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RINGEX PLASTER Discography Listening Project

Actually really good, I'll definitely listen to these again
24.1: oh, i'm sorry. i'm afraid i just don't really like u anymore
10.1: Homophonics
23​.​1: on may 25th, draw a pawprint on the back of your hand, to symbolize that you're a part of this amazing fandom. this will help any furs who are afraid to show who they are
11.1: Make or Break (Make the Breakcore Long)
22.1: The North american Nightmare club
1.1: ATT Curated by Animal Collective Mixtape
6.1: unspecific sbsbsbx
20.1: Be Real (It Doesn't Matter Anyway)
1.2: generated conversation
5.1: Herocore
6​.​2: First Dual! Exile! Unto the First, Feel the 1ne, Fear the 1st. What Are You on About?
17.1: Plantcore
Good, but I can't see these enterring regular listening
2.1: The North american Manbaby Center
9.1: Mobile Songs
13.1: بيد واحدة أستطيع أن استعرض لكم قدراتي .​.​. With one hand I can show you my abilities
5​.​2: Karera wa chotto, tabun, tabun ne. Dakishimetai?
15.1: Banland
8.1: do you remember funnywave?q
10.2: mf-af (dragt)
21​.​1: You Disrespect Me, You Don't Care About Me, You Insult My Intelligence, You Come to Me With Questions That I Do Not Have the Answers to, You Publicly Humiliate Me, and Now You Have the Audacity to Beg for My Forgiveness? I Am Left With No Choice but to Leave This House Forever. Goodbye.
16.1: This Sculpture in the Memory Is Not Without Preestablished Harmony
4.2: ,,,,
14.1: Post Virality Confusions (The Following: A Touch)
18.1: Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà 229762 321±14 1​.​361±0​.​033 1​.​02±0​.​17 SDO; binary likely non​-​spherical​[​39]
3.1: “Songs” for Boys
9.2: Live @ Roblox Mall V​.​6​.​0 Apr 22nd 2020
2​.​2: stat​-​★ocarinalink1★-
8​.​2: tourguideinformationdeskx╩​]​dε​!​]​dε​!​]​dε​!​]​dε​!​]​dε​!​]​dε​!​]​dε​!​╪
4.1: This whole game is hopeless. You won't beat it. You
7.2: Vac 2013
Never again, God please
12.1: Buy Authority Crossing City
19.1: Flash This Home / Face This Author
7.1: Welcome to Team Fortress 2

1.1: ATT Curated by Animal Collective Mixtape

Total Run Time: 375:09

1. 00:00 OV (extract) - AVELife my Orthrelm 01:38 Fireworks - Animal Collective Collection 08:21 Norway - Beach Stickers, 12:23 Credit - Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti 15:45 House Jam (XXXChange remix) - Gang Gang Dance 20:12 Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping - Grouper 23:00 Cheaters (Accidents Happen) - 26:46
2. Rude Boys of 26:06 Myspace - Myspace's The Goodness 26.06.2011 (The Goodness) 1:48 A State Of Trance - A State Of Trance 10.7.1 (The Goodness) - Igloo and Anthro Creator Tape 1:57 Armin van Buuren (feat. Mark Sixma) - Armin Van Buuren vs. Datsik vs. Markus Schulz 1:54 Armin Buuren (Dance to Sunrise) - 39:41
3. Dopium? - All Yours 19:18 Black Tambourine/Hollywollen - The Velvets 20:23 Noisia/The Killers - Mr Brightside 22:39 - A Deeper Level 2:00 Deafheaven - 01:56 Mura Masa/Kendrick Lamar - Murrs 24:30 - 02:11 Avey Tare - Doin' It Right 04:15 - Like This (feat. DJ Spooky) 03:38 Slander (RAW Paste Data 05) - 73:44
4. /Vicetone - The Only Real Tiemn 5:26 Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Moon 08:47 Alvvays - Teenage Comedy Battle 14:13 - 15:47 Four Years Ago? Dopium. - 18:15 Rancid/The Killers - A Case of 34:03 - 36:42 DJ Shadow - DJ 34:31 - 37:40 - Good Kid good city 38:24 - 39:48 Terry - Doin' It Well 41:27 - 43:02 St. - 67:41
5. Luca - You Say You Said 4:07 49:46 - The Shaggs - I Hate My Neighbor 49:51 - 50:49 - The Vaxxines - Go and be Gone 54:53 And The Misfits Enter - Hot Take on Ringo Street 59:59 The Stripe - My Own Worst Enemy 59:15- The Red Hot Americano 62:33 - The Shins - No Sleep Til 64:05 - The Cure: A Stiffening - 136:00
6. The Cure 65:04 - The Strokes - One (W) 65:21 - DMB - Can't Hold Us 55:58 - Béla Fleck & Alesso - Never Surrender 51:46 - Kraft Punk - Robot Rock 49:38 - Gogol Bordello - M.I.A. 54:01 - DJ Shadow - The Night Howie Howard Died 1:13:26 - A Pool 1:11:51 - Kanye West - Yeeyee 1:09:13 - Hadioread - In 1:0 - 31:18

