonna get some work done while getting through these. Well, obviously not this one since it's so short. It's a kinda cool loop with some noises done over it. Nothing special again.

Vrothers - What, You Prick?

Total Run Time: 37:50

1. Haha - 3:16
2. Sophie Nangs - 5:13
3. Nikkon Microcamera HD - 9:37
4. Field Catch Fuckery - 15:58
5. Fusion Tad - 3:46

God damnit, another Vrothers album. These are probably more fun to make than to listen to. Starts with Stone in Focus over Death Grips lyrics funnily enough. Some segments of this feel a bit more sparse and like a bad DJ mix. Some segments are better than any other Vrothers material.

Jimmy Cutter - I Sold My House For An Aube CD

Total Run Time: 6:26

1. Love Noise - 2:58
2. [automatic interlude] - 0:53
3. Rush - 2:35

Another Jimmy Cutter noise thing. But this one's REALLY good at being pretty intense. I recommend.

Critual with the Kastanet Krew - Jazzy Feelings

Total Run Time: 13:26

1. Jelena - 2:39
2. From 16 to 819 - 2:11
3. Are You There? - 2:37
4. Fuck You Sideways - 2:56
5. Jazzy Feelings - 3:03

Weird. Significantly interesting. Nice glitchy jazz stuff. Some funny samples.

Jimmy Cutter - The New Theme Tune For Every Single British Program

Total Run Time: 4:54

1. The New Theme Tune For Every Single British Program - 4:54

Also insanely good at being intense!

AJJ Spritzer - Quest For The Sacred Creme Egg

Total Run Time: 2:57

1. Quest Part 1 - 2:46
2. Quest Part 2 - 0:11

Weird, compressed, melodic noise thing. Kinda sounds like some of my spectrogram experiments.

Gas Mine Found - Nighttime Despair Soul Balsam

Total Run Time: 18:31

1. UK Flash - 1:29
2. Datura Hex Code - 2:01
3. Collapse - 5:00
4. Fire Dispute Between Two Borderlands In Desparate Collage of Terror, Napalm and More - 5:00
5. We're Finally Home (The Rest Is Not Assured However) - 5:01

February 27th, I haven't listened to WTC in about a week, and we're getting back into this again. Alright. So far, this album is actually AMAZING. Some really entertaining glitch music that sometimes skitters close to breakcore and has some of the best chosen and used samples I've seen in WTC's catalog. A LOT more fresh and interesting than most of the glitch music here, and a nice refresher. Also: I've decided that after this, instead of doing ALL of Tsundere Violence, I'll just go through the compilations. Yeah, I'll do that RIGHT after WTC.

Vrothers - I See The World Again With My Revolver

Total Run Time: 46:46

1. Revolver 1 - 7:23
2. Revolver 2 - 2:36
3. Revolver 3 - 3:09
4. Revolver 4 - 2:24
5. Revolver 5 - 3:45
6. Revolver 6 - 4:17
7. Revolver 7 - 2:05
8. Revolver 8 - 4:45
9. Revolver 9 - 7:57
10. Revolver 10 - 1:05
11. Revolver 11 - 2:14
12. Revovler 12 - 5:06

Damnit, not another Vrothers album. Well, including this one, we only have 4 left. It's more of the same still. At this point it's getting less impressive and more annoying. These are getting more mediocre every time.

[The] Superslow Disc Fockey Medial Q - Nature Supreme

Total Run Time: 8:45

1. Person's People - 3:58
2. R Plus 6 - 1:38
3. Partick Ritual - 0:46
4. Trapper Wire - 2:23

Kind of a generic one. Reminds me of id m theft able though, so I'll place it a bit higher.

Various Artists - Clydebank Allstars?

Total Run Time: 17:49

1. Jimmy Cutter - Back From The Dead - 3:50
2. Philaru - Pig Roach's Revival - 1:30
3. Critual - Mr. Railgun - 1:30
4. Rothko & Me - Westmunister - 0:34
5. Lo Lid Rocko - Capture 17 - 4:06
6. Ruff Killah - Record Breaking Length Of Only Four Feet Long - 3:20
7. The UltraHyperRoboEroticFuckWad Orchestra - Making My Way Downtown But I Didn't Really See You Because [reason] - 0:15
8. The Other Mike Oldfield - I'm Too Sexy (For Your Bells) - 2:44

Another early Clydebank compilation. At least all these tracks are exclusive, and it's MUCH shorter. The Jimmy Cutter track is relatively subpar. Philaru is just as bad as the rest of the Philaru shit. The Critual track is pretty cool. The Rothko & Me track is eh. Ruff Killah track was kinda cool but got a bit boring. The UltraHyperRoboEroticFuckWad Orchestra like ususal was too short to form any real opinions on. Tubular bells were tubular bells. Also a terrible compilation, but more points than the other one for the afformentioned reasons.

Kelpie National - Tone Mixture: forawhile​[​>if]

Total Run Time: 16:25

1. Tone 1 - 1:04
2. Tone 2 - 0:24
3. Tone 3 - 0:15
4. Tone 4 - 0:11
5. Tone 5 - 0:41
6. Tone 6 - 0:23
7. Tone 7 - 0:32
8. Tone 8 - 0:31
9. Tone 9 - 0:09
10. Tone 10 - 0:01
11. Tone 11-19: Music For 8 Tone Generators - 12:14

Tracks 1-10 are single-tone sine waves, each lasting for their respective track lengths. The last track was a somewhat interesting noise track, so I'll rank the thing above "Terrible" for that alone.

Vrothers Korporation - Launch On

Total Run Time: 39:12

1. Walking Downtown With My Amiga - 7:30
2. 56i - 9:11
3. How Many Cats Do You Have? - 6:07
4. Bazteem - 4:50
5. Slow Cut - 5:21
6. This Music Is Generally Not Good - 3:44
7. So Long - 2:29

February 28th. JUST 3 Vrothers albums left including this one. This is just becoming Hell at this point. I think I would recommend going through RINGEX PLASTER's entire discography more than the WTC catalog. WTC catalog don't get me wrong has some definitely AMAZING moments (especially as of late), but just SO much of it is devoted to shit like this. Can't wait to start the Tsundere Violence Compilatons. This one actually does have a more interesting choice of samples than the last one though. Ends weirdly.

Walkman Kulture - The Return Of Walkman Kulture

Total Run Time: 15:10

1. 001 - 0:31
2. 002 - 0:35
3. 003 - 0:23
4. 004 - 0:34
5. 005 - 0:29
6. 006 - 0:09
7. 007 - 0:28
8. 008 - 0:41
9. 009 - 0:54
10. 010 - 0:19
11. 011 - 0:32
12. 012 - 0:52
13. 013 - 0:24
14. 014 - 0:34
15. 015 - 0:58
16. 016 - 0:23
17. 017 - 0:43
18. 018 - 0:10
19. 019 - 0:10
20. 020 - 0:11
21. 021 - 0:44
22. 022 - 0:25
23. 023 - 0:46
24. 024 - 0:32
25. 025 - 0:34
26. 026 - 0:30
27. 027 - 0:56
28. 028 - 0:14
29. 029 - 0:27
30. 030 - 0:02

A weird one, considering it's really just one track split into 30 miniscule parts. Fairly entertaining, but fairly average Walkman Kulture release aside from that. Absolutely rushing to enter everything on OpenScrobbler for this one. Also I was thinking about how much music I have downloaded. Then I remembered I have ALL of WXAXRXP downloaded (also an idea for a listening project at some point) and I realized... I could fit all of it on a DVD. So I'm burning it to DVDr now

The Walmart Pensioner Orchestra - Livin' In A Walmart

Total Run Time: 56:53

1. The Walmart Outside - 20:35
2. (This Is) Walmart - 6:11
3. Walmērt - 0:53
4. Walmart Medley - 14:47
5. Tramlaw - 4:22
6. My Final Goodbye To Walmart Before It Closes Down For The Day - 10:05

Paulstretched Walmart Choir. I mean, I knew this would be terrible by the artwork, what was I expecting?

rise&shine - Retrieved From Void

Total Run Time: 10:05

1. Rising Tide - 2:58
2. Wow, It's Triangular - 6:30
3. Untitled - 0:37

Interesting noises. Slightly beaty.

DJ Fuckface & His Band Of Rogue Electronic Instruments - Loops 'n' Shit

Total Run Time: 1:39

1. Last Night At Noisefest...

Apparently this used to be a MUCH bigger album... and then a bunch of tracks were deleted and we have this. I wish I could've heard the whole thing, it sounds like it was pretty interesting. This track sounds like it would've been on the lower end of it. It's eh. (Actually, apparently, the original one was REALLY bad)

Critual - It Takes Up To 40 Dumb Animals To Make A Fur Coat But Only One To Wear It

Total Run Time: 11:14

1. Killer Party In Istanbul - 1:28
2. ¿¡in - 1:07
3. 12 Second Freezeflac - 2:11
4. https://www.sex.com/ - 1:15
5. Immediate Loss - 5:13

March 2nd, haven't done this in a couple days cause I've been busy. Pretty cool, pretty cool. The first couple tracks are kinda mediocre, 12 Second Freezeflac's a reissue, but the last couple tracks are pretty good! 12 Second Freezeflac is also still as good as I remember.

Vrothers - Fuck Bacteria

Total Run Time: 37:07

1. Hum - 4:15
2. Track - 5:03
3. Drive - 8:12
4. Centre - 8:20
5. Direction - 5:24
6. Hub - 5:53

Just TWO more Vrothers albums left including this one... although, we're still in April of 2020. Still quite a ways left of 2020 to go, although if I recall releases started to get a bit slower near the end of it. To be honest, this is one of the better Vrothers albums as of late though.

kickassmotherfuckerontheblock - yeahsureman

Total Run Time: 4:57

1. yeahsureman - 3:57
2. Bit 1 - 0:05
3. Bit 2 - 0:05
4. Bit 3 - 0:05
5. Bit 4 - 0:05
6. Bit 5 - 0:05
7. Bit 6 - 0:05
8. Bit 7 - 0:05
9. Bit 8 - 0:05
10. Bit 9 - 0:05
11. Bit 10 - 0:05
12. Bit 11 - 0:05
13. Bit 12 - 0:05

Some insane noise thing that turned beaty after a little bit. Actually turned out insanely good, some wack crazy interesting noises layered together for an awesome beat synchronization reminiscent of Pan Sonic and Kid606. Apparently a reissue of a compilation track. Last 12 tracks are stems.

Family Dollar - Lombard Street

Total Run Time: 44:28

1. Momento - 1:14
2. Butt Fucking - 3:25
3. HOW - 6:48
4. Inbox B - 6:42
5. I when Me's About To - 2:40
6. Work Shot - 7:31
7. Family Dollar Anthem - 4:40
8. Lombard Street - 11:28

So before going into this, let me just state that I have heard a LOT of good things about Family Dollar. Do NOT fail me now... Starting the album... So. What the fuck is this? This is basically RINGEX PLASTER. I mean... like it's pretty much a RINGEX PLASTER album, this is insane. This is also weirdly kind of like Vrothers, except it replicates the fucking chaos of the first one. But like, I don't LOVE it as much... but it's just so God damn weird. I mean, it started with fucking Big Chungus. AND WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS THE PONY SONG SAMPLE THAT RINGEX PLASTER LOOPED FOR 20 MINUTES THIS IS LITERALLY FUCKING RINGEX PLASTER HOW DID THEY DO THIS WHAT. Wait shit, RINGEX PLASTER JUST released something.... Ooh, I have to listening project this one haha. Okay it's like many hours haha of course it fucking is that's going to be entertaining. When should I do it...? Yeah so this is weird, but like I'm also VERY distracted by new RINGEX. I think I'll start that on Friday. Okay, yeah, I love this album, it's great. Like Ditigal Gonnhorea, but better. (Also, apparently Family Dollar ARE the Vrothers guys)

Critual with Raz Rizla & The Innocuous Cunt

Total Run Time: 5:17

1. Dirty Fucker - 1:16
2. Dirty Fucker (Remixed By The Vietnamese Printer Assembly) - 4:01

It's interesting. Nothing special.

Jojo Mcjoe / MTS AIRMASS / Giraffe People / Wenton - Ice Cream Truck Around The Corner Of Hell

Total Run Time: 43:25

1. Saturday Morning FM Radio, Shot In The Head, Now It's Tuesday At 20000Hz - 43:25

Hey, it's this one! I'm on this one! Is it conceited if I rank one I was on higher? I mean, we did a damn good job at it so... I'll have to definitely recommend it of course. I remember working on this one was so fun. Jojo found this website that had like every radio station ever and we spent a good couple days sampling the best shit we could find and I spent the whole of those two days gathering those samples and arranging this masterpiece. It's perfect I think, I HAVE to recommend it. I mean we compiled THE best sounds and it was just mmmmmmm. I love this one. Maybe buy the CD of it?? I have a lot of them left (none sold yet lol). Also, this is the second album in the series of the Venetian Snares Discord server albums, the first being Deep Sea Squeeze Tree from Fucking Morons, and the third being Gamer Time from Various Artists. RETURN TO SENDER might also count as one, but that was also just a me and Jojo collab... but we WERE doing it publicly on the Discord so... idk, count it if you want. I mean this series of projects is awesome too, and SO varying in quality. Deep Sea Squeeze Tree is the fucking worst in the best way possible, this album is a fucking masterpiece, Gamer Time is also the worst, but it does a better job at being that, and RETURN TO SENDER is THE ULTIMATE RAW DATA ALBUM. Seriously, I firmly believe no mainly raw-data glitch album will surpass RTS. No, but yeah, this is still amazing.

Medial Q - A Bloke Who Smokes Too Much Crack Is A Good Bloke

Total Run Time: 10:26

1. I Have Flimbs - 2:36
2. Stare Wads - 1:12
3. Northern Kitten - 1:51
4. Well, This Place Is Shit - 1:27
5. A Bloke Who Smokes Too Much Crack Is A Good Bloke - 3:20

Pretty good, but also nothing special

Lo Lid Rocko - When Will I Be Hi Fidelity?

Total Run Time: 21:17

1. Kalice Casual - 10:23
2. Cedilla - 2:53
3. Fallen Cartridge Trajectory - 8:01

Hey, this one's also on EMCD! I also remember this one being quite good, and listening to it, yeah this sound design is quite a bit more crafted than some of the other llr projects. No, but actually this project is really good, I kinda forgot about it. Like these crazy beat shit is awesome, he really did his best for the Drone Strobe.

The Other Mike Oldfield - The Sounds Of The Tubular Bells (Volume 2​.​718391)

Total Run Time: 33:04

1. Peace Bells - 3:25
2. Tubular Bell Anthem - 4:32
3. Sleeping Bells - 3:07
4. Walk Like A Bell - 3:08
5. Seinbeld - 0:38
6. Together Bellever - 2:59
7. Bells Of Fury - 2:39
8. Ain't Nothing But A G Bell - 3:59
9. Bell - 5:15
10. Tubular Bell Medley - 3:22

It's tha fuckin bells! Interesting thing I noticed a lot on these things it rarely uses the actual melody of the song and just everything else, I mean sometimes it's there but it's also in the background a lot when it is. The last song is weird and kind of interesting but not in a good way, but that was definitely intentional. Actually the very ending of this is pretty cool. Would make recommended if it was all like this.