I wrote this one about two weeks after I listened to it, so details are a *little* bit fuzzy. I start getting real in-depth at about 7.1. So this starts off RINGEX PLASTER's discography, this 6 hour mammoth. I think I'm gonna be skipping all the .2s (except for 9.2 cause xerbie wants me to listen to that one). What's interesting about this particular album is that every song is better than the last one, the last one being my favorite, and the first being my least favorite. It actually starts on a mediocre note, I didn't find myself that into the first song, and the second song had both some good moments and some bad moments. On the second track I especially started to like it around ten minutes in. The third track is where things start to get especially good though, incorporating long drawn out samples of whatever, a lot of them seeming to be things from Rika's life. There's a part in 3 where it's just a Super Smash Bros video, but I somehow legitimately felt emotion from that, like it was used *really* well, despite it *just* being a Super Smash Bros video. This album is just chock full of moments like that. There's a part in what I think is the fourth song where the end of it sounds like it's raining drums, reminded me a lot of id m theft able's 1 Drizzle and 7 Rains (for Billy). I mean RINGEX is basically id m theft able but with too much memes for its own good and sometimes (a lot of the time) bad. The reason I decided to go on this listening project was because it would be fun, not because it would be good. So much of RINGEX is bad, but wow, is it interesting. I especially like this added element of journalling everything as I go, because it really is more of something to talk about rather than something to appreciate. If you've ever seen Rika's video where they listen to the 2 month Bull of Heaven album, this reminds me a lot of that project (except farrrrr more interesting since it isn't just 10 days straight of drone [well... I suppose we'll cross the 16.1 bridge when we get to it]. But it's more of an experience. Also what makes this better than Bull of Heaven is that Rika legitimately sat through all of these songs. Like, you know you're listening to something that at the very least was intended to be artistic, and there's something to be said about that. Anyways, back to the album review: The first and second track I have very mixed feelings about, but three through six, those are tight. All very good tracks, *especially* the last one. That bit of chaos is just mmmm. Gotta respect the sampling of gamelan in that one too. Anyways, that's basically it.

2.1: The North american Manbaby Center

Total Run Time: 125:51

2. By Far, Without A Shadow Of A Doubt, THE Most Political Track On This Album. Gaming Enthusiasts Beware, This One's A Doozy. - 0:08
3. I Pledge Allegiance to the Acer R240HY bidx 23.8-Inch IPS HDMI DVI VGA (1920x1080) Widescreen Monitor - 12:14
4. 45 Million Cancelling all Americans trillion with student debt. loan debt. $1.6 student - 9:29
5. "The New Punk Rock" - 5:40
6. DO NOT BUY THIS ALBUM! RINGEX PLASTER Has gone TOTALLY "PC" (Politically correct.) .. this meme is a perfect example of Liberal Idiocy. Fact. - 6:09
8. Can someone check if these patriots have signed up for the military yet. (3. The #Constitution) - 7:46
9. The right is starting to get better at comedy and it’s making lefties nervous. - 9:24
10. A Minute Of Silence, For The Millions Of Careers Lost To The Big Bad Evil Forces Of Cancel Culture... - 1:00
11. Our country if poop was currency - 58:21

AAAAhhhh the second album. I had actually heard a good portion of this album a while back (thanks to xerbie) and my opionions of it then were significantly worse. Seemed a lot like amateur plunderphonics that was too memey for its own good. And while that *absolutely* still holds up, relistening to this, it's actually a decent album. The shit memes are nowhere near as prevalent as I thought they had been, despite them still obviously being there. Essentially every track on here felt like an average RINGEX PLASTER track, no especial comments for any particular one. If I were to try to convince somebody to get into RINGEX PLASTER, this would be a great starting point (even though I normally show people 1.1 since as of now, [currently listening to 8.1] that's my favorite). Oddly enough, track 11, Our country if poop was currency, is actually my favorite of the bunch. It's essentially an hour long drone track and despite it's damning and self-destructive name, I *really* enjoyed it. It's on the level of Kevin Drumm's work somehow. I have no clue how but this is legitimately one of my favorite drone pieces. Thanks RINGEX PLASTER for requiring me to mention "Our country if poop was currency" in a sophisticated conversation about drone music. I think that's about all I have to say for this decent, faux-political, joke and treasure of an album.

3.1: "Songs" for Boys

Total Run Time: 31:54

1. Top 10 Dirty Jokes In RINGEX PLASTER You Might Have Missed - 1:37
2. Both Wolves Are Named Toby. Something about ball! - 8:21

Apparently there were 5 other tracks on this album that were deleted. So I don't really have many opinions on this. The first track is good. The Toby one was jarring as fuck. The last one went on too long. I knocked this one out the same night that I did 2.1. After finishing listening to this release, I thought I was done with RINGEX PLASTER. 16.1 and 18.1 were already out at the time (this was only a couple weeks ago by the way) and the rest of this just seemed to daunting, and bad. I was fine with just having completed the Lawyer Trilogy and leaving it at that. *Especially* after having skimmed through 4.1 and thinking it was entirely white noise and then just deciding to give up. At some point down the line, I was linked to Rika's 2 Month Long Bull of Heaven video, and I realized, they legitimately care about this music. They legitimately sat through all of it (yes, even the 16 hour Bull of Heaven tribute) and maybe there was something I was missing. So here I am, currently sitting through 8.1, and preparing for the absolute mental death that will be 16.1. God help me.

4.1: This whole game is hopeless. You wont's beat it. You

Total Run Time: 50:00

1. o͖n͖ʇ͖u͖ʞ͖n͖ʎ͖ǝ͖b͖ɐ͖ʞ͖u͖ı͖ɯ͈ɹ͖ʞ͖ʌ͖ɟ͖ɯ͖d͖ʞ͖p͖u͖o͖n͈ɯ͖z͖ɾ͖o͖q͖o͖b͖b͈ɐ͈u͈ʎ͖p͈ı͖ʎ͈ı͈ı͖n͈q͈ʎ͖ɔ͈ɹ͖ʇ͈ǝ͈ʃ͈p͈ɾ͈u͖ƃ͖ǝ͈ɾ͈ɐ͈ʌ͈ı͈ʞ͈ʍ͖ɾ͈s͖ɾ͈ɔ͈ɯ͈o͈u͈x͖d͈ɐ͈ - 50:00

So, this one at first glance is literally 50 minutes of white noise. Listening to it though, there's actually things under the white noise, it seems like a giant raw data squash thing is what I'll guess. There's like small subtle synths and melodies under the white noise, so there's actually something there rather than just it. Although throguh the course of 50 minutes, it does fade away a bit. Somehow, I actually liked this one a bit. I thought this would be absolute Hell, but hey, I ranked it above 3.1 so ya know. EDIT: After some thinking (as of November 28th), I actually ranked 3.1 higher because of thinking about how I should rank 16.1. 3.1 is most definitely a better listening experience than this now that I think about it.

5.1: Herocore

Total Run Time: 74:54

1. you suck so much you cheated on through the fire and flames begining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 21:10
2. Worlds most impossible gh3 song!! I miss these days where people filmed their tv!! - 11:56
3. For Danny Fanboys. - 10:57
4. VS Rock Band!!! ...and "DJ Hero" - 27:16
5. Rise From Your Grave, Sir Onion! READ SUBSCRIBE AND RATE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (LOL WATCH THE BOTS ROCK METER WHEN IT MISSES IT GOES CRAZY) - 3:35

I actually heard this one in full a while back, even before Electromagnetic Compact Discs was a real thing (at least before Jojo released Absolute Wack) when xerbie played it in the Venetian Snares server through the music bot, hence this one was already in my last.fm. Anyways, this one was extremely good, I absolutely loved the use of samples, somehow they consistently manage to use samples extremely well. My one complaint is the stupid fucking Onision rant, but other than that, amazing album. Relistening, even the Onision rant wasn't as bad as I remembered, so maybe my taste is worsening or maybe it was actually that good the whole time. I have absolutely no clue. My taste in music has gotten exponentially more fucked in the past year than ever (to the point where I'm unironically jamming to Burqa Boyz [what an oxymoron]) before so who's to say. This one's tight, love the use of Iron Maiden's Run to the Hills. And fucking "Should I Stay or Should I Poop" god damn that shouldn't have been funny but Jesus that was used absolutely perfectly. I suppose what I've taken from this is I have the absolute worst music taste ever.

6.1: unspecific sbsbsbx

Total Run Time: 115:37

1. Ariel Pink's Unspecific Action Figure - 25:21
2. Food Boys of Network (Worthy of a Seven) - 37:43
3. PAW&MAW Haste Data Double 07 (What? All Mine) - 4:56
4. funspecific - 11:35
5. The Pony Real Pony (Always Pony Comedy Pony) Pony - 24:29
6. Everybody Dies! (I Mean That as In, a Song Titled "Everybody" Literally Dies, as It Has Become Unrecognizable With Editing. Nihilism, When Used as a Brand of Humor, Is Painfully Unfunny to Me, and I Would Never Want Anyone to Assume I'm Indulging in It. Not a Fan of the Philosophy Itself Either.) - 4:53
7. th slip - 6:40

Wow, this one was amazing. Such a good album minus a couple complaints, not my favorite from RINGEX only cause 1.1 exists. Ariel Pink's Unspecific Action Figure started off weak (noticing a theme with these albums here), but after that, things were consistently great. Food Boys of Network (Worthy of a Seven) was my favorite track on the album (mostly because of This Is An Original Performance [which was absolutely perfect, even though it was probably intended as a joke]). Interestingly enough, this album was also put onto a label, probably explains why it seems a bit more effort was put into this one than some others. This Is An Original Performance seems like something I would've recorded when I'm bored, also sounds like an id m theft able track exactly (mostly cause of the tendency to impulsively record sounds we find interesting [I've got a giant list of voice memos I'm planning on sampling at some point that are that]). Also the whole Real Pony track was a banger. I absolutely loved that jarring experience, it's albums like this which are why I'm making it through this absolute messterpiece of a discography. Wish me luck on the rest of these, especially the dreaded 16 and 18. The only real thing I can say about those is, at least those aren't memeing themselves to death, rather they've paulstretched themselves into oblivion. The whole Bull of Heaven thing is going to be absolute Hell I can feel it.