The Me Dial With Band In Six Q - No Needle Cut-Out Groove Deconstruction

Total Run Time: 8:34

1. You Have No Future - 0:13
2. Compulsive When Eating - 2:24
3. Yes, There Is No I - 1:27
4. DJ Sleavzy Mo Bile Ring Tone Central Heading - 1:51
5. Genuine Fear Of Creme Eggs & Other Assorted Cadbury Products - 1:17
6. Broken Table Partial - 1:22

Boring and terrible. Felt like a silent, worn record for 9 minutes, minus the 2 seconds of left-ear tinnitus at the end. I enjoyed the Tubular Bells more than this.

Reed & Bleu - Improvisations On Cheap Gear

Total Run Time: 16:25

1. Direct Assault (Duet For PO 32 & Volca FM) - 11:56
2. Giselle Chapel (Version W) - 3:16
3. Fragment - 1:13

Actually a pretty fun release. I like it a bit. Nothing THAT special, but it's decent and fun.

Reitu - Freefall

Total Run Time: 9:55

1. Beginning - 1:20
2. Forward - 1:23
3. After - 6:37
4. End - 0:35

This is one of LLR's favorites in the catalog. Apparently made entirely out of white noise?? That actually makes this release kind of insane, because this already hits recommended and then that on top of it? I can see why this is one of his favorites, it is pretty amazing.

The Stink Practitioner - Invocation Of Our Smelly Mistress

Total Run Time: 11:06

1. The Pungent Remnants Of Our Sewage Buffet (feat. God King Josiah) - 0:20
2. Bwomp Pah-Pah Oom-Pah - 0:19
3. Mutilated Spaghetti Carcass - 1:01
4. Baby's First Grindcore Song - 2:19
5. Bwomp Pah-Pah Oom-Pah (Part 2) - 0:37
6. Fucked Internally - 1:01
7. Death Part 1: The Beginning - 1:22
8. Death Part 2: Middle - 1:34
9. Death Part 3: Fuck - 1:12
10. Carousel of DEATH - 1:01
11. The Pungent Remnants Of Our Sewage Buffet (Instrumental) - 0:20

It's MIDI grindcore and it's intentionally shit. God King Josiah's screaming is the best part.

Vrothers - Redwood Ridgeway

Total Run Time: 63:16

1. I Love Logs - 4:42
2. Increasingly Difficult To Learn For No Absolute Reason - 9:18
3. MyTributeToEminem.mp3 - 6:59
4. Hairy Potter - 13:07
5. My Trip To The ICA - 12:47
6. Not In The Mood - 16:23

Alright, this is the last Vrothers album. But it's also the longest one, so damn. Well, we'll have to get through it. Starts out with Mouse On Mars. I think this first song kinda captures something weird about Vrothers. Despite Digital Gonhorrea being a reissue of NOT their first album, every album they put on WTC gets increasingly less chaotic IN ORDER. What made Digital Gonhorrea so good was the fucking chaos. Sure the rest of these are made the same way, but by the end they actually DO seem like Discord bots whereas Digital Gonhorrea is still somewhat magical. Fucking All I Want For Christmas Is You randomly in there haha. I think that's some CD ad maybe? anyways, CD ads are actually perfect for this shit, you know the type of copy-paste compilation CD TV ads I'm talking about? Yeah those would be perfect if that wasn't already one. Alright, by the second half of this, it actually does start to get quite a bit chaotic and I like it a bit now. Mostly because of the fucking cartoon beatbox battle though, like seriously what the fuck! This is just hilarious. The second half of this album gets pretty good I have to say. Apparently Digital Gonorrhea was 4 people and the rest were 2 or 3 so I guess my point about chaos actually has validity.

Walkmen Culture Vs Rez Razla & The Count Onnicuous - Beginner's Guide To Moonwalking

Total Run Time: 7:28

1. Thank God You Have No Teeth - 1:22
2. Herefore - 1:25
3. Journey To Africa - 1:14
4. Imminent Death - 1:17
5. Gene Simmons Can No Longer - 1:06
6. Not T/here - 1:04

Pretty mediocre. More Walkman Kulture stuff, again nothing special. More radio fuckery.

Medial Q - Turntable Exorcism

Total Run Time: 51:47

1. My Red Hot Car Park - 2:04
2. Yeah, I'm On Sand - 1:26
3. Retrospective On Shit Artwork - 1:43
4. Crackhead (Part 1) - 6:07
5. Crackhead (Part 2) - 19:23
6. Krèp - 9:58
7. Small Giraffe Hands - 10:14
8. This Is The End For You - 0:52

This one actually manages to be a bit more interesting than the other Medial Q releases. It's a bit less in-the-background and has some better samples. Doesn't exactly justify its length though, by track 6 it starts to feel like its gone on too long and then there's 21 minutes left.

Riz Rilez & The Cunet Inoc / Jimmy Cutter - Full Of Stars

Total Run Time: 6:22

1. Riz Rilez & The Cunet Inoc - Cut Junk Nil - 2:55
2. Jimmy Cutter - Please Welcome Our Noise Opera - 3:27

Yeah, I don't really know what to say about this one, it was over too fast for me to form any real opinions about it. It sounded cool.

Kirgo, Cat Merchant - Spicy Joseph's Saunter To Tesco Extra

Total Run Time: 10:41

1. My Landlord Kevin Spacey - 2:11
2. Tesco 4:15
3. My Father Casey Kasem - 1:00
4. Asda - 3:15

Kind of terrible but in an amazing way. So it averages out to be just fairly good I suppose, it wasn't THAT special, but it was pretty fun and cool for the most part.

Lol Fuck - Lol Fuck

Total Run Time: 0:45

1. Lol Fuck - 0:45

Intentionally shite.

Godbin / Glenmusik - World Famous / Music For Pipe Cleaners

Total Run Time: 29:00

1. Godbin - BTK - 3:01
2. Godbin - Gacy - 6:27
3. Godbin - Gein - 0:38
4. Godbin - Ramirez - 2:43
5. Godbin - Chikatilo - 1:55
6. Glenmusik - All Aboard The Ambient Noise Train - 11:15
7. Glenmusik - Get Out Of My Car - 3:01

I realized I stop dating my reviews of these. I suppose I'm thinking of it less than a journal even though that was its original purpose. I mean, the purpose for this now is to give a comprehensive list of what out of the WTC catalog is worth listening to because I would NOT recommend going through it. The Godbin side of this seems to be MIDI randomness with a bit of reverb. It should be terrible, but it's surprisingly listenable. The Glenmusik side is fairly entertaining.

The CD Skipper Orchestra - Scratched

Total Run Time: 4:26

1. Scratched - 4:26

Well, I notoriously have a HUGE soft-spot for CD skipping music, and this is no exception. Fucking brilliant, but I may have a bias due to my obsession with skipping CDs.

Lol Fuck - Lol Fuck Extended Play

Total Run Time: 3:14

1. You're Stuck In A Cave And Eastenders Is Slowly Approaching You, God Help Your Soul - 0:31
2. Eastenders Theme (Prod. Squarepusher) - 0:26
3. Eastenders Theme But It's Noclipping Out Of Reality - 0:27
4. Eastenders Theme (Prod. Steve Reich) - 0:45
5. Eastenders Theme But I Slowed It Down, Equalised It And Added Reverb To Get Upvotes On r/Vaporwave - 1:05

Various (and might I say, well done) edits of the East Enders theme. Track 4 is the one included on the first Lol Fuck release.

Various Artists - Gamer Time

Total Run Time: 39:20

1. ARANXTA YAROS - Polictiecks Are Dumb Studpid! - 2:03
2. Jojo McJoe - Death Ambience - 4:22
3. ARANXTA YAROS - What's A Furry - 0:45
4. Wenton - Danger Music No. 13 - 0:58
5. John Beatsman - Sonic Time - 2:11
6. ARANXTA YAROS - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - 1:13
7. Jimmy Cutter - Yo'u've Got The Clap - 5:25
8. MTS AIRMASS - Aaand... Scene - 22:23

The third installment of the Venetian Snares Discord Server albums! A lot of these tracks were memes AND this was back when we all made pretty shit music. But listening back, a lot of these songs actually do hold up quite a bit, especially this fucking John Beatsman track, like that one's solid. This contains music from back when FLASH CONDUCT didn't exist and he was ARANXTA YAROS and he tried and failed to be RINGEX PLASTER. I remember when he did a one-off compilation too, it was basically the same quality as another Gamer Time haha. Xerbie's glitch tracks on this were still a bit solid though somehow. This Jimmy Cutter track is an average one though. Also my MTS AIRMASS track I put on here I made super long because I had assumed the others would also do that, but I ended up taking over half the release haha. It's Ableton Noise, not really much special, but I did actually manage to make it sound fairly interesting and pleasant. Also I do really like what I did with the end of this track.

rise&shine - a://3;meBe10

Total Run Time: 20:17

1. 1x1///bwiq - 7:41
2. 2x2:bq971 - 4:07
3. 3x3+MsBeses2014gs - 8:29

REALLY solid glitch thing. Thoroughly enjoyed.

Family Dollar - Four Weeks In Pain

Total Run Time: 43:38

1. Cuban Resource Festival - 22:44
2. Interview With Species Of Elephant - 20:54

I have a strong suspicion this one is just a Vrothers album in disguise. Both because LLR let me know Family Dollar are mostly the same guys as Vrothers and I CAN HEAR THE GOD DAMN DISCORD SOUND. But I do especially like the Chaos of this, so even if it IS another Vrothers album, I mean, it's most definitely one of the good ones. It has that special chaotic energy to it. I mean, I'm pretty surprised it's a somewhat good release.

Ra Relzilay And The Innocent Count Cunt - The Adventures Of Jimmy Landrover & His Companion Rig

Total Run Time: 3:36

1. The Adventures Of Jimmy Landrover & His Companion Rig - 3:36

Yeah, a fairly standard WTC radio fuckery thing, altho it seems a little bit more refined than the others before.

Lol Fuck - Lol Fuck Presents British House Classics Vol. 396

Total Run Time: 0:24

1. Revolution 909 - 0:24

East Enders but bangin!

Shifala - 2K20

Total Run Time: 43:39

1. HOW - 2:31
3. STNSLND - 2:09
5. TERESE - 3:46
7. THTS2MCH - 1:46
8. PARK 3AM - 1:47
9. WAY - 8:01
11. BEST - 0:22
12. INVITATION - 2:06
13. '83 - 2:26
14. RENOWN - 2:20
16. BORN A THUG - 1:38
17. RUSTED - 1:27
18. GOES HARD - 2:34
19. BLOCK 'EM LIKE LEGO - 1:06
20. FLOORED - 0:56
21. RSOLUTION - 1:00

I don't know how to totally describe this one. Like I understand that it's actually pretty cool, I just personally get very little enjoyment from this vaporwave future funk type shit or whatever you want to really call it. Because of that I don't really know where to put it on the list. I actually like THTS2MCH, WAY, THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN IT'S GOOD, and FLOORED a bit.

Mike Mulligan - Saturday Night Pool

Total Run Time: 19:34

1. Untitled - 19:34

This one's actually fairly decent, probably more akin to an ambient release. AND HOLY SHIT THERE'S A NEW CHAPTER OF ELAN I GOTTA CHECK THIS SHIT OUT. Anyways yeah, this was fine, no particular thoughts about it.

Lol Fuck - Lol Fuck's Overly Long And Unsatisfying Eastenders Edit

Total Run Time: 29:18

1. Lol Fuck's Overly Long And Unsatisfying Eastenders Edit - 29:18

Going into this, from the title I thought it was going to be paulstretch. It wasn't and I was pleasantly surprised with a decent, beaty noise thing.

Jimmy Cutter - Lost Peace

Total Run Time: 4:06

1. Lost Peace - 4:06

Another insanely jarring, yet ear-piercing in EXACTLY the right way (akin to Sheer Hellish Miasma) single from Jimmy Cutter. It's great.

The Vietnamese Printer Assembly - Look At Him (He's Got No Legs)

Total Run Time: 8:00

1. Usain Bolt Only Ran Half A Mile - 4:37
2. The Mystery Of Legs - 3:23

Minimal buzzes and weird stuff, some occasional samples. Definitely fits the name "The Vietnamese Printer Assembly". A mediocre release.

Lmao Shit - Lmao Shit

Total Run Time: 1:32

1. Lmao Shit - 1:32

A surprisingly nice manipulation of some ballroom sample (apparently the coronation street theme, but I wouldn't know, I don't go to England).

Reb Rizbleele, NDA Iconcountis Countin - Jimmy Boke Oe

Total Run Time: 3:08

1. Yeah (Real) - 1:01
2. Cough Up - 0:44
3. D1 - 1:23

More mediocre radio fuckery.

synthesised lasagne - Plastic Development Fluid

Total Run Time: 0:32

1. Intro - 0:01
2. Post-Intro - 0:01
3. Postbox - 0:01
4. Bostpox - 0:01
5. this contains nothing of any value and therefore does not warrant being on this groundbreaking album - 0:01
6. Name your new track * - Interlude - 0:01
7. Tesco b A Ss S - 0:01
8. Eigh t y 0:01
9. revolution 09 - 0:01
10. The Isle of Wight is pretty nice to go to. - 0:01
11. What's the earthly point in putting titles on all these songs? - 0:01
12. Also, while I'm on the topic, why did I put punctuation on both of the above titles? - 0:01
13. And that one above - 0:01
14. Well, let's actually name this something worthwhile - 0:01
15. something worthwhile - 0:01
16. Y'know, they're gonna be playing this in clubs before you know it - 0:01
17. This one is the single off the album. Got to number 17 on the UK pop charts. - 0:01
18. They played the above track loads on the radio. - 0:01
19. You could tune into Capital FM on a Friday night and hear Marvin Humes playing track 17. - 0:01
20. Of course, to fill radio time, he would play it however much the fourth version of twice is. - 0:01
21. Okay, let's try this. He played track 17 fourice over the course of the night. - 0:01
22. It even got on a Now compilation at one point! - 0:01
23. People were buying it for their ringtones, you name it. - 0:01
24. Of course, that only really worked if you wore headphones. - 0:01
25. If your phone did go off when you were out and about, people used to say "Nice ringtone!" - 0:01
26. Enter a title. - Inter Lude - 0:01
27. By the way, I have a new single coming out on Monday; it's called "67452390". - 0:01
28. Of course, that's a working title. - 0:01
29. Now, you may be asking, "How do you actually synthesise a lasagne?" Well, the layman's answer to tha - 0:01
30. Sorry, ran out of space on the last track. Anyway, like I was saying, you need to get a lasagne, - 0:01
31. and hook it up to a KORG. Simple as. This album is also out on CD, along with the live tour on DVD. - 0:01
32. Anne Robinson's face melted 3 - 0:01

Each track alternates between a bass drum and a clap. The second half has hi hats. More of a book than an album.