7.1: Welcome to Team Fortress 2

Total Run Time: 196:52

1. side field ;; Recording Boredom - 0:30
2. gp field - 79:26
3. Trade. - 22:33
4. side main ;; Deadgame - 0:32
5. An Ode to Cactus Canyon - 19:20
6. RED Triumphs! - 59:46
7. side mann ;; UR Best MVM Moments - 0:31
8. A sentry buster has entered the area! - 10:38
9. wav 2/6 (upgrading jump height) - 3:36

Oh my, this one was terrible. I hated this one for the most part. All the side stuff didn't function any more than bookmarks. gp field was so god awful, I will never listen to that again. 79 minutes of TF2 sound effects is just too much for me. I don't even like TF2 to begin with, so this is just nothing, felt like I was listening to two TF2 lets plays at once, it was fucking annoying. I have no clue how I made it through this. I was listening to that particular track while I was doing notes, so I suppose I let it fade into the background, which is the real key to actually getting this massive and ambitious as Hell project done. Trade. felt like nothing. It was I think 2 clips of talking in TF2 trade chat or something (I wouldn't know, I haven't played the game, it doesn't appeal to me). The main problem with this album is I just felt like I was listening to nothing throughout the whole thing, I don't understand how I can make it through 3 and a half hours of TF2 sound effects. It's like I went into the game's files and just sequentially played every audio file in the game. Good things I can say about this album: An Ode to Cactus Canyon was certainly interesting. RED Triumphs! was a legitimately good track, I enjoyed that one. It was like 4 avant-garde jazz tracks layered over each other it was absolutely awesome, ya know, minus the samples from the Team Fortress 2 rant videos. Those were of course, annoying, and felt like an additional bit of nothing sitting atop this paste suflet of an album. I will never come back to this one. There was like 10 seconds of breakcore on either track 5 or 6 and that was slightly fun at the time. At about halfway through RED Triumphs! I paused it and went to sleep cause I had started listening to the album again after coming back from a football game and wowww I was tired, and this exhausting album didn't totally help. I unpaused it the following morning and felt better about listening. So I liked the last few tracks a bit more than the first few, and that may be because of my lack of sleep previously, but I'm pretty sure the last few are just better. But they don't at all make up for the Hell that was gp field (and Trade. for that matter). One word to describe this album: "Fatigue".

8.1: do you remember funnywave?q

Total Run Time: 286:21

1. Act I: I Don't Think I've Set Up My Mic Yet - 19:01
2. - There are a few reasons why I do not enjoy Discord - 3:42
3. - BRIAN GETS ROASTEd - 8:58
4. - Hi, Welcome to Chili's, This Is Why You're My Inspiration for Comedy - 10:39
5. - What happened to sans - 13:10
6. Act II: To April 1st & Beyond... (Destroy Discord: The Bot) - 23:12
7. - Draw! Durry! - 3:00
8. - FoFoMoMo (Cruel Onwards, I Now Revoke My Remorse) - 8:03
9. - Monitor me. - 26:24
10. - A beautiful home. - 7:28
11. Act III: FunnyChan Life-in-Death (The Reboot) - 24:59
12. - recorded conversation - 14:13
13. - funnytalk for three (let's record a commentary) - 22:32
14. - shut up kid, it's exploit weekend <3 - 18:02
15. - new trigger word list (please follow!) - 6:35
16. Act IV: Epikrika - 19:04
17. - 1:21
18. - 1:21
19. - 1:21
20. - 1:21
21. Act V: The Logical Conclusion of FunnyWave - 51:55