Family Dollar - Now That's What I Call

Total Run Time: 29:14

1. Intro - 3:24
2. No, Not At All - 3:43
3. Real People Don't - 8:46
4. Death Lives In A Treehouse - 3:31
5. The Great Somibian War Of 1501 - 5:15
6. Understandable - 3:53
7. Bad End - 0:42

Family Dollar sound collage! Like id m theft able but with more references to shit and less self-sampling. Fucking jarring, reminiscent of some of my least favorite RINGEX PLASTER moments. Oh, and shit, in track 3 there's mouth noises, I guess this is more similar to id m theft able than I thought. Tracks 1 and 2 have WAYY to much shit memes for their own good. Track 3 is genius though. Hey, femur breaker sound. AND something talking about SCP containment breach. Always appreciated. It was a fine album I suppose.

(The Other) Mike Oldfield - The Other The Other Mike Oldfield Album (Tubular Bells Volume 3)

Total Run Time: 24:29

1. Bell Chicken - 5:03
2. Bellie Jean - 4:36
3. Star Bells - 0:23
4. Still Bell - 2:53
5. Head Like A Bell - 4:34
6. Bell Bell Baby (Unfinished) - 0:33
7. Bell 7 - 5:48
8. yourenotallowedtohearthisaudioaboutbellssodonotlistentoitcheers.wav - 0:39

It's more fuckin tubular bells. This one has a lot more glissandos, I think LLR was starting to get bored with making them at this point. Also why bother including an unfinished version?

The Stink Practitioner - Chippy Prostate Death Spiral

Total Run Time: 7:59

1. The Piss Parcel Of Pungent Regret (feat Squarepusher) - 1:01
2. Cybergrind And Roll Death-Donalds (feat Microsoft Sam) - 0:57
3. We Are Hiding In Your Garage :) - 0:53
4. The Noise Blasted Eardrums Of The Frenzied Haddock - 1:36
5. Bwomp Pah-Pah Oom-Pah (Part 3) - 2:35
6. Cybergrind And Roll Death-Donalds (Instrumental) - 0:57

MIDI grindcore with weird things superimposed over them. 3rd track is slightly more interesting cause it's all muffled. Track 4 actually has some super interesting rhythmic noise that then gets layered over drums, I actually like that one.

Thee Jimmy Cutter - Untitled

Total Run Time: 4:11

1. Untitled - 3:28
2. Untitled - 0:43

REALLY harsh noise. Pretty good.

Demvr / Gov. Physics - Somnambulae

Total Run Time: 36:44

1. Gov. Physics - Departure (ft. Kvalt) - 2:54
2. Gov. Physics - Gurney Of Defeat - 3:59
3. Gov. Physics - Dust From Bread - 9:04
4. Demvr - Isolation - 7:42
5. Demvr - Coercion - 9:00
6. Demvr - Destruction (ft. D.W.) - 4:05

I didn't really know what to expect from this. Gov. Physics side is a very weird mix of noise and core with some speedcore-esque kicks (although I think it's going for more grindcore, but it works better as a speedcore). I don't really know what I think about this side of the album, it's just extremely strange, and kind of good in that way? Well, this third track is actually super good, no ambiguous feelings about that one. The Demvr side was absolutely not anything I was interested in however. I can respect the skill probably taken to make it, it was in fact quite quality, I was just not into it at all. Grindcore ish stuff I suppose.

Family Dollar - Benevolent Feedback

Total Run Time: 23:03

1. Do The Nova Scotia - 2:28
2. Blood Flies - 2:47
3. Fuck You're Rice !! - 3:47
4. Desolate Rap God - 2:50
5. Nando Wave - 4:06
6. Feedback Fuck Up Loops - 5:31
7. Nerf Jazz Webcam Type Beat (Outro) - 1:34

This one seems a bit more in the style of Vrothers where it's kinda things playing over each other, but they don't last for THAT long. God damn, why is the Kid606 song I was thinking about earlier in here. This is also COMPLETE chaos. Also quite notably short. Well that was fun I suppose.

Zed Tee Qa - Peace Out

Total Run Time: 23:36

1. Peace Out - 23:36

Field Recording.

Req Reieuz And The Sieoncous Cunpt - Bush Geometry

Total Run Time: 1:45

1. Bush Geometry - 1:45

More Radio Fuckery. A bit more dense than some of the others.

Family Dollar - Clydebank Compendium

Total Run Time: 25:38

1. Theme from Dunbartonshire - 13:22
2. On My Way to Yoker... - 12:16

Apparently a sound collage of most of the other 99 WTC releases (this is WTC100). Already off the bat I hear a bunch of familiar sounds. This is quite a nice concept actually, I expect greatness. Yeah, this is the perfect summation of WTC's catalog before it. And with this, here is a moment to reflect. I would not recommend anyone do this listening project. It has way too much mediocrity, the RINGEX PLASTER one would be a much more fun use of your time. The good moments of this catalog are still great though, I suppose the purpose of this now is that everything that goes in the Definitely Recommended section are must-listens for anyone wanting to get into WTC. And with WTC's catalog number change and new quality control, we're probably going to be getting a lot more of these since at this point (this point in time, not this point in the catalog) we can say goodbye to troll albums. Although this album sums up WTC perfectly, it also takes in a bit of its mediocrity. Throughout it, it's just kinda eh, it loses its novelty after a while. But this might be a must-listen for overview purposes.

No Artist - Yeah, Crisps

Total Run Time: 3:00

1. Yeah, Crisps - 3:00

It's fuckin eatin crisps for 3 minutes.

Sam Fauchon - Puke Blood With Little Men

Total Run Time: 3:57

1. Puke Blood With Little Men - 3:57

Why are these Sam Fauchon things singles? They were included on Long Distance Dork Control which is also a WTC so I mean I'm just going to be hearing these songs again. For those reasons, I'll have to refrain from putting these singles in recommended (and because I already know the real album might top the list). That being said, this is one of my favorite cuts from the album.

DanzoBeanz - The Hot Ones

Total Run Time: 70:32

1. Generic Album Introduction (The Hot Ones Edition) - 1:59
2. Livin' Da Vi Bonfire - 3:44
3. California Chaos - 3:38
4. Swing Puffs (Interlude) - 1:24
5. Sans Is Ness - 3:16
6. Moves Like The Fox - 3:40
7. Scottish Puffs (Interlude) - 0:59
8. Straight Outta 2000 - 3:35
9. Aerodynamic Chuck E. Cheese - 3:27
10. DnB Puffs (Interlude) - 1:06
11. laybrunth tak4s a xdstacy at bomtown festiva l and does a set - 1:53
12. Pretty Fly (For A Eurodance Mix) - 5:45
13. Puffs Of Nazareth - 1:54
14. Genius Of Mashups - 3:24
15. Dogs - 4:04
16. Nu Metal Puffs (Interlude) - 0:49
17. The Alternate Universe Where Chad Kroeger Is Blind - 2:08
18. In Da Shadowz - 4:01
19. Orinoco Puffs (Interlude) - 0:55
20. M I A M I 大きなウィリースタイルの蒸気波リミックス m i a m i (間奏) - 1:20
21. Michael From Da Block - 2:50
22. Daft Puffs (Interlude) - 0:47
23. Just What I Needed (Do The Mario) - 4:03
24. Mouth All-Stars - 6:10
25. Fly Guy Puffs (Encore) - 3:41

So DanzoBeanz is a troll artist of course. So get ready for a fucking 70 minute troll album. And it's all mashups. Some are done surprisingly well, and it's actually entertaining. But I mean, it's still pretty terrible. But like, in a good way, ya know? Surprisingly entertaining despite being objectively bad. I think any song that mentions Puffs is Reese's Puffs. Anyways, fuck this album. Lost its novelty interest after like 10 minutes. The Alternate Universe Where Chad Kroeger Is Blind is actually hilarious though.

Sam Fauchon - Aryan Breakups

Total Run Time: 4:07

1. Aryan Breakups - 4:07

My favorite cut off of Long Distance Dork Control. Have to keep it out of recommended though because the full album will be going there.

Sam Fauchon - Sewerslvt Cvts My Fvcking Nvts Off

Total Run Time: 4:51

1. Sewerslvt Cvts My Fvcking Nvts Off - 4:51

Genius title. SUCH an uncomfortable fucking opening scene. Good song overall I suppose.

Jane Beatsman - cool_breakcore_very_nice_not_bad_super_fun​.​mp7

Total Run Time: 5:21

1. cool_breakcore_very_nice_not_bad_super_fun​.​mp7

Sadly a pretty mediocre repetition of some rhythmic buzzes with occasional bass. Really nice surprise at the end.

Sam Fauchon - Trump Tested Positive Party!

Total Run Time: 22:59

1. Malaria Trump - 18:47
2. Celebration 2 - 3:25
3. 4 More Years = The Fourth Reich - 0:27

(Precursor: We're not gonna elaborate on any of the politics here) Shitcore edits of some pop songs which turn out hilarious and I kinda like it. Actually surprisingly nice for an impromptu noise/shitcore thing. Contains an early version of a track from Long Distance Dork Control.

Mike Mulligan - Rotary Dreams

Total Run Time: 17:36

1. RD001 - 0:07
2. RD002 - 1:04
3. RD003 - 0:19
4. RD004 - 0:33
5. RD005 - 0:13
6. RD006 - 0:35
7. RD007 - 0:17
8. RD008 - 0:30
9. RD009 - 0:44
10. RD010 - 0:37
11. RD011 - 0:19
12. RD012 - 3:34
13. RD013 - 0:29
14. RD014 - 0:32
15. RD015 - 0:39
16. RD016 - 0:55
17. RD017 - 0:54
18. RD018 - 0:45
19. RD019 - 1:47
20. RD020 - 1:06
21. RD021 - 0:21
22. RD022 - 0:25
23. RD023 - 0:19
24. RD024 - 0:19
25. RD025 - 0:13

THESE ARE LLR'S SAMPLES USED IN ICE CREAM TRUCK. Unmixed. Raw. Such a nice memory. Not that good as a standalone album, but a really fun addition. Still mildly entertaining though, thuroughly enjoyed.

Crumbo Finnrt - Nottingham Rehearsal

Total Run Time: 13:15

1. Intro - 0:19
2. Crumbo Finnrt Theme - 1:48
3. Ballad Of Crumbo - 0:51
4. Crumbo Finnrt Moment - 1:16
5. Crumbo Finnrt Party Rocks In The House Tonight In Amerika - 3:56

Just a fucking mess. MIDI jumbles with some memey samples occasionally thrown in. Like Stink Practioner, but objectively worse. The last track's actually pretty fun, and with it being about half the release, it more than makes up for the mess of the previous tracks (which are still a FUN mess keep in mind). This was a hilarious release, for the last track alone it will be moved from the Terrible tier to the Good tier.

Shifala - Trapped

Total Run Time: 144:44

1. Untitled - 30:41
2. Untitled - 19:31
3. Untitled - 62:11
4. !!! (Success I) - 32:21

I had to restart my computer after the first track yesterday cause it was acting all awry. Apparently the new Windows update which was forced onto it fucking sucks and bricks some peoples computers (didn't happen to me but it took like an hour to restart [which included the multiple times I restarted cause it was perpetually stuck on a loading screen and I had to reset the process]). I managed to get it on, but it still kinda sucks (not AS bad as it was before but things still randomly go to "Not Responding" every couple minutes. Anyways, as a result of my restarting I lost the review of this album (or at least just the first track since I didn't get anywhere close to listening to all of it). Anyways, what I thought of it was it reminded me of some of my favorite RINGEX PLASTER moments. Has a very similar atmosphere to Homophonics. This could very well top the list if the rest of the album continues like this (which I was like 20 minutes behind where I am now and the quality has been consistent). Also this edit of Here Comes The Sun is genius. Yeah, but this albumm is crazy good, just full of incredible sounds. Definitely has the same tambre as a WTC album though, it absooolutely fits the catalog and it's amazing. I think it tops the list.

Family Dollar - Flamly Doalrl

Total Run Time: 40:42

1. (intro) - 1:26
2. Come To Think Of It I Never Existed In The First Place - 3:56
3. Not As Long As That Bull of Heaven Album - 11:04
4. Higgins Ultra Low Track Glue Funk Hits Vol. 2 - 5:19
5. Fuck Waffle II - 4:24
6. On Spotify When - 6:05
7. Mario-Themed Staircase For Sale - 3:34
8. Wommib - 1:45
9. Jokes On You Because I Went Vegan 24 Years Ago - 3:09

Well here it is: The last Family Dollar album (on WTC that is). I can't believe I've listened to most of these already. I mean this one's basically a Vrothers album, just without the Discord. Doesn't totally sound like anything special. Although it is a fairly good one at that. Actually the second half of this third track is really good, you got a bunch of crazy good samples over each other. Beautiful. From there the album greatly picks up, we have some fantastic samples consistently after. Pretty nice sound collage, I didn't think it would be that good but after the first couple tracks it proved to be one of the better Family Dollar albums.

Sam Fauchon - Long Distance Dork Control

Total Run Time: 30:06

1. My Lover Sucks - 0:15
2. Harder Better Faster Stronger Condoms - 3:04
3. Puke Blood With Little Men - 3:57
4. One More Slamhog - 3:06
5. The Worst - 1:44
6. Sewerslvt Cvts My Fucking Nvts Off - 4:51
7. Volleyball Cronk 17 - 3:43
8. Students Wearing Armbands - 2:18
9. Aryan Breakups - 4:07
10. Homophones - 2:51
11. Fuck - 0:10

I mean, I already know this album's going to top the list. Fantastic album, and actual breakcore on the label. Some REALLY uncomfortable samples though, but I mean, this is basically the quality of a Megatape release so... pretty good. Volleyball Cronk 17 is the track we heard an early version of in Trump Tested Positive Party!

Various Artists - Straight Outta Clydebank

Total Run Time: 85:02

1. clutrrglych - razoor - 6:55
2. pxnxpxb - shoplifting for a christmas tree - 2:29
3. Mucoid - Can You Feel It? - 1:05
4. Ideal Suspect - Check This - 6:46
5. Smiffmaff & The Salesmen - Cystalized Mustard Gas / Release The Bees - 2:12
6. God King Kosiah - I Wanna Fucking Do This - 2:02
7. Lo Lid Rocko vs Raq Rilax And The Coyamolous Cant - Sore Throat - 2:14
8. MTS AIRMASS - Practically Waster Opportunity Part One - 4:44
9. Your Favorite Meat Department - ❝hunt”, ↺t < 12i = (j➫)-a - 3:30
10. Sam Fauchon - Too Many Dead Folks In Finland - 1:47
11. XoArK - commons29494992-1 - 3:40
12. Demvr - the fall of ideas - 5:26
13. scenes_recorder - Etreinte - 1:49
14. Xinovah - Silver Port's Bro Bass Championship - 7:01
15. Petrol People - Grey Sky - 3:26
16. Mucoid - Data Dancer - 1:22
17. Polyscia - Be Nice To Party Rockers - 3:04
18. The Artist Formerly Known As 'DJ DanzoBeanz' - Golden Skanz - 2:44
19. Sam Fauchon - Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon - 1:58
20. Xinovah - A Trip With My Bus Money - 7:01
21. MTS AIRMASS - Practically Wasted Opportunity Part Two - 4:36
22. Radio Skylar - 4th October 2020 - 9:11

Finally, I get to listen to this thing. I'd been saving it for the right timing, and what better timing than reaching it chronologically within the WTC catalog itself? clutrrglych's track was an awesome bit of fun. pxnxpxb's track stands out as a wonderful Christmas-themed mashup. Mucoid's track is weird but actually really cool. Ideal Suspect's track is extremely fun (man, it really seems everyone put their all into this so far). Smiffmaff's track is also a huge standout as a beautiful noise rock track about "releasing the bees" (as the sample states). Yeah I think this might top the list actually (insanely weird, but awesome, that we get three list-topping albums in a row! I have a feeling that will end here because the next album is from DJ DanzoBeanz). God King Josiah's song is kinda terrible, but it's oddly mastered really well, and given that he's one of Vrothers, I think it's on purpose, and it's kinda hilarious. But the synth despite being objectively terrible has a REALLY nice tambre that makes it sound almost good? It was mastered in a way in which the notes mushed together to sound just a BIT like Oversteps. Lo Lid Rocko and the Innocent Cunt's track is more of that general WTC radio fuckery BUT it was amped up in quality like 30 times for this one, because this is by FAR the best radio fuckery track LLR has ever done (well, I think, I haven't heard the ones that appear chronologically after this release) it is insanely chaotic and noisy and perfect, it's awesome (I'm going to be using that word a lot during this review apparently). OOh, and something that sounds like it was from the radio website we used for Ice Cream Truck! And I'll take a break here since I have to go somewhere, fitting that it's right on my track. This Your Favorite Meat Department song sounds like an early version of a song off Human Derived Music. Sam Fauchon sounded like Sam Fauchon. XoArK's track was a highlight just for being insanely good. Demvr's track felt like an interesting transition, but the drone was quite welcome and fit the compilation quite well. scenes_recorder's track was batshit insane. Xinovah's track felt like it went on a bit long to be honest, while it was cool for a while. Petrol People's track also managed to sound a bit like a moment of bliss on Oversteps too! Mucoid's next track was super jamming and ended WAY too soon. Polyscia's track was fun. DaznoBeanz' track even managed to be awesome (an interesting, but very welcome surprise). Sam Fauchon's next track was interesting in that it didn't actually sound like a Sam Fauchon track at all, pretty much just a weird interlude. Xinovah's second track was another highlight for being insanely good. Then my second track. And this last track was DEFINITELY just a compilation of screwing around on websdr (the website with every radio station used to make Ice Cream Truck). Not a very good track, but seeing as it was the ending, it felt more like an outro than a serious part of the album for consideration, and in those regards it served its purpose well. Overall, this compilation managed to be an amazing one with an extremely versatile sound, completely defining the label (well, besides its mediocrity) and setting a precendent for the new era and catalog number change as of a couple weeks ago. Definitely the top of the list!

DJ DanzoBeanz - Pop Party 77

Total Run Time: 47:55

1. Generic Album Introduction - 1:56
2. When You Try Your Best But Don't Succeed - 3:46
3. Poppin - 2:48
4. Legend Of The Dragon Of The Legend Of The Legend Of The Dragon - 0:59
5. The Christmas Song - 1:01
6. xd funny lol - 0:30
7. 2010 - 3:43
8. Intermission Technician - 3:52
9. Well O Well - 4:14
10. Fine Sounding Nice - 2:08
11. Aliens N Stuff - 5:58
12. Raise Your Hands For Almighty ENGLAND - 4:36
13. HĀŁLÒŴÉÊÑ [sp00ky miXX] - 1:02
14. Oven Misadventures Of Thursday Afternoon - 2:26
15. Cowbell - 1:44
16. Bun Dem Jump Up DnB [get ready Bristol 20seventeen] - 1:50
17. This Is The Best Drop Of 2017 - 1:45
18. School Sux - 3:37

Not gonna go very in-depth on this one because I have work to do and am just deciding to knock this one out while I do said work. Anyways, it was pretty bad, somehow even more memey and stupid than the previous, not really much good that came out of this. A bit like some of RINGEX PLASTER's worst moments.

Raz Rielbs & The Incorporated Cup - Any Spare Change?

Total Run Time: 1:53

1. Any Spare Change? - 0:58
2. I Do Not Accept - 0:55

More radio stuff, but this one's actually super good and crazy chaotic, lots of fast samples layered over each other, reminds me a bit of Stage 5 of Everywhere At The End Of Time.

auradog - elusive

Total Run Time: 18:41

1. floor two - 2:08
2. // station - 6:40
3. road - 3:20
4. blossoming sound - 1:27
5. chosen adventure - 5:06

If I had to guess, these were outtakes from Shifala's Trapped (especially since I'm 90% sure they're the same person). And if that was the case, then it was for good reason, these tracks don't really have anything of merit to them. They really seem more like a set of outtakes than an album.

International Society For The Prevention Of Geese - Pocket Music

Total Run Time: 6:37

1. Pocket Music - 6:37

Field recording from the inside of a pocket.

Daichi Audio Company - Exquisite Sound

Total Run Time: 11:35

1. Exquisite Sound - 11:35

Some okay improv noise. Nothing special.

The Stink Practitioner - A Very Pungent Christmas

Total Run Time: 31:42

1. Jingle Bell From Your Girl Stink Practitioner - 0:43
2. The Most Unhinged Tweetor - 0:27
3. Ow - 0:05
4. I Am Currently Locked In A Basement. Please Send Help. My Coordinates Are N 59 6' 3.9024 W 3 16' 45.8328 - 0:35
5. We Are In Your Garage But We Left Tbe Revers Pedal On Hellp..., - 0:44
6. Pee Haddock - 1:36
7. Cool Drum SOlo smile y face - 0:07
8. Stinky Mildew Stains On Carpet Covered In Baked Beans - 1:31
9. No. - 0:13
10. Cool BAss SOlo Smile face - 0:45
11. SAD PRACTITIONER (help i got lost in cex) - 2:37
12. AAAAAA - 0:17
13. You Suffer The Prequel THe Sequel Tha Spiritual Successor - 0:01
14. Burzumb Prequel - 0:53
15. Burzumb - 4:38
16. Stink Practitioner Don't Miss!!!!!!! - 0:37
17. The Pungent Christmas Album (Full Continuous Mix) - 15:53

Terrible MIDI shit, and the album plays twice for some stupid reason (the very last track is just the entire album, but again). Most of it doesn't even have anything to do with Christmas.

synthesized lasagne - A Very Chestnut Christmas

Total Run Time: 34:06

1. Chestnuts Resting On An Open Fire - 5:18
2. A Michael Bublé John Lewis Christmas Advert Christmas - 4:36
3. Suspenseful Music For When The Crispmas Murderer Moves Back Into Town - 4:23
4. Trout Mask Replichristmas - 3:52
5. My Hand Roasting On An Open Oven - 2:08
6. Rocking Around The Chestnutree - 0:47
7. 12 Days Of Chestnut (DJ Acoustic Piano Ballad's EDM IDM IDFKTBH Remix) - 1:31
8. Jingly Bells - 6:48
9. Interlude By The London Philharmonic Acapella Choir Of One, Who's Performing A Duet With The Choir's Kettle - 0:23
10. Coffee At Christmas - 2:48
11. Wonderfulchestnutmastime (Richard D. Ames' 'I'm Playing A Completely Different Song' Remix) - 1:32

Someone who doesn't know how to play the piano bangs on it for half an hour. The last bit though has some recordings of him talking and operating the house though, a little more entertaining.

Daichi Audio Company - Solo For Wounded Turntable

Total Run Time: 14:36

1. Section One - 7:06
2. Section Two - 7:30

I remember when this was made. LLR sent picture of this COMPLETELY mangled turntable, and WOW this creates some awesome sounds. This might actually go in the recommended category, against what I was expecting. This is awesome! Well, sadly Section Two is a bit weak so it'll be knocked down a bit lower.

Rad Rilei + The Iconsounds Cuowt - notright.aif

Total Run Time: 0:54

1. notright.aif - 0:54

Short bit of radio fuckery.

The Stink Practitioner - Hi

Total Run Time: 5:16

1. Hi - 0:04
2. Really Cool - 0:09
3. Aaaaaaa - 0:02
4. Snare!!!!! - 0:02
5. Help - 0:01
6. I Do Not Understand - 0:03
7. Sosage - 0:02
8. Really Long - 0:06
9. Very Experimental - 0:03
10. Interlude - 0:01
11. No Pls - 0:02
12. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - 0:04
13. 4am Sainsbury's - 0:01
14. Women - 0:02
15. Dnaaaaaaaefgiu - 0:04
16. No Question Mark - 0:02
17. My Ear - 0:02
18. I Am Going To Call The Government - 0:01
19. She - 0:01
20. The Buildup To The Snare Solo - 0:01
21. The Very Intense Buildup To The Snare Solo - 0:01
22. Snare Solo (Part 1) - 0:01
23. Snare Solo (Part 2) - 0:01
24. Snare Solo (Part 37) - 0:01
25. Snare Solo (Part 274) - 0:01
26. Really Long Snare - 0:01
27. Ues - 0:05
28. Please Rescue Me Aaaa No Pls - 0:08
29. The Stink Practitioner Is - 0:06
30. Holding Me Hostage And - 0:06
31. Forcing Me To Write These Ludicrous Song Titles - 0:04
32. Otherwise She Will Say Very - 0:08
33. Hurtful And Rude Things To Me - 0:13
34. Please Rescue Me She Is Being So Mean - 0:09
35. Noooooooo - 0:08
36. Ok Bye - 0:06
37. Outro - 0:06
38. Secret Track - 0:01
39. (uninterupted playback) - 2:57

Random MIDI shit. the first 38 tracks are all one song cut up. Track 39 is uninterupted playback of that one song.

My Cell Phone Is Better Than Your Cell Phone - Wool Sweaters

Total Run Time: 39:09

1. Side A - 39:09

I don't know why I'm bothering reviewing this, especially since it's just an upload of some cassette LLR knows. Actually, I don't know why it's uploaded. But whatever I guess. This is actually pretty good, and especially interesting because it's like 2 albums playing at once for some reason so the cassette was just super weird?? But the album is a really entertaining bit of noise rock that gets this tight extra edition of just being a completely fucked tape, it sounds like found shit, it doesn't sound real, you know? It's pure.

punished auradog - oath of silence

Total Run Time: 134:58

1. pink windows - 7:47
2. love to see it - 7:54
3. intimidation - 17:53
4. want to be it - 29:45
5. fantasize - 7:12
6. hate to free it - 40:14
7. <333 - 24:13

First track doesn't really lock me in to begin with, kind of turns me off actually. But the ending is actually perfect. Interesting beginning. The second track is wonderfully magical, loud, bombastic drones that swell into beautiful symphonies. Definitely much better than the first track, picks up in terms of quality where the ending of it left off. The third track is kind of good. Not really that special, but somewhat interesting for its duration. The fourth track is pretty terrible. Slowed down rap/trap with minimal bitcrush/phaser effects (I think), makes for an annoying experience more than anything. The last couple minutes are pretty nice though, sadly not making up for a quite uninteresting (and even at some points, annoying) track, not at all warranting its length of nearly 30 minutes. This album's already so long and feels like it's 3 times as long as it really is. Fifth track is good, but not especially interesting. Sixth track is okay. Meanders a lot, certainly not bad, but not very good either. Jeez, last track starts off LOUD. But by the sounds of it, it might end up being the best track here. Yeah, easily. Overall eh album with some good moments and some bad moments.

punished auradog - tearsea

Total Run Time: 47:38

1. crash into light - 16:28
2. sapphire zero - 7:22
3. all sober (freestyles) - 23:48

First track is extremely noisy! Not annoying like the other punished aurodog album, actually quite entertaining. The part that distorts rap music actually does it in a super cool way rather than an annoying way! That kinda ends with the second, notably lazy track, doesn't really consist of much, seems a lot closer to noisy vaporwave than anything. And the third track brings the annoying distortion rap back. Overall, it's an eh album, some great moments some terrible moments, really just a shorter (but still too long) version of oath of silence.

Piss Drinker - Drink Piss

Total Run Time: 53:05

1. Thank God For Mommy - 2:03
2. A Lovely Mountain Of Shit - 3:08
3. Kidmuck '77 - 2:44
4. What I Deserve - 6:16
5. I Don't Wanna Listen To Sewerslvt - 1:30
6. Baby Got A Baby Got A Baby Got A Gun - 4:24
7. Shots - 5:09
8. Club For Dadfuckers - 2:38
9. Virus Alert! Virus Alert! - 0:52
10. Lolly Poppy Jock - 1:05
11. Examples Of Why You Should Avoid - 3:05
12. God's Thick Glory - 1:34
13. Booty - 2:45
14. Bitchfeasting - 2:05
15. Child Prodigy With A Baseball Bat - 3:12
16. 4 - 10:35

V/Vm style shit-edits of pop songs. Weird, kinda hilarious, but also objectively bad, but I actually quite like it despite that. This album's fucking stupid but I somehow kind of like it. But it's absolutely objectively terrible. And it runs a bit long (but actually doesn't manage to get particularly fatiguing). I'll put it in the good category since I actually managed to get a fair bit of enjoyment out of it, certainly a lot more than all the shit in the mediocre category. Also this last track's actually somewhat interesting on its own, weird electronic thing, kinda in the vein of vaporwave, but actually varies over the course of its 10 minutes in an interesting way.

D. Solomon - Music For Long People

Total Run Time: 41:19

1. Keyboard + Sampler - 22:13
2. Solo Sampler (Low) - 19:06

Somewhat entertaining noise music. First track is a lot more entertaining than the second.

Mike Dean Of Demenex Plant Hire Ltd - The Microcassette Recordings

Total Run Time: 7:22

1. 1 - 0:48
2. 2 - 1:30
3. 4 - 0:17
4. 7 - 1:09
5. 6 - 1:12
6. 8 - 0:25
7. 3 - 0:48
8. 5 - 0:45
9. 0 - 0:28

It's eh. Sounds like garble. I don't really know how else to describe it, it's a bit of a waste of 7 minutes to be honest.