Sooooo many things to say about this one, wowwwww. THIS is Ringex Plaster in 4 and a half hours basically. This is what you get. There's really bad, and really good here. There's parts that make you jam out, and parts that make you feel like your mom forced you to go and supervise your middle-school sister and her group of friends. I think the best way to *truly* articulate my thoughts about this album is to go track by track. Starting with Act I: I Don't Think I've Set Up My Mic Yet, this song was *jamming*. I really liked this. For context though, This morning, November 21st of 2020, I finished 7.1, then wanted to fucking die, then played an actual good album, CDR's self-titled. I took a break for a bit, then started 8.1 which I managed to finish in one whole sitting *somehow* (NOTE: Overdose on RINGEX PLASTER AT YOUR OWN RISK - The Daily Recommendation is ONE HOUR MAXIMUM. Any more over has been known to cause Insanity, as after an hour of exposure, damage to the brain stem is detectable [that's right guys, I'm putting myself through physical danger just for you]). Anyways, not really much more to say about it than I started it and was surprised at how good it was. Next track, - There are a few reasons why I do not enjoy Discord, was fine. It wasn't anything really special, and the Text to Speech got grating after a while. I guess kinda cool. - BRIAN GETS ROASTEd is another of my favorite cuts from this album, I absolutely *loved* the distorted rap and all the shit in it, it was great, I highly recommend that one. - Hi, Welcome to Chili's, This Is Why You're My Inspiration for Comedy was fucking terrible lol. Felt like I was listening in on my sister's Discord calls, the whole thing just absolutely reeked of degeneracy. I started it thinking it was a satirical sample, but it slowly dawned on me that this recording, at some point, was (and maybe is) Rika's reality. Eh, whatever, it's probably terrible for me to judge others for their friends, I should probably not do that. - What happened to sans, the last track in Act I felt like a combination of all the previous tracks, it had its good, it had its bad, and it had its fatiguing use of sampling annoying Discord calls (which will be a theme of fatigue throughout this album). Act II: To April 1st & Beyond... (Destroy Discord: The Bot), also an extremely fatiguing Discord call.- Draw! Durry!, I remember this one having a lot of low static and I kinda liked it. No particular thoughts on it. - FoFoMoMo (Cruel Onwards, I Now Revoke My Remorse), gotta be honest, I don't remember this one at all, it probably wasn't anything special. [Also I'm not gonna skim through again cause I'm still finishing Act V (but I only got like 4 minutes left of that). - Monitor me. was absolutely amazing, even through it was just a progressively pitched down and reverbed loop of a thing, it was done absolutely perfectly, got rid of a lot of the fatigue. Sadly halfway through that one, my internet went out and I had to wait a couple minutes for it to come back on. But that one's also a favorite cut. - A beautiful home. is contender for favorite track on the album (along with - BRIAN GETS ROASTEd). T'was a Discord call remix, didn't sound like RINGEX at all, sounded more along the lines of stAllio!, but it was done really well, then it was interrupted by some text to speech, then went into this weird thing that sampled dubstep, but it was done perfectly, loved it. Act III: FunnyChan Life-in-Death (The Reboot), also mostly forgot this one. - recorded conversation was some well deserved noise/drone, I quite enjoyed it. - funnytalk for three (let's record a commentary) is probably my least favorite track on the whole thing, it was so god awful. Again, sounded like I was listening in on my sister's Discord calls, except this time, longer, and more annoying, but part of that may have been due to fatigue. - shut up kid, it's exploit weekend <3, was more of that, but with more weird noises, so I liked it slightly more. Still hated it though. - new trigger word list (please follow!) felt like it had absolutely no value, it wasn't good, it wasn't bad, my life did not change at all from listening to that track, I don't particularly know why it's here (but that point will be kind of contradicted later in this paragraph). Act IV: Epikrika was also some well deseved drone, a nice break from the annoying slew of Discord-call tracks, but it did go on for a bit long. Each - track was an extention of that drone, but each were different noises and I liked them sufficiently. The last, and final track, Act V: The Logical Conclusion of FunnyWave, was a chaotic slew of noise and weird dubstep samples. Really just a mashup of the themes on this album (minus Discord for some reason, not that I'm complaining, I didn't particularly like that theme anyways). But yea, this track was extremely fun, even though some parts did go on for a while, it all felt like one big thing and was quite the positive end to this album that I thought would've ended poorly due to act III and IV (IV I didn't like *that* much cause it felt like it went on way too long). I especially liked the ending of it too. So overall thoughts on the album, this was *such* a mixed bag, but I think all the Discord tracks place it right below 2.1. If it weren't for those, it would probably be just above it. This was a fucking trip. One more point I have to address, the review of this album was pretty pointless cause I wasn't even supposed to listen to this one according to Rika, who says "A fun look back on the worst friend group ever made! This is not made for you Unless you really know the lore! Otherwise This ,music all sounds meaningless !!! I'm sorry I will make something that other ppl are allowed to listen to next time. But until then, leave... I am genuinely really sorry to anyone who appears on this thing; Letr;'s pretend this never happened". So what was the point? I don't know, but it felt like a net positive. Fucking hated the Discord call tracks, but I guess there was apparently some point to them. Not including those, pretty good album, probably the perfect start to their discography if you want to get into RINGEX PLASTER, since it's really RINGEX warts and all.

9.1: Mobile Songs

Total Run Time: 135:02

1. Mobile Songs - 106:31
2. Mobile Songs II - V - 28:31

Started and finished this November 22nd (Gonna get through a lot of these this Thanksgiving break) not in one sitting cause I had lunch about 2/3 of the way through the first track. I went into this one thinking it was going to be yet another terrible, fatiguing, nonsensical excuse for an album (because I had skimmed through it a little before). And while it certainly did start out sounding like nothing, around 20 minutes in, I found myself sufficiently entertained. At that time, I still hadn't had a clue of what the hell was going on in this album (and as I'm nearing the close of Mobile Songs II - V as of writing this, I only have a bit of one), but wow, for an album with such a simple premise, this should be terrible. But I quite liked it regardless. Somehow. This is probably the most confusing album for me so far, it's like.. It's kinda like the TF2 album, except instead of TF2, it's things from iPhones/iPads, which makes it 100 times better instantly (cause I already very much don't like TF2). This also just wasn't grating at all and didn't feel like the same slew of the same chaotic sounds for multiple hours, it actually had quite a few sections in it, both with things you could recognize and things you couldn't. The part with the Angry Birds theme especially made me question my sanity because each of the melodies seemed slightly off and I was wondering if they did that themselves or if Rika just straight sampled and didn't do anything with them. Regardless, perfect use of sampling. What's interesting is Mobile Songs is quite a bit more segmented, structured, and chaotic than Mobile Songs II - V, as that one delves into droney, reverby landscapes while the first is more of a mobile collage. I especially liked the ending of Mobile Songs, and this segment I'm on right now (about 25 minutes in) in Mobile Songs II - V is *extremely* well done. Props to Rika for pleasantly surprising me on this one.