DJ リゼルグ酸ジエチルアミド - psychedelic noise death trip

Total Run Time: 7:19

1. lsrgccddthlmd - 2:20
2. noise use and mystical experiences - 5:00

Crazy noise thing. I have the CDr of it too! It's actually pretty good, quite a bit more harsh than some of the other stuff on the label, making it a bit of a breath of fresh air. Second track goes on a bit long.

Various Artists - You Have Three Seconds

Total Run Time: 3:15

1. { AN } EeL - Disco Balls - 0:03
2. DJ Urinal Cake - D.E.A.D. - 0:03
3. gnitpolice@yahoo.es - Spoon Warfare - 0:03
4. Strangers Die Everyday - Fruitfly - 0:03
5. Cock E.S.P. - The Sun Alwaays Shines On VD - 0:03
6. Hair Clinic - Dry - 0:03
7. Problem Anderer Leute - Spiderpig - 0:03
8. Psychiceyeclix - Lo-fi Watch - 0:03
10. Straight Outta Mongolia - Crush 'n' Blow - 0:03
11. Howard Stelzer - Untitled - 0:03
12. Hardworking Families - Chewy Nourishment - 0:03
13. God King Josiah - The Illegal Blood Diaries Of George Washington - 0:03
14. Greathumour - Haphazard Loop With Phaser Drift - 0:03
15. MTS AIRMASS - Nationalist And/Or Unlovable - 0:03
16. Dave Phillips - Depopulate - 0:03
17. Cube Underlord - Amaryllis - 0:03
18. Sajon - I am currently informing you about - 0:03
19. raxil4 - 3,000,000,000 nanoseconds - 0:03
20. King Tiger - Wacky Woah - 0:03
21. kowloon antifreeze - Gerogerigege is My Mother (150 BPM PAIN MIX) - 0:03
22. M.NOMIZED - Chord - 0:03
23. Ex-Serbian - The Best Damn 3 Seconds Of Your Life - 0:03
24. FLASH CONDUCT - The Aphex Twins - 0:03
25. Fordell Research Unit - 3 Seconds - 0:03
26. Giblet Gusset - Frisky Yokohama - 0:03
27. Smiffmaff & The Salesmen - Boys Don't Cry - 0:03
28. Territorial Gobbing - Onions & Cream - 0:03
29. Three String Quartets - vmlinuz-linux, libnvoptix.so, rls - 0:03
30. Timmy The Tapeworm - Cm_540 - 0:03
31. Victoria Falls Stillwater - Mosfilm - 0:03
32. Walmart Burrito House - Mystery Butthole And The Search For Clues - 0:03
33. XoArK - Burning Jackal...Delay (00000%) - 0:03
34. digitalsakura - frei - 0:03
35. 金星 - THHNKER - 0:03
36. CYBERBULLY - S_TUCK - 0:03
37. Lee Noble - Beam - 0:03
38. Posset - short vocal jaxx for jan 2021 - 0:03
39. will sōderberg... - qutrits - 0:03
40. Jaap Blonk - Zo - 0:03
41. Lo Lid Rocko - MC Shrapnel Wakes From Slumber - 0:03
42. Nakateem - 3 Seconds - 0:03
43. Nookmusk - Deathshit - 0:03
44. Patrick Mullins - Odd Things Mark Path (Condensed) - 0:03
45. Neil Campbell - SHSD - 0:03
46. Digital Natives - Heart Source Mantra - 0:03
47. Christian Mayhem - I Agree - 0:03
48. The Golden Gonk - Feedback Test For A Stuffed Frog - 0:03
49. Legion Of Swine - Tre Sekunder - 0:03
50. The Casserole - SUSANCORE 8.0 - 0:03
51. KAZUYA ISHIGAMI - 20210217_3sec - 0:03
52. Daniel J. Gregory - Unravelling Tooth Decanter - 0:03
53. Klaysstarr - is - 0:03
54. Man Made Hill - Detritus 2022 - 0:03
55. Mark Tester - Lateral Destination Shift - 0:03
56. Polyscia - My Dreams Of Being On Terrestrial Television - 0:03
57. Yarvin Le Cretin - NO TIME TO THINK - 0:03
58. Visitorkyu - Sick June - 0:03
59. Sam Fauchon - The God Given Gift Of Moisturizer - 0:03
60. Pressure Cooker Relief Valve - Bee Movie In Three Seconds - 0:03
61. Evan Pincus - 3 Seconds - 0:03
62. scenes_recorder - Sequence - 0:03
63. wUB.Man69 - I Listen To 100 Gecs And Sewerslvt, Am I Scene Now? - 0:03
64. ihevaids - fuckyou - 0:03
65. Тугосрал - Untitled - 0:03

So unlike what was suggested, I'm not going to review EACH of these tracks because some of them are too just "this is a sound" to do that with, I feel like I would say the same "so yeah, this is pretty cool" for all of them. Also doesn't help that the CD I'm playing off of has 15 second long tracks which are combinations of sets of 5. And also to mention, I do have the CDr of this, it's fabulous. Was included The End of Evangelion soundtrack (I think it's a soundtrack) as a bonus CDr haha. But yeah, it's over now, and damn that was really cool. Crazy dense shit it was awesome, like a 65 person song. Time to get through the CD bonus tracks (which includes like 10 minutes of silence). Bonus tracks include some electronic thing that clearly originated from a VERY damaged CDr. Fun. Then some weird thing about Mike Mulligan. It's pretty cool. Last bonus track is a short loop. Neat little additions.

Cube Underlord - TABLOID TV

Total Run Time: 109:11


The first in WTC's catalog number change (apparently signifying a new change that releases are much more quality now). Odd vaporwave-esque loops of cut-up, distorted, and shifted classic rock that strech for a couple minutes each until they suddenly transition into something else. There are some really interesting sounds here and there, but it does certainly tend to get boring for a while until an especially resonant sound comes in. This will go somewhere within the good category.

Carriion - Meltdown

Total Run Time: 31:23

1. Cunt-Horror Slave - 2:06
2. Polydrug Mix of K-Nova, Synthetic Serotonin, and Female Orgasm Analogs - 3:15
3. Electro-Sonic Mayhem - 3:16
4. Xenodata - 2:22
5. Highly Cinematic 9mm Automatic - 1:31
6. Machinic Synthesis - 1:21
7. My Sexy Implanted Mirrorshades And A Bad Attitude - 3:14
8. Anxietotechnics - 2:32
9. Cyberian Invasion - 6:09
10. Sapphic Vampirism - 2:41
11. Frequently Pornographic, Abusive, Murderous, or Terroristic in Nature - 2:56

First track starts with an odd drone, slowly, but suddenly shifts into some crazy glitch vocals which were actually really cool! The second track is weird chops and selections from slowed-down Death Grips Guillotine, a much weaker track. 3rd track is a bit of a step up from that with some weird distorted & slow beat that progressively gets faster. Fourth track is odd but kinda cool. Fifth is slowed-down raw data with some other cool noises applied. These all seem like Audacity tracks, not to say that they aren't good, but they aren't especially good, ya know? Also not to say that Audacity music CAN'T be good, this just SOUNDS like Audacity music. In order for Audacity music to be really good, it has to not sound like Audacity music, ya know? I think the last track is definitely the most interesting out of them for having such an array of crazy noises. AND WITH THAT THE LISTENING PROJECT IS COMPLETE (well, for now, until WTC releases something else). I would absolutely not recommend doing this, WTC just has SO much shit. But do listen to everything in the recommended category, that was probably the goal of this, just to create a list of what you should and shouldn't listen to from this thing. But there we go! I think the next one is Tsundere Violence compilations and I'll chunk through Kevin Drumm while I'm doing homework, so those will probably be both at the same time, but I'll probably finish the TV compilations way before I finish Kevin Drumm's bandcamp. Thanks for sticking with these.

Deep Fried Ice - Solar Plexus Clown Glider

Total Run Time: 36:22

1. Brazilian Pedestrian - 1:46
2. The One Whose Little Path Would Make Me Sad - 2:52
3. Solar Plexus Clown Glider - 3:27
4. Blue Planet Tape - 5:05
5. 330137 - 2:38
6. Man's Voice As A Series Of Strings - 10:52
7. Stoned Ferret Ballad - 3:07
8. Cosmic Brownie - 4:29
9. Tannhäuser Gate - 2:06

Super interesting and strange noise music. It's better than a lot of the noise stuff (especially track 6) on this label. Still not THAT special, but some great moments here! I mildly entertaining release, not necessarily a standout in WTC's catalog (and probably especially not considering what's to come) but a good one nonetheless.

Broken Computer Orchestra - Live @ Michaelsoft Binbows

Total Run Time: 28:17

1. Live @ Michaelsoft Binbows - 28:17

Jeez, it's been a while (I mean only a couple months or so, but still). I've had to take a break from WTC as I was starting to get PTST (plus I had to do finals and shit and I was a bit more interested in Tsundere Violence and Kevin Drumm [both of which are still ongoing]). At the time of this, I've released another project on WTC, WTC has started making CDrs for all their releases, and WTC has since deleted a HUGE chunk of their albums (some of which I included on the definitely recommended section oddly enough). Actually I have to save this again and see if the images still even load (which they do, props to Bandcamp for saving all of those). This was a really nice drone release, despite the name implying an obvious joke. It got into some noisy territory, but felt very warm and resonant. One of my favorites of the new stuff.

kidwithapedalboard - AUDIO PRO C-60

Total Run Time: 29:32

1. AUDIO PRO C-60 - 29:32

Full on Merzbow album. Super solid.

kowloon antifreeze / Televangelist - God's Children: Live From His Laundry Basket

Total Run Time: 23:00

1. kowloon antifreeze - Do Android Sheep Dream Of Existential Dread And Death? - 9:18
2. Televangelist - ◯◯UNICODE CHARACTER SUPREMACY◯◯ - 13:42

Hey, this is something I partially did (I was Televangelist, new noise alias I'm trying out). I hadn't actually heard kowloon's track before this, the split was done extremely loosely and impromptu. It loops quite a bit, and though it does change subtly throughout, it doesn't really go anywhere. However, the loop that does take place is REALLY nice and tha 9 minutes actually go by kinda fast. My side was two guitar improv recordings layered over each other. I kind of like it, not my best improv work but pretty decent. This release overall is good, but not great.

Yawn - Volumes

Total Run Time: 5:06

1. Volumes - 5:06

Really interesting noise/tape fuckery track, well done.

Cube Underlord - TERROR TV

Total Run Time: 60:00


We're back in action boys. So let's start off by saying that I've heard a LOT of great things about this release in particular, and this is also the first non-compilation WTC album that has sold out completely. And without further adieu (or however you spell it), I'll be starting it now. --- That was super cool, I wouldn't consider it the best here, but it was like TABLOID TV with a lot better moments. I found a lot of moments reminded me of the Ice Cream Truck collab I did. Pretty good, I can understand a bit of the hype, but not all of it.

shamanic princess - shamanic princess

Total Run Time: 13:57

1. Pink - 7:23
2. Hillside Sadness - 6:34

Really nice drone shit, I forgot I wasn't listening to Kevin Drumm.


Total Run Time: 17:44


Well... It has been quite a long time since I worked on the listening project. Since May 28th, 2021 (I'm guessing that's when I was last here since that's when shamanic princess was released (which I actually have a CDr of, thanks hiruya for making that)), 19 clyde albums have released as well as 6 singles on a sublabel that happened on the first of this year (today's Saturday, January 15th btw). Anyways, right now, I'm just finishing up listening to the 9 hour Diabarha album (Confession of Lazarus) and it's actually damn good. Also I should mention that I've had the mini CDr of this release for a while now, but never got around to actually listening through (mostly cause it's just a DJ mix and I'm not really that excited for it). Yeah this is just a DJ mix, but instead of transitions, the dude just says something stupid like "Did you hear about that new DJ BANANA PEEL record?" through a built in laptop mic, then hard cut to the next track. So a bad DJ mix at that. Also the chosen tracks aren't that good, just like some of the breakcore tracks on my daily soundcloud playlists that I'd probably forget to pay attention to cause they aren't very interesting.

Yamashiro Kusuo - Three Words

Total Run Time: 40:40

1. Three Words - 40:40

Hey, here's something I made! There was supposed to be a joke going that I wouldn't reveal this as an alias of mine, but for the sake of categorization, it's now fully exhibitioned on my website like the little slut it is. Ok, maybe I sound too much like a pretentious ass about his art. This was one of the first no input mixer jams I did. I quite like it, but I'm me, so I might be a little biased. Also, while this is mainly no input, I put actual inputs into the no input feedback loop, so I got some really crazy sounds through this using an effects rack, my own phone, and a piano, so it ends up sounding a little less like no input, and a full fledged noise album. I don't know, it was fun! And Backstreet Boys at the end (this is a bit of foreshadowing for the MTS AIRMASS universe). Maybe it goes on a bit too long but whatever.

Giraffe People - You Cannot Buy Blu​-​Tack In Indonesia

Total Run Time: 12:04

1. You Cannot Find Blu-Tack In Indonesia - 12:04

Some ultra lo-fi noise made by the man himself, the label dude with a thousand names (though he was using Giraffe People for a while). That's about it, it's pretty good, but it's just lofi noise, I remember this originally being a cassette only release that was super poorly dubbed onto a few due to his shitty cassette deck. This result caused him to stop making WTC tapes, I don't remember if he ever fixed it or not.

King Tiger - Magic Wood EP

Total Run Time: 15:04

1. Melted Graphite 2 - 4:23
2. Magic Wood - 3:39
3. Xaviermix - 2:55
4. Tvåhundratjugofem - 1:02
5. Literally Hard Rock - 3:05

Sometimes I'm torn with what to think of King Tiger's material. Sometimes it's awesome breakbeat stuff that has this sound that nobody else even compares to, but sometimes it sorta loops the same thing for a minute straight then goes into another unpolished loop. And King Tiger's a great friend of mine, but I care a LOT about making sure these reviews aren't really biased, so I just have to tell it like it is. Like 90% of King Tiger songs sound basically the same, but when he hits, he really does hit (Magic Wood is a DAMN hit, but Melted Graphite 2 kinda sucks). He produces these songs at like ultra light speed, but sometimes it's really easy to tell how fast he made a track. Sometimes I wish he experimented with different noises (Magic Wood works so well cause it's a lot of noisier shit that's different to what he's done before). His music has recently been getting noticeably better and more experimental, if you're reading this King Tiger, I want more of the experimental shit!!! (I don't mean to infringe upon artistic expression, I'm just saying what I personally would like to hear more of, and less of the samey amen loops [Nearly every track on the Stone EP had like the exact same beat, that's one of my least favorite KT releases, but I digress) The Hmm era is gone now, it's time to put these crazy noises you've accumulated into breakbeats, enough with the same amen loop! Also polish tracks more, they could sound so much better (again using Magic Wood as an example here, it sounds a bit more polished). Xaviermix in this case is a track that does a little bit of both what Melted Graphite 2 does and what Magic Wood does. So what I mean is at the beginning it sounds like your average KT track and honestly fools you into thinking it's gonna suck for a bit, but then it somehow completely works, especially with the use of the main sample, then you just realize how nice this track actually is. A few of these tracks actually appeared on Not Floating Guy, interesting... Damn, this actually has quite a few unique tracks, track 4's a real interesting noise thing. Alright and 5 kinda sucks too, this was a cut from the Stone EP, probably my least favorite KT release I've heard just cause nearly every track on it is the same and they all loop into oblivion (hey, this one's doing that thing where it loops into oblivion). Then it changes like ten seconds before it's over. Decent EP, two bad tracks and three great tracks. (This is one of those classic "MTS AIRMASS is being real with you despite not wanting to" moments).

Cathode Ray Mission - Cathode Ray Mission

Total Run Time: 39:11

1. New Flesh - 2:55
2. Stringskin - 4:19
3. Holes Poked In The Ground Like Paper - 4:57
4. Nitrogen Narcosis - 4:03
5. Voices In The Foil - 2:34
6. Spider's Home, Destroyed - 2:49
7. High Powered Mutant I - 2:32
8. Gasoline Wounds - 0:47
9. Frayed Landscape - 3:20
10. Angelsound - 1:02
11. Phrogging - 1:45
12. High Powered Mutant II - 2:03
13. Vatican Whores Glassblowing Session 30 October - 0:45
14. Pull To Remove Seal - 1:47
15. High Powered Mutant III - 1:26
16. Departure In Four Stages - 2:07

Well, Giraffe People was real excited about this release. It's a collaborative effort between him and Deep Fried Ice, so I guess that makes sense, and Cathode Ray Mission went on to produce a few more albums too. Honestly, just seems like an average noise album, I really don't get what's extra special about this release other than its conception. Every track is focused on one effect and doesn't really change, just moves on to the next track. Track 6 is great. That's about it

Giraffe People - Giraffe People's Guide To Making A Top 10 Hit

Total Run Time: 21:42

1. Giraffe - 12:13
2. People - 9:29

Wait no, THIS was the cassette one (I think, it has a piece of merch that was sold out, but maybe this is just the very last cassette WTC ever did). Also Giraffe People told me that he has a new tape deck, just no blank tapes, so those might be back soon. This release is lofi noise, radio stuff and no input mixer. Pretty good, mostly stuff in the style of the old school WTC catalog (nice to go back to that, a little nostalgic tbh). The second track does go through this super interesting loop.

Various Artists - You Have Thirty-Three Seconds

Total Run Time: 14:12

1. { AN } EeL - Dancing Disco Balls - 0:32
2. Eyerolls - 3.3.3 - 0:33
3. 69 Susans - The Gibbeting - 0:29
4. Van Appears - Mouse Narrate Chart - 0:33
5. CYBERBULLY - peephole anxiety - 0:33
6. Weinennull - Black And Dark Blue Is My Room - 0:33
7. Polyscia - new wastepaper shredded - 0:33
8. shifala - disco ballin - 0:34
9. This Band's Name Has Not Aged Well - The Concurrent War - 0:33
10. SCART - when you're asked to do a club set but just can't help yourself - 0:33
11. Van Appears - Manatee Carrot Rush - 0:33
12. digitalsakura - i am a cat and i like toys - 0:32
13. krk - boonside - 0:32
15. shijunku sewer system - No(ise) Longer Human - 0:33
16. wUB.Man69 - Consuming My Vomit Chunks - 0:33
17. Eyerolls - 6.6.6 - 0:33
18. DJ Keith Rowe At My Birthday Party - quite-alright> - 0:33
19. Songs About Houses - Fisher Price Manifold - 0:37
20. Deep Fried Ice - Aural Administration Of Hallucinogens - 0:33
21. Weinennull - waking up at 5:40am - 0:33
22. vay - she is one hundred and one - 0:33
23. 69 Susans - Smack Dab in the Evening a Prowler Came In - 0:30
24. The Casserole - S_CORE8 (Petrol People Demix) - 0:33
25. digitalsakura - partnership - 0:32
26. Sam Fauchon - Stop Talking To Me - 0:33

Actually much better than the original since these ideas actually get time to develop, and they're not simple sound effects (not to mention them also being made entirely out of the original tracks is quite the novel concept). Amazing tracks are: 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 16, 17, 22, 24, and 26.

Eyerolls / vay - Eyerolls / vay

Total Run Time: 31:36

1. Eyerolls - Suppression Campaign - 17:36
2. vay - Dialogue In Stockholm By W. Cameron - 14:00

Okay, so I must be remembering something wrong in the WTC official timeline, because this release had tapes too??

Alright, so when I wrote that, I listened to it, but it was very much in the background and I didn't really write anything about it and now it's about a week later [FRIDAY, January 21st, 2022] and I forgot what most of it sounded like. I remember general plunderphonics, although it was pretty good and pretty high quality and had orchestral samples. I guess I'll be relistening now.

Alright, so this is quite sample-heavy, but makes a lot of crazy noises using these spastic effects on top of samples. A lot of tape and vinyl sounding stuff, mostly just higher quality sample-based noise, both sides sound pretty similar, though vay's side is considerably noisier. Also it's the one with a few orchestra samples. A lot more distortion effects than the beat repeat and *chorus (* I'm guessing) applied to Eyerolls' side. [UPDATE AS OF SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 27th 2022: New vastly different artwork for some reason? Intersecting.. .]

bitrman - talking on the phone to you makes me want to die

Total Run Time: 17:15

1. Bye Patricia - 3:49
2. Caustic Stepper - 2:22
3. John School - 3:36
4. Monofloral Exercise - 7:28

Hey, a breakcore EP! Funny story behind this one actually, it got sent to me as a demo on EMCD, so I've already listened to this. I told them it was great, but it had to be at least 30 minutes to get a pressing. They never got back to me and like the next day I saw this come up on WTC. I don't even know who they are, I just got the demo by email, but it was funny. Speaking of, shit I still forgot to email Segue back. That'll happen later if you're reading this man (sorry things have taken so long, everything's just being total piss right now). I remember this being great, but listening again, this is a pretty average atmospheric breakcore release that doesn't actually do much interesting and loops quite a bit. I guess my tastes have changed and I'm starting to realize both how simple and complex breakcore can be (the complex is favorable, and quite noticable). You can really easily pick up on the patterns in this stuff now, and is that really breakcore anymore? Idk, but it has the amen break. The last track however is quite interesting and unique, a weird experimental trip hop track with a text to speech preface thing? It's actually pretty good, the IDM here is on point. Doesn't make the whole EP worth it, but that track is nice.

Merchant - The Pastille Album

Total Run Time: 8:16

1. My Lawyer Made Me Change The Title Of This Song In Fear Of Getting Sued - 1:11
2. Anti-Altman Press Release Funded By Nikolaus Storch - 1:13
3. Well, Snail Fuck! - 0:42
4. Groundhog Daying And Getting Out Of The Loop By Doing A Unabomber - 1:43
5. The Lighter Is Just To Burn You-Yute - 0:59
6. A You'll Be Stupid Fuckoff Zone Brought To You By Marfus Jr. - 1:04
7. No HexD Producers, Bitcrushing Music Doesn't Take Effort - 1:24

Hey it's the Merchant album! My friend (Merchant they were Merchant) wanted me to listen to this. Plunderphonics breakcore, so it's cool. Also really fucking short (make longer albums man). Actually maybe this isn't breakcore, just plunderphonics beats. Anyways, it's pretty damn cool, the samples work so well and this is super entertaining. Only 8 minutes though. Super ADHD album without being full on mashcore, so it's an interesting case. Also, while the individual tracks are quite entertaining, the album doesn't really go anywhere over the course of it. Good, but not great.

King Tiger - Tree Fiddy

Total Run Time: 7:59

1. Tree Fiddy - 3:50
2. Altadena - 4:09

First track reminds me a lot of early Bogdan Raczynski, with these wacky ass lofi melodies that somehow manage to work so well with the spastic breakbeats they sit atop of. Also the South Park samples are great. The second track is basically a part two that screws around with the melodies even more. A fantastic and fun time, quite silly and unprofessional, but great. Again, King Tiger's music is getting a lot better recently.

yeemeen nosa - Garden Slumbers

Total Run Time: 16:24

1. garden slumbers - 5:08
2. moku_u - 4:14
3. harya_yo - 2:03
4. moon - 3:25
5. pedo_ro - 1:34

Well, this is an interesting release. Psychedelic ambience. First track is alright, nothing that special, but the sounds were nice. Second track reminds me quite a bit of Nobukazu Takemura's Milano, but with a much more psychedelic touch and thus I actually do quite like it. Lots of clipping though. 3's a noise track, sounds a bit like Merzbow with the use of bird sounds. 4's also a pretty good noise track, slightly melodic and with a lot of bass (the instrument, not too much deep sounds). Track 5 is some ambience behind a japanese (at least I think it's japanese) speech. No, I don't know why the track is called pedo. Overall good not great.

mammary problem - desk job psychedelic swirl

Total Run Time: 43:42

1. oh boy oh gosh - 4:16
3. a hula hoop can't also be a circus ring. - 5:11
4. penis bible - 4:06
5. water in old videogames - 2:20
6. milton & scissors - 3:40
7. i wear jeans to funerals (denim setting) - 4:34
8. face tattoo - 1:48
9. brutalist hymen dispatchers - 10:20
10. starry ride back - 5:15

Well, I have a good feeling about this one. iirc, it's noise breakcore. Let's find out. Hey it is! Not really "noise" breakcore, more just breakcore with chiptune! It's pretty great! Oh wait, a couple of these tracks are actually pretty damn noisy. So this was quite the fantastic album and I wanted to love it so bad, but the beats just don't flow like I'd like them to. Also a lot of the melodies don't do much for me. But the noise was amazing, and the effort in this direction which you rarely see from WTC was quite the entertaining diversion. Definitely recommended, but could be better.

BHP Shuffla - Proposed Contrasts

Total Run Time: 123:13

1. Pair PC With Mexican Food (My Burrito Fell Apart And Now My Keyboard Has Beans) - 4:34
2. Dichotomy Walker - 3:24
3. Pair Harshness With Secrecy - 4:09
4. Pair Illness With Misanthropy - 2:25
5. Dichotomy Whirlpool - 4:07
6. Pair Ignorance With Carelessness - 23:09
7. Pair Flesh With Decay - 14:51
8. Pair Touch With Landscape - 28:39
9. Pair Knowledge With Dark - 7:27
10. Pair Candlewax With Abyss - 17:40
11. Pair Woodwalks With Dim Figure - 12:48

Well, this one's over 2 hours, making it the THIRD longest album WTC has to offer. And it's a weird noise album, so that's cool. First track sounds pretty much exactly like a Merzbow track, so it's alright. Second track has more subtle noises, but it's not too interesting. Third track is where things start getting unique. You got this like square wave going on, then all these kick drums and sine wave laser beam zaps, it's so cool. This track almost sounds like id m theft able, but a bit more fluid. You know what it reminds me of, his track Pond Eyes. Rest of the album is just Merzbow-esque noise tracks (not using that lightly, these do sound exactly like mid-period Merzbow). Track 8 gets super psychedelic, and actually I think I'm starting to realize that this thing is pretty damn high quality. Ooh, but then it does this thing near the end where it sorta collapses in on itself and is just this frantic, clipping mess. Track 10 is a real interesting one, with a lot of skittering percussion on top of King Crimson-esque guitars (still a noise track, but with this sort of tambre that reminds me of Discipline). It all culminates in this reverb-heavy absolute soundscape that's really unlike anything I've ever heard (maybe the more sparse parts of Everywhere At The End Of Time Stage 4, but it's a lot more clear). Last track is a lot more sample heavy with a few clear segments. This albums awesome, gonna go in the definitely recommended tier. An amazing fully fleshed out noise album, something you rarely get to hear from a lot of the low effort improvisational noise outputs as of late. Fantastic work.

Burdent - Catalog 1

Total Run Time: 29:21

1. Tape 1 - 5:04
2. Tape 2 - 5:47
3. Tape 3 - 5:01
4. Tape 4 - 4:12
5. Tape 5 - 5:39
6. Tape 6 - 3:38

This album artwork's quality is such a massive contradiction to the music contained here. It's extremely lofi (possibly the most this label has ever gotten) tape samples. Most of them unedited and a mere sequence of a few samples played in full, back to back. Kinda like signalwave, but they forgot to do anything with the samples. A little bit interesting, but I just don't understand it. Track 5's the best one for having something that sounds interestingly melodic.

Cathode Ray Mission - Digital Datura

Total Run Time: 64:05

1. Rubber DJ - 4:15
2. Rubber Turntable - 4:12
3. Rubber Music For Rubber People - 6:42
4. The Color Of Noise - 5:00
5. I Breathe Tape - 2:06
6. Tapefuck - 2:04
7. Teeth On Tape - 2:22
8. Melting Tape - 4:41
9. Soft Tape - 1:19
10. Wind Thru Ears - 0:43
11. Rubber Fuzz - 4:29
12. Dada Color - 2:38
13. 11.22.87 - 4:03
14. Tape Color - 3:53
15. Rubber Jazz - 2:25
16. Irresistible Attack - 2:44
17. Tape Blues - 4:28
18. Holding The Soul Of Videotape - 6:01

Another rare WTC album that lasts over an hour (at the time of writing this, it's the 8th longest WTC release). Again, nothing really special about this Cathode Ray Mission release, but it does have some interesting sounds here and there. I'm writing this after about another week-ish long break since I've had a terrible and busy week so... it has taken me a while. But here I am! Back in action! Relistening to this since I totally paid zero attention the first time and also it was like a week or two ago. For a while, it mostly sounds like lofi nonsense that's somewhat entertaining, but again nothing to write home about. Track 4 is really cool though, I love the thing they do with the guitar and drums samples, sounds a bit like a lofi Fennesz. So does track 13. Track 16's cool for having this super interesting glitch drums effect that it messes around with for a while until it abruptly cuts to (what I think is) no input mixer. So overall, decent album, but not really at all a standout in the catalog.

Imperium - Dedicated To Cray-1

Total Run Time: 39:12

1. Seraphim's Swan Song - 11:58
2. Stadium Temple - 10:43
3. Daisy Bell - 5:14
4. Dracula's Reckoning - 11:17

Holy crap it snowed in Texas. In February again, why is it always in February? Anyways, I have a couple days off of school for what most people in the world would consider minimal snow. Instead of going outside to appreciate it, I'm taking some sweet time to press the next EMCD cause it's fucking cold and as a traditional Texan does, I don't really have winter clothes. Right off the bat, this thing's reminding me heavily of Ramleh, probably for pretty obvious reasons. The whole first track's some crazy distorted piano improvisation (sorta like Product of Fear hmmmmmmm). Still pretty good, but not nearly as emotionally powerful. Okay it gets old by the end. Then the next track is some percussive sound sorta haphazardly looped a bunch (not in the sense that it's a constant loop, but it's very skittery, like there's a lot of them in no real pattern). There's some other sounds that occasionally repeat too. Somewhat interesting, but definitely lasts too long. Track 3 is pretty jarring as it's seemingly random electric piano notes improvisation. I say seemingly random, but it seems entirely random, I don't think this guy knows music theory, but there are interesting arpeggios that sound a bit too robotic to have been performed, so I'm wondering how those were made in conjunction with everything else that sounds pretty much like aimless piano tapping. Alright, that certainly got old for the length of a five minute track. Sure would be a shame if the following 11 minute track were a continuation of that, but the MIDI were a slightly different sound. Oh. That IS what it is. Come to think of it, that's what the first track is too. The second track's the only one that's any different. Yeah this isn't a good album.