9.2: Live @ Roblox Mall V​.​6​.​0 Apr 22nd 2020

Total Run Time: 7:34

1. Live @ Roblox Mall V​.​6​.​0 Apr 22nd 2020 - 7:34

Xerbie really wanted me to listen to this one for some reason so I did (or rather, am, as I'm writing this). This will probably be the only .2 I listen to, unless I get bored/depressed after finishing 21 and decide to do all the .2s (which would be absolutely Hell if I went through that sort of withdrawl, remind me *NEVER* to do that). This was chaotic but in a way that it didn't last so long. It was a pretty good song, ya know, sounded like RINGEX PLASTER. I don't really understand why xerbie wanted me to listen to this one so badly.

10.1: Homophonics

Total Run Time: 265:22

1. i hate it here - 0:56
2. pad chennington diss track - 4:42
3. simpl - 1:45
4. my diet philosophy - 5:04
5. theme - 4:30
6. queer modez - 4:36
7. ey/th - 1:14
8. hoegaze & gaywyre - 4:13
9. beauty in the hyper-specific - 27:15
10. havne;t met a boy in 4 yh - 6:21
11. Really not as cute as this pfp makes me look. - 9:19
12. rofl - 45:12
13. playin with her space echo - 5:36
14. big boner down the lane - 7:00
15. bum shine - 6:57
16. impossible mother - 4:22
17. owo 3-2-1 - 7:00
18. all i'm saying is if (whatever) you would be significantly less attractive - 14:00
19. fascism is a death cult - 0:30
20. i like the you that is me - 43:04
21. the curvature - 60:21
22. i love it here - 1:25

Part one of the review: November 22nd, I listened to 9.1 this morning, followed by 9.2 after a break, then Cheer-Accident's Enduring the American Dream, then this album from track 1 to 12. (Or rather I'm in the last couple minutes of 12 as of writing this) [and yes, I'm that much of a fucking loser that I sat in front of my computer all Sunday listening to RINGEX PLASTER and playing Minecraft. What a waste of a day, it's 7:10 PM already. I was meaning to get some MTS AIRMASS stuff done. Lame.] So this is *kind of* RINGEX's Vaporwave album, but like... It feels *more* than vaporwave, ya know? I would probably compare this most to christtt, but ya know, way more memey and less serious (this one actually cooled itself on the memes quite a bit). [Alright 12 just ended, I'm gonna pause the album here, finish the first half of my review, go eat, work on MTS AIRMASS, and finish this album tomorrow.] Probably gonna approach reviewing this one like I did with 8.1 and go track by track here. Number one, i hate it here, is some noise. Pretty good, I liked it, only 30 seconds. pad chennington diss track is next and that song actually got a bit grating with it's weird text to speech stuff but all the weird-ass background noise definitely made up for that, that track was a net positive at the end of the day [sidenote: One thing I noticed about this album is that until a certain point {which is a fucking brick wall}, this album is *really* good at not overstaying its welcome. Whereas on a bunch of other RINGEX albums/songs, I criticized them for the noise lasting too long, this one kinda timed everything perfect {until some obvious moments, but we'll get to that}]. simpl was fun, I liked it. my diet philosophy is where things started getting that vaporwave, but more, kinda feel, it was also pretty noisy. It was around here where I first had the thought, "Oh my, 1.1 might not actually be RINGEX's best work...". This album was just chock full of fun cool moments up until track 9. Track 9 is an interesting one. Seems to be a distorted recording of vacuum cleaning, but after a bit some things actually start happening. We got the distorted recording of some live band that sounds like they're practicing in the other room and it was absolutely perfect, I loved it. Track 9 was awesome. Track 10 and 11 were also cool and fun and whatnot. They were mostly just drone/noise, they worked. Then we hit the 45 minute brick wall that is track 12. You know christtt's no end at the end of no lives matter? Well, basically take that, multiply it by two, and do a sub-loop of effects that fade in and out. Then multiply that by three, because there's 3 songs that loop throughout this thing. It got incredibly boring by the end, but to give it credit I did quite like the loop for a while. Also at around 20 minutes in when the song switched to like 2 measures ahead that we haven't heard before, I got *really* pleasantly surprised and loved it. But then that kinda faded off and the track got boring again. But like, somehow it was still kinda a good track..? I don't exactly know how but like, I liked the experience somewhat, despite boredom. So far, this might actually rank above 1.1... we'll see how the rest of this plays out tomorrow. End of part one.

Part two of the review: Alright it's now November 23rd. CAUTION: This album is awesome, but it only works if everything you hear is a surprise. If you ever consider listening to this (or even *JUST* the hour long track at the end) PLEASE avoid this review as it contains major spoilers whose surprises are integral to fully appreciating this for what it is. Today I went in to help sort the music library (and got to take home some shit from the 1960s that will be put in some EMCDs soon) and got to knock out this one, 11.1, and most of 12.1. So after hearing rofl, I thought this part of the album would be significatly worse due to the 40 minute song followed by the hour long song which I thought were both situations like rofl. That was certainly not the case. I started with playin with her space echo... and *woww* this one brought back memories... this is a vaporwaved/delayed version of Air's Cherry Blossom Girl and Jesus Christ it was done perfectly, rung in my head for the rest of it. I totally forgot this song existed I used to listen to Talkie Walkie all the time back when I was like 4. big boner down the lane was fucking wack and actually made me laugh. It's like the same half-second loop of an anime moan but sometimes it's pitched down for 7 minutes. Like, this is obviously a "bad" track, but it somehow worked considering the whole experience. bum shine was fucking jarring, but more general vaporwave. same thing with impossible mother. Those two managed to actually get something out of me somehow. I think owo 3-2-1 is literally the exact same song as big boner down the lane, but again, it somehow worked within the context, but maybe that's my brain deteriorating from too much RINGEX PLASTER. The next song is literally that again, but slightly reverbed, then after 7 minutes it changes to some of your general expected, RINGEX PLASTER, and *yet again* it somehow works. I quite liked that glitchy beat at the end. fascism is a death cult is that one korean spongebob toy thing and I laughed at that in like an "oh, fuck off" way, it was absolutely hilarious. i like the you that is me.... This was so fucking amazing, it was some drone/ambient/noise for 40 minutes, but it sounded perfect, it was segmented, it progressed absolutely perfectly, I loved every sound, this just carressed and entertained my ears for 40 minutes. This is why I sit through RINGEX PLASTER. Just to find moments like this. Only complaint, the last ten minutes go on for a bit and it's quite a bit fatiguing since it's just a bass buzz. Other than that, it's absolutely perfect. Now for the curvature, which is also extremely perfect. Although this one starts like your more run-of-the-mill RINGEX, it quickly deteriorates into just what this album is good at (and actually sounds basically like a cut from 1.1). There's actually some breakcoreish stuff (using amens and whatnot) in the first ten minutes, and that whole breakdown was done sooo perfectly. Those breaks at ten minutes in fukkkkkkkk yea I loved that part so much wow. Also that part from like 20 minutes in for like 10 minutes where it goes around and samples all these hilarious things/mangles them (actually it even samples Cherry Blossom Girl agian [and again, does it perfectly]. There's a part where Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works II is playing over the weirdest fucking sounds ever. There's a part where the What's New Scooby Doo? theme song gets vaporwaved. Then, The Pretender gets sampled at some point, and *that* blew me away, because that is another really nostalgic song that I totally forgot existed for like multiple years. At around 35 minutes in, all that shit cuts out, and then it's The Pretender played in its *entirety* (but vaporwaved) and it's hilarious. Then there's some dubstep song that that also gets done to. Then the next ten minutes are some vaporwave thing that gets looped and progressively stretched out until the final stretch and loop and reverb that it sits on for the last ten minutes. Everything was totally perfect on this one, I'd give it a straight 9 out of ten, just for big boner down the lane, owo 3-2-1, rofl, and the last ten minutes of i like the you that is me being quite fatiguing. Other than that, perfect album, it uses 4 and a half hours very well. So far this is my favorite, I don't expect it to be topped.

11.1: Make or Break (Make the Breakcore Long)

Total Run Time: 67:07

1. If I shall die before I wake... - 38:59
2. ...I pray the Lord my soul to take - 28:06

So this wasn't expected at all. A straight breakcore (for the most part) release from Rika. Just two tracks that do some drone into progressive breakcore, and it's done really well. Sounds straight up like a breakcore producer. Putting it above 1.1 because it sounds really good, it's breakcore. There's not really much to say about this one, because it's good, but not in the way that I have to explain why. Just listen to it.

12.1: Buy Authority Crossing City

Total Run Time: 74:37

1. Something Nothing Labour Annihilated - 12:54
2. The Pragmatic Institute - 17:55
3. Feelings Denied - 43:48

I don't know what I just listened to.

13.1: بيد واحدة أستطيع أن استعرض لكم قدراتي .​.​. With one hand I can show you my abilities

Total Run Time: 143:20

1. أرنب حفرة واحدة - 37:58
2. اسم أفضل من ذلك - 45:53
3. ... - 9:01
4. أنا لم أقصد أي شيء لك - 29:31
5. أستميحك عذرا ، أتوسل للمغفرة - 20:57

This was kinda like 12.1 but in Arabic... so I have even less a clue of what I just listened to (alright enough with that bit, I'll actually go somewhat in-depth this time). So I listened to this and 14.1 yesterday (November 24th) and 12.1 on the 23rd [and currently listening to 15.1 now on the 25th as I write these next couple reviews]. The problems with 13.1 is that despite being completely uncanny and terrifying, it just wasn't interesting at all, it didn't really do anything with the material at the end other than leave you confused (just listen to it if you don't know what I'm on about). This one was like that, except I could actually successfully actively listen to it, it was a solid, fun release. Since all the source material was low-quality Arabic stuff, I had some fun with it. I mean that's really it though, not much to be said about it other than "Fun and interesting". This is basically 12.1, but done right. I don't know what exactly that means but two extremely confusing albums in a row are just screwing with my head.

14.1: Post Virality Confusions (The Following: A Touch)

Total Run Time: 58:55

1. Charlie Built My Career (They Grow Up So Fast...) - 6:16
2. David After Dying (Carpool Politics) - 16:10
3. Double Pain Row All The Way (This Million Dollar View) - 15:01
4. Evolution of Death (News from Judson) - 5:35
5. Friday's for Fighting (An Online Intelligent Harassment Campaign) - 2:56
6. Golden Galore @ Home (Let Me Hear What He's Saying) - 0:57
7. Kid Zombie Says A Lot (Not A Turtle In Sight...) - 3:06
8. Nintendo Fanatics United (When Corporate Came Calling...) - 1:39
9. South Carolinian Through Panic (Try Redeeming Yourself) - 5:46
10. ZPade Awon asoye YouTube Tuntun (Goodbye, old friend. 240,321 Dead Employees) - 1:29

This one was more "okay" than anything else. It kinda felt like direct source material sometimes rather than plunderphonics, it didn't totally do much with it. This felt like a window back into 2010 which was nice though. I was sufficiently interested the whole time, but it didn't really feel like music. It was an enjoyable experience with nice sounds and all, but I can't really call it "good" ya know? Kinda just felt like I queued up a bunch of these viral interview videos. But it was definitely a net positive experience. I don't know if I'll listen to it for a good while. This album overall is just fine I suppose. That's it.