Crow - I Am Scat

Total Run Time: 33:12

1. rollup, fuckup - 2:40
2. locust - 2:22
3. cheeseface - 4:44
4. fairy fights - 4:19
5. stupidfuck3000 - 3:02
6. all alone - 4:34
7. keep it PG - 3:22
8. .aac - 4:00
9. stupidfuckshit - 4:09

Well, this Crow dude is everywhere just like Okosan. Let's see what this thing is I guess. Oh yo, beats?? Hmm, I guess this is techno fuckwit music. It's sorta fun to listen to, but I'd definitely never listen to it again. Except maybe track 6 which had some real nice melodies. Also I don't know if I'd at all call this good. But it was sorta fun. But also not really good from a technical standpoint, it's pretty minimal tbh, a lot of not-very-thought-out beats, there were a couple breakbeats in there, some noises, some small melodic sections. Has a very stream-of-consciousness feel to it that... I'm not sure if I like or if I'm just glad to listen to something that doesn't sound like the same album over and over again from WTC.

Hallend Oats188 - Blood And Hatred

Total Run Time: 1:20

1. Blood And Hatred - 1:20

Well, now we enter somewhat of a new era for WTC. This is the start of a mini-label on January 2nd of this year [2022 for those of you in the future] where the concept is mediafire singles between 30 seconds and 15 minutes long called a ten pound note found in the drain So not TOO much different from WTC's normal catalog, but adopted a slightly different artist-base, first exemplified with proud owner of Sam Likes Not Just One Cock In His Mouth Records, Hallend Oats188. I expect noisecore. And I'll be turning down my volume. Yep, just as I expected, very loud and compressed Fauchoncore. Pretty good honestly, nice breakcore, interesting samples. Not too much to say about it, doesn't get as absurd as other micro-breakcore releases, but still sorta justifies its existence.

Crow - Field A

Total Run Time: 5:20

1. Field A - 5:20

note2. AAAA it's more Crow. This one's some quieter, more subtle, and bassier minimal techno. Has some nice basslines actually, reminds me a bit of Loscil. That's about it.

Merchant - FaaaaaAAAAAAF

Total Run Time: 1:05

1. FaaaaaAAAAAAF - 1:05

note3. Well, this isn't exactly what I expected... it's some metal song with a reverb effect and some phaser thing on top of it. And that's it. V/Vm, but harder to hear.

Last Login - Data hoarding is a mental illness

Total Run Time: 2:41

1. Untitled - 2:41

note4. Ooh, another of Okosan's aliases! (This is ・゚✧(=✪ ᆺ ✪=) - ・゚✧ for those of you that aren't in the know). My guess is it's multiple no input mixer things layered over each other. Very loud, noisy and chaotic, it's a noise thing. Pretty good I suppose.

Smiffmaff & The Salesmen - Motion Pictures (For Carrie) NEILYOUNG4EVA

Total Run Time: 3:33

1. Motion Pictures (For Carrie) NEILYOUNG4EVA - 3:33

note5. Smiffmaff song, its been a while since I listened to one of these. I forgot how similar to Dead C he is damn, it's nice though, a lot more optimistic and bright than Dead C's dark and edgy tones (not that they're welcome, Dead C are awesome). Also some noise glitches about halfway through! Ooh, and then a layer of ambience!?! Holy crap then psychedelic saxophone, yeah this thing is flippin awesome

Cathode Ray Mission - Live??

Total Run Time: 48:46

1. Live 1 - 2:57
2. Live 2 - 3:11
3. Live 3 - 1:50
4. Live 4 - 8:26
5. Live 5 - 4:34
6. Live 6 - 12:44
7. Live 7 - 7:05
8. Live 8 - 7:59

Well, it's [FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4th] and the 10 year Tsundere Violence compilation just released. So in true fashion, I'll be finishing the WTC catalog today instead (there's only a few more things, most of them are short, I can probably knock it all out today). Anyways, this one takes the concept of "Lofi Noise" established in their earlier albums and totally just runs with it, everything on here's some wash of total noise rather than trying to develop concepts that just don't fit with the overall tambre of the album. This instead reminds me of some of Hanatarash's recorded works (but maybe that's just because I'm being reminded of them what with the new WTC drops today), I actually like this much better than the other CRM albums. Track 2 reminds me of :Zoviet*France:. With all that in mind, track 6 doesn't really work. It goes back to the same problems as the previous albums (it might actually be a track from one of them? Idk it sounds familiar but I can't remember what it is) and instead of having a satisfying noise, it's WAY too lofi, the mastering's weird so it's this very bass-heavy thing that gives me a headache and the sounds that are supposed to be in the foreground are a bit too bogged down by everything happening around them. Neither does 7 or 8 for those same reasons. I mean they're fine, but the last three just aren't great like the rest of the album, they're more just passable noise tracks .

Crow - Red Light

Total Run Time: 4:13

1. Red Light - 4:13

note6. More Crow. I think this is the last Crow though. More quiet beats that delve into a bit of abstract territories, but oddly enough there's a trance synth over the whole thing. After a while it pretty much stops developing though. Idk, it's fine, not really my cup of tea at all.

TELEVANGELIST - Esteemed Chapel Towers Part 1

Total Run Time: 15:00

1. Esteeemed Chapel Towers Part 1 - 15:00

note7. Hey I made this one! This is a bit of an experiment of mine where I took one half-hour noise set and split it into 3 parts, releasing each part on a separate medium (Part 3 was released on Harry Hornack Recordings, and part 2 hasn't been released yet). By the end, you can stitch together each of the three and get the whole uninterupted piece. This first part starts with some infrequent and ultra-minimal clicks and pulses, eventually leading into microphone feedback with Futurama in the background. Then, the real meat of this, is where I start doing what I think is more emotional piano improv over feedback and no input sequencer, so it creates this weird soundscape that's both harsh and soothing. Idk, that's what I was going for, I think it still holds up mostly. Oh shit, I forgot I kept the Avirl 14th in this. Oh well. Ends with very high pitches. Idk, I thought it served its purpose but of course I'm biased.

XoArK - 15minConvolutiontest1

Total Run Time: 15:00

1. 15minConvolutiontest1 - 15:00

note8. Sounds like a track off Fluke Archive. Pretty much a single clicking loop that goes through a series of both subtle and unsubtle developments through the 15 minutes, nothing that really resonates with me though. Mediocre.

Deep Fried Ice - Kap Dwa

Total Run Time: 10:46

1. Kap Dwa - 10:46

note9. I'm not gonna lie, at this point, these are getting a little painful to listen to. WTC just releases so much stuff that sounds the same (God, I'm glad I never decided to do that Tsundere Violence listening project, the next thing will surely be something a bit more approachable. Maybe I'll finally do id m theft able's Bandcamp, yeah that would be fun.) This is more lofi noise, although it actually has some really nice dark ambient in the foreground and the noise is more of a satisfying low crunch than samey-annoying shit like most of Cathode Ray Mission. I like this.

Cube Underlord - scouting daintrees wildlife reanimated

Total Run Time: 10:35

1. scouting daintrees wildlife reanimated - 10:35

note10. Ahhh, it's still February 4th and RINGEX PLASTER JUST RELEASED A NEW ALBUM OMGGGGG. We'll finish this first, then RINGEX PLASTER, then Tsundere Violence comp, then I guess I'll finish AE_LIVE since I'm already almost halfway through that (jeez, I have a lot of music to listen to soon). I'm still getting a bit tired of this whole listening project lol, especially since I have three more interesting things to listen to, but I wanna finish this first. This is basic Cube Underlord. More signalwave type stuff, although this time it's not a narrative that's being played out for an hour. So I guess some of the context that made those albums good and great is lost? Idk, it's fine, doesn't really do much for me, but it's nice that the sounds here aren't the same sounds that this label has been pumping out on a loop since its conception. (Sorry if I sound like a pretentious ass Stockport, this is just draining me, I no longer find the same lofi noise experiments that interesting, I think you and everyone else on the label thats been emulating your style have pretty much fully executed the idea (I mean there's obviously more that can be done with it, but MAKE DIFFERENT SOUNDS for Christ's sake)). (I normally wouldn't complain this much directly to you about your own damn music, but I'm writing a review and entertainment comes first! [this really has turned into quite the me-being-a-pretentious-ass-rant hasn't it, I should probably go back to just saying my opinions of the damn music]). Alright, let's rank this and get on to the next one .

Hana's Trash - Junk Jazz

Total Run Time: 10:58

1. Pity Fuck Part 2 - 0:58
2. Biting Cement Part 3 - 0:28
3. Crap Part 4 - 0:51
4. Scumfuck Rock Part 5 - 0:31
5. Pity Fuck Part 1 - 0:35
6. Crap Part 2 - 0:32
7. Scumfuck Rock Part 3 - 0:29
8. Biting Cement Part 4 - 0:46
9. Crap Part 1 - 0:50
10. Scumfuck Rock Part 2 - 0:54
11. Crap Part 3 - 0:33
12. Scumfuck Rock Part 4 - 0:58
13. Biting Cement Part 1 - 0:39
14. Biting Cement Part 2 - 0:55
15. Pity Fuck Part 3 - 0:34
16. Scumfuck Rock Part 1 - 0:25

Well, I should hopefully like this one more, considering it's from THE Wubman. Although historically I'm not as big a fan of Wubman's full-on noise work. This one's goot, whatever. Different than most WTC stuff, but does it really just get points for that? No, I think I actually did quite like this one, captured the energy of old-school Hanatarash pretty adequately.

Kris T Reeder - NOISE JAZZ D7823

Total Run Time: 4:07

1. NOISE JAZZ D7823 - 4:07

note11. [SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5th] I'll probably end up finishing this listening project today, but maybe not since I actually have a lot of responsibilities to attend to today. We'll see how it goes, I only have three things left after this (well two, but... you'll see. Or you already saw, whatever.) Anyways, this thing's interesting. Sounds like a saxophone in a washing machine, but of course I can't help but like it. It's actually kind of genius what concept this thing's going for. I mean it doesn't do that much for me, but I do appreciate it ya know? The other weird thing is that while this got released as a single, it got released as a full album on WTC a little while later by the same name with this same track on it. Also, pretty sure it's the same artwork, just sayin cause ranking these is gonna look a little weird.

Hana's Trash / kowloon antifreeze - Trash Slum Noise Pollution

Total Run Time: 50:33

1. Hana's Trash - Eye Fucking You From A Distance - 20:36
2. kowloon antifreeze - Desolate Wasteland Mindloss - 9:57
3. kowloon antifreeze - Wake For The Horrors Of Tomorrow - 20:00

Let's go, another noise album. Hey, this one actually feels like more of a cohesive idea and just overall sounds better than Junk Jazz! Hana's Trash's side is considerably more interesting than kowloon antifreeze's though. The first kowloon antifreeze track is good, but the second is incessantly boring and loops a phaser effect over ambient noise wall, an uninteresting sound that can't hold 3 minutes, let alone 20. The Hana Trash side is really good noise though, I quite like it. Also interesting factoid about release, this marks the beginning of WTC selling cassettes again! Yeah, the cassette for this came out yesterday. Also Stockport changed the album art on me halfway through listening so I have to update this stupid thing.

Kris T Reeder - NOISE JAZZ D7823

Total Run Time: 17:10

1. Noise Jazz 555 - 2:42
2. New Jazz New Noise - 1:30
3. Noise Jazzer - 1:24
4. NOISE JAZZ D7823 - 4:06
5. A Noise Jazz Dimension - 1:34
6. NoiseJazzWall - 2:24
7. Noise Noise Jazz Jazz - 1:26
8. Noise Jazz Sphere - 2:04

Yeah, this thing got turned into an album with the exact same name and artwork and one of the tracks is the single from earlier (track 4, would you look at that). For some reason, Bandcamp calls it a second shorter. This is basically like 8 tracks worth of that single, although looking into KTR I have to correct something, it's not saxophone it's actually trombone, which makes this a LOT more impressive I think. Also it's generative? Maybe? I'm not fully sure, it's odd. Each track is pretty much the same but with a different effect it plays around with, decent but kinda eh after a while. Anyways, that's it! That's all of WTC!!! Well... except one thing I forgot about...

Sam Fauchon - Dream Songs Night Songs

Total Run Time: 49:56

1. Track 1 - 2:56
2. Track 2 - 3:33
3. Track 3 - 3:19
4. Track 4 - 4:02
5. Track 5 - 4:04
6. Track 6 - 2:43
7. Track 7 - 3:26
8. Track 8 - 4:13
9. Track 9 - 3:11
10. Track 10 - 3:48
11. Track 11 - 3:23
12. Track 12 - 3:48
13. Track 13 - 4:16
14. Track 14 - 3:14

Does this really deserve being reviewed? It's a compilation of songs Sam used to sleep that he found a CD of once, nothing on this was made by him, I think he forgot who even made all of them lol. They're also pretty obviously all different people. The first two are some language I don't speak (I'm gonna assume Hindi), then the third song is some dude singing about this little fishy or something. I mean they're all fairly decent tracks I guess, I'm not really sure how to qualify this, probably close to like how I reviewed My Cell Phone Is Better Than Yours, it's another upload of like *FOUND* Music or something. The 4th track is something asian. There's pretty much no point speculating all of these, I'm just listening to this for completion's sake. Track 6 is unironically pretty good. Oddly enough... I actually like this a lot! This thing sounds like nothing I've ever heard... for a few years. It has this total childlike wonder to it that fully reminds me of the old bedtime stories, probably has that same feeling to Sam, but a lot more personal. These are nice and calming, sometimes they sound a little like Sufjan Stevens or Haruka Nakamura. ANDNDNDNDNDND That's it!!! Well for now at least, there will definitely be more in the near future, but this is the first time in about half a year I've been fully caught up with the catalog! It's nice.

Magic Crow - Repercussions

Total Run Time: 2:29

1. Repercussions - 2:29

note12. WTC Returns! With two new singles (not in the same day, but I'm listening to them on the same day I guess, today is [THURSDAY FEBRUARY 17th 2022]). How's my life been since the last WTC release? Well, funny you should ask (these listening projects regularly function as journals anyways, so here's to spilling my guts about stupid shit). Himeko Katagiri's a total cuck, but its been a couple days and I guess I'm mostly over it (I'll go further in depth with that when I review the 10 year Tsundere Violence compilation). Uhhhh what else? Idk nothing really, I've been having sorta an uneventful week. Did I finish this before or after the musical? Have I already talked about the musical here? Okay I command F'd and it looks like I haven't, but for January my schedule was a bit fucked cause I was playing drums in the school's Little Mermaid. Actually was kinda dope when we performed it, but I need to start wearing earplugs regularly again. So... How's this single? Eh. It actually has fairly unique skittering percussion made out of a vast array of sounds, it's just totally uninteresting for whatever reason, I guess it's a bit too minimal techno. And it reminds me a lot of music I made when I was in like 6th grade, so naturally I hate it. It's actually pretty annoying for that reason lol, although I'm being a little bit unreasonable. Wait what the fuck is my itunes on repeat or something? I was about to say this is sounds so much longer than 2 minutes but I looked and its looping for the third time wtf. Bruh idk how but it got added to the queue an infinite number of times. The repeat symbol isn't even highlighted or anything. Enough of these tangents lol, this release is pretty mid tier.

dcsdm - dcsdm1

Total Run Time: 2:22

1. dcsdm1 - 2:22

note13. Sorry about making that last review all about me, sometimes I just need to talk my mind off lol. That was pretty much the whole point of these listening projects, to sort of work as a jorunal (I already repeated that point like three times, man I'm tired). This release is two minutes long, so another really short one and then I'm done! But I'll probably just then move to the new RINGEX PLASTER since I haven't done that yet. Still working through AE_LIVE though, only got 7 tracks of that left. This release is a bit of ambient fuckery. Field recording of walking through some nature for about a minute, then some drones come on top with some odd slowed percussion, that part sounds nice actually. It's decent, but doesn't really warrant its own existence.

Burdent - Raw Teeth EP

Total Run Time: 20:36

1. Intrack Intro - 1:39
2. Wave Signal Slight Horror - 4:44
3. Snae The Tiny - 2:08
4. Static Jamming - 6:19
5. Heliosphere - 3:33
6. FR-20x - 2:13

Another Burdent album. Listening to this on the day of release, so we're up to date pretty fast this time around. This one I do really like the cover art for though. And whaddya know, the music isn't lofi past the point of listenability! (Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, I just didn't like how the last Burdent release did that). This isn't really lofi at all, ALREADY separating it from the rest of the WTC catalog. Actually, these weird signal-type noises are super strange and unique, a full series of weird buzzes that creates a super interesting soundscape unlike any I've heard before. I quite like this release already and we're only on track two, infinitely better than the other Burdent release. Track 3 is another set of weird buzzing, but a lot different type of buzzing, so it's dope as flip, ya know what I'm sayin? Woah, track 5 gets intense, massiv screamin my man. Yeah this is killer. Existent/10.

sorwu - branch

Total Run Time: 7:42

1. branch - 7:42

note14. Listening on day of release, boy have I gotten good at being up to date. Reminder, I need to listen to the other sorwu thing that released today right after this. So it sounds like some real funky four on the floor type thing with some crazy effects behind it. But the entire thing has a low pass filter with just like the bottom 50 hz or something enabled so it sounds like it's underwater and is pretty hard to hear most of what's going on. There's some noises that sometimes peek out of this, but overall, a somewhat annoying listen. Well, until about halfway through when other noises start becoming even more prominent and it actually starts to sound pretty cool (but parts of it are still in that irritating low end). Gets cooler by the end, but I would NOT like to listen to this again.

Deep Fried Ice - Burn Your Money

Total Run Time: 10:41

1. Burn Your Money - 10:41

note15. OOh, I really like this one's artwork. Starts with a clip of somebody saying burn your money, followed by it in reverse which is then looped. Then some ambient pads come in. It's interesting but the first segment isn't all too great. Second segment though, it's this ambient pad that reminds me a lot of Nanocyborg Uberholocaust, especially on Goodbye Sol (this is a good thing btw, I love their later material). Third segment is super strange, a weird ominous melodic thing that's low and has a bit of noise over it which then has some weird effects applied to it. Another great segment. Last segment is a weird loop of some psychedelic guitar, reminds me a lot of Zoviet France. Yeah, this single's great! Very much enjoyed it.

Zoloft - What Filthy, Rotten Blood

Total Run Time: 1:30

1. What Filthy, Rotten Blood - 1:30

note16. A beat-based thing. Very noisy. Very short. It's alright.

75258050866944 - Ununited

Total Run Time: 79:57

1. Untitled - 0:34
2. Fun In The Office - 10:52
3. Yes, Please, More Amens! - 10:12
4. The Tale Of Lily Laskine's Bowel Malfunctions - 4:48
5. Untitled - 8:59
6. Untitled - 7:29
7. Untitled - 5:41
8. Finally, Some Fucking Acid - 5:47
9. The Swinger Area - 3:24
10. Untitled - 8:40
11. Untitled - 8:08
12. Untitled - 5:23

Hey I know this guy! (Listening to this on day of release, congrats on your debut album man, let's see how much I like it). First track's a noise track made out of broken signal noises (I recognize that low buzz from an open cable). Second track is fully rhythmic noise, sorta like a lofi version of Pan Sonic, Goes through a lot of changes (feels very improv). Third track isn't that good, a loop of a break (not actually the amen break, it's a different one) with some noise on top of it and sometimes the break gets weirdly disjointed, but not in a good way, just in a weird amateurish way. Track 4's pretty cool, sounds like this weird piano thing which is super distorted and tooled around with. Nice. All these noise tracks sound like improvisations on actual equipment, and they also all sound like Peter Peter Little Caesar's Eater. Track 5 is some drum machine fuckery. It's alright I guess, I mean it's pretty simple drum machine beats. Reminds me a lot of the Red n Blue stuff from a long time ago (since deleted, they were on this label). Track 6 is by far the best one so far, some nice improv beat loops but with a really fresh patch on a no input mixer that makes it all wobbly and counding like Mouse on Mars' Idiology. Track 7 also does sorta the same thing, except instead of incorporating percussion, it just makes a beat out of the (presumably) no input noises, so that's also a cool one. Track 8 is like a really early WARP Records track with a noise element to it. So, not that great, but alright. This album has an annoying element to it where it's panned super weirdly (probably because of how it's made), more of it's generally in the right ear than the left. Track 9 is some old ad for swing music that's sped up and slowed down and skipped around a little, but not really that much is done to it. Track 10 is a super cool noise track (probably the best so far) which is a full skip around between super crazy noise, ping-pong like noises, and random distorted notes. It's crazy, sounds like something id m theft able would make. Track 11 is really bad, for a quite extensive period, it is simply a terribly lofi kick drum pulse, then some more drums add eventually to form a pretty bare bones techno beat. Last track is a full on noise track which is actually pretty cool.

So overall thoughts on this whole thing. I have to apologize, but I try to keep my thoughts on these listening projects as real as possible, so I am being 100% honest when I say I do not want to listen to this again. Half of these tracks were good (some were great, but some were painfully mediocre). This album sounds right up old school WTC's alley, blending right in among a lot of repeated concepts, most notably the drum machine fuckery of Red n Blue. It's all sounds I've heard before and not much if at all is unique here. And that's not necessarily bad here, but it gets incessantly boring where it simply sounds like improvised ideas without any actual attempt at realization. Not that good. And I've heard some amazing music from this guy. I think the other reason why this is like this is because (correct me if I'm wrong) this was made for the secret santa EMCD did a while back. Or at least I remember this album artwork from back then.

car shining sounds - fffelicity (3 minute excerpt taken from 90 minute cassette)

Total Run Time: 3:13

1. fffelicity (3 minute excerpt taken from 90 minute cassette) - 3:13

note17. It's some tape loop stuff. Changes every few loops, actually manages to sound a little like :Zoviet*France: during certain loops. Actually as it's going on, I do quite like this one more than I thought I would based off the first few seconds, since it gets to be super CD-Skipping type stuff (but ya-know, tape based). It's super cool! It's like made out of some guitar sample, parts of it are super dirty, parts of it are super clean so I guess it's based off of some sort of complex noodling? Idk. It's cool though, I do know that.

joignez les contraires - making a reductionism album but with an anime cover to infuriate rym users

Total Run Time: 5:15

1. making a reductionism album but with an anime cover to infuriate rym users - 5:15

So I hate for this to be the release I have to discuss this, but it's looking like the Merchant albums are gonna get taken down soon cause some shit came out about them manipulating people into doing furry ERPs with them. Idk man the internet's fucking weird. They've been blacklisted on the breakcore Discord community though lol. They will probably be back soon, it's very easy to just be anonymous and still have a prevalent music career.

note18. Starts just like any other super lofi thing on this label, but eventually this actually gets really good too! I like the noise segment 3 minutes in, I'm pretty sure it's something slowed down Nanocyborg Uberholocaust style (God, that brings back memories). Then I think its original version kicks in? Then something else super slowed down? Then a totally out of place collage of some weird Muzak loop. Yeah this is cool. Dope track.

pfjdspfijsdf - dsfpsdfjsdifj

Total Run Time: 0:54

1. dsfpsdfjsdifj - 0:54

note19. Absolute chaos. Sounds like Peter Brötzmann put into a saturator and vocoder and bitcrush and probably some other stupid series of effects. The end is it sped up, then super clippy. Probably made in Audacity lol. Actually manages to sound alright.

Shawty Real - Fam

Total Run Time: 0:29

1. How long it will take to influence your bussy under the right angle of penis, balls and an extensive caliber of thought that perpetrates one's mind - 0:29

note20. Some trap beat put through like a chorus effect or something of the like. Terrible for the sake of being terrible. Obviously. Name isn't even funny (I mean the name is, the track title is not).

Holey Ghost - I Saw God And Vincent Walking Hand In Hand Towards The Retension Basin Gate

Total Run Time: 10:55

1. I Saw God and Vincent Walking Hand in Hand... - 10:55

note21. Again, took a while to get around to this haha. Actually, its been quite a long time since I worked on ANY listening project. I might halt the Kevin Drumm one, it's just not that fun to be completely honest, I need one that's more fun to go through. Maybe id m theft able's bandcamp. Actually, that sounds real fun, that's just gonna be the next one I do. Anyways onto the release. Listening to this after taking the STAAR test (I think this is my last one I'll ever be taking? Not fully sure, thanks George Bush). Starts with some crazy guitar noise, then develops into some strange lofi signalwave stuff. But I like this quite a bit more than WTC's other stuff, even though on paper it might sound pretty similar. I quite like this release, the radio parts are chosen super well and just sound super nice to get through. I kinda don't want this to end, the avant-garde part of this was so short too. What's more, this one has quite a nice and unique tambre despite its low fidelity. It's great! Love it.

Giraffe People - The Eye

Total Run Time: 21:02

1. Untitled 1 - 10:40
2. Untitled 2 - 10:22

Some of Giraffe People's normal stuff, but now with a new and improved sound! This one's actually super cool. Extremely spastic and does sample flipping with a new, much more satisfying tambre (think back to literally the last thing I listened to). So it's no input mixer combined with that radio jam he's known for. Oh also, I don't think I mentioned this, Stockport (same guy as Giraffe People, goes under a thousand aliases I guess) gave me a pretty dope birthday package including every single WTC CDr I didn't already have (finally up to date with that although I think I now don't have this one haha. I do have a couple exclusives though, so that's nice). Also included a 58-page art zine, very interesting, still need to make my way through a large chunk of it. Release reminds me a bit of id m theft able (I know I keep going back and forth, you already know how ranty these damn things can get. Second track's a bit more of Stockport's normal style, but still cool. I like the way the beat is screwed around with. He should play live some time. I should convince him to do that, I'm meeting with him when I travel to the UK this summer, so that should be great ("bussing" if you will). LOT of drawn out no input sounds on the second track as well, although I sorta like what's done with it a little more. I'm not sure, this is a fantastic noise release overall. Yeah he'd be pretty interesting to see live, that needs to happen now. The noise that kicks in at 6 minutes with the baby talking is REALLY good, like that one a lot. Super intense that combination of noises .

isabelle cedar - 4 queers burn down the christian church

Total Run Time: 6:29

1. 1 - 1:36
2. 2 - 1:39
3. 3 - 1:39
4. 4 - 1:35

Quite a strange one. Each of the tracks are super similar. Slow, bitcrushed chiptune melodies. It's actually really nice. Not exactly a highlight from the label, but its existence is quite fun if you know what I mean. Sorta like the vaporwave version of chiptune haha. It's neat. Assuming the name isn't serious.

Burdent - Pseudoflowers

Total Run Time: 75:09

1. Reid - 1:42
2. Crunchy - 5:38
3. Flowers Bloom - 1:38
4. Project 22 - 9:06
5. Willie Demo - 9:34
6. Dust Motor - 6:47
7. Smoking - 3:39
8. Everyday Life - 3:38
9. Everything Life 2 [ft. Stockport Swimming Team] - 5:44
10. Artifact - 8:32
11. Arven - 4:06
12. Polymereas - 7:43
13. Danse - 7:22

This one's interesting. The first half of this album's pretty uninteresting and forgettable. Field recording fuckery with stochastic percussion elements. It's interesting for a little while, but in the grand scheme of things, relative to this label's whole output, absolutely nothing special. Then starting at Everyday Life, track 8, things change. Everyday Life is an amazing track, quite noisy, quite sound-collagey, it's everything! Soudns very much like an id m theft able track. Artifact is also an incredibly pleasing and relaxing ambient piece. Damn, so is Arven, I am in love with the sample choices on Arven. Oddly enough, the second half of this album is insanely better than the first. Polymereas was very unexpected. A rock song that sounds a lot like Deerhoof with some insane noise in the background. Really really amazing noise too might I add, this song is great! Final track Danse isn't notable though. So I have no clue why half of this album is forgettable and the other half is insanely good and perfect, but I guess that's how it is. I'll ask about it.

Post-artist - Jury Kidnap

Total Run Time: 69:00

1. Jury Kidnap - 69:00

Oh, this was made by a friend of mine from the Bull of Heaven fan server. Sadly this literally sounds like something slowed down (think Nanocyborg Uberholocaust's early stuff). In fact, let me download this and speed it up to check. On closer inspection it... sorta is? It's an original track, but I'm pretty sure the original's only a few minutes long at most, it sounds like something with a delay effect added on. Sorta like a :Zoviet*France: track, but a less notable one. Idk, this release is really hard to explain. Very boring release cause it just sounds like pointless bass Nanocyborg Uberholocaust resonance until 42 minutes in. Actually I think the segment that kicks in at 42 minutes might be the original speed? Or maybe it's also slightly slowed, not sure. It sounds pretty similar to what I got from the first segment in Audacity. The drones that kick in at 44:30 are actually pretty good. Then after a while, the loop just stops developing. And it loops for like 20 minutes straight whilst slowly fading out. And it's a really really short loop too, as well as not being a very intriguing one (so it doesn't get Bull of Heaven points). Kinda sucks, sorry my man.