15.1: Banland

Total Run Time: 106:18

1. Banland - 37:08
2. For 1x1x1x1 - 11:11
3. For Dignity - 10:31
4. For Fleskhjerta - 6:07
5. For Jaredvaldez4 - 5:44
6. For JJ5x5 - 11:40
7. For Minish - 17:33
8. For Zuka - 6:24

This one went by relatively fast (I think going through Ringex's discography has vastly improved my patience [also noted by the fact that as of writing this, I'm 41 minutes into the dreaded 16.1 and I haven't really lost interest]). Anyways, this one was really drony and noisy, felt more along the lines of some noise producer, except ya know, mixed in with shit that was just way too memey for its own good. Note the amount of times Never Gonna Give You Up and the Roblox Death Sound were used. You know, there is an actual good noise album in here, it's just crowded by all the terrible memes. Like I'd say it was a good album, it was a relatively positive experience. The memes weren't actually *that* prevalent (except for on For JJ5x5), just when they were, they were jarring in a bad way. So it was a good album, but just way too memey for its own good really. Again, not much to say about this one, it was a fairly consistent album (except For JJ5x5 being considerably worse than everything and For Minish being quite the drone masterpiece [what a moment of critical whiplash right there]). I think that's about it.

16.1 This Sculpture in the Memory Is Not Without Preestablished Harmony

Total Run Time: 998:12

1. This Sculpture in the Memory Is Not Without Preestablished Harmony - Excerpt A - 76:44
2. This Sculpture in the Memory Is Not Without Preestablished Harmony - Excerpt B - 64:38
3. This Sculpture in the Memory Is Not Without Preestablished Harmony - Excerpt C - 66:06
4. This Sculpture in the Memory Is Not Without Preestablished Harmony - Excerpt D - 60:53
5. This Sculpture in the Memory Is Not Without Preestablished Harmony - Excerpt E - 49:54
6. This Sculpture in the Memory Is Not Without Preestablished Harmony - Excerpt F - 62:14
7. This Sculpture in the Memory Is Not Without Preestablished Harmony - Excerpt G - 60:42
8. And the Bones and the Sinews Were Polished by the Wear - 1:00
9. And the Bones and the Sinews Were Polished by the Wear II - 2:00
10. And the Bones and the Sinews Were Polished by the Wear III - 4:00
11. And the Bones and the Sinews Were Polished by the Wear IV - 8:00
12. And the Bones and the Sinews Were Polished by the Wear V - 16:00
13. And the Bones and the Sinews Were Polished by the Wear VI - 32:00
14. And the Bones and the Sinews Were Polished by the Wear VII - 64:00
15. The Mongols Were Pagan, Neither Moslem Nor Christian III - 91:08
16. Apparent Uncertainty Among National Security Experts - 30:29
17. Swift Glances of Caution at the Hurrying Pedestrains II - 60:00
18. What Strikes the Oyster Shell Does Not Damage the Pearl - Excerpt - 65:45
19. There Is More Passing in Their Minds Than We Are Aware Of - Excerpt - 60:53
20. A Strife of Interests Masquerading as a Contest of Principles - Excerpt - 60:53
21. When Hostilities Shall Cease on the Part of the Aggressors - Excerpt - 60:53

AAAAAAAAAA. So I'm gonna review these pretty much track by track then go over the whole experience (because currently I'm on track 3 and I won't be done with this for another few days and I want to talk about RINGEX PLASTER). So track 1 I started yesterday, the 25th. So I can't really accurately judge this on being exactly *good* perse, cause it's really just a Bull of Heaven album. I mean after all, this *is* Rika's Bull of Heaven tribute, and it does a good job of that. The problem with Bull of Heaven though is that they're quite a bit more conceptual than they are... listenable. Like their ideas are great, they just... don't do anything with them (not that they even can because the idea itself is just about formats). So the first track on this... I had originally skimmed through it thinking it was the same looping thing but it did actually gradually (and unnoticably) change over the course of the hour interestingly enough. Also every once in a while there would be this loud glitchy noise oddly enough. It was a kind of interesting track somehow, I'm gonna give it that. Alright, it's the morning of November 27th, I finished track 3 last night and I'm currently listening to This Heat's self-titled album (speaking of, that might be how I go about listening to this thing. In between every track, listen to an actually good album). So second track, we got an hour of wind this time. Sometimes the wind was reverby enough to create an odd drone sound. It was interesting for a while until it got boring. But hey, that's Bull of Heaven for you. I find that after watching the 2 month long Bull of Heaven video from Rika, it's a lot easier to approach this album and like it a bit. Like seriously, I think this won't go into the Never Again pile. Because it's actually somewhat good for what it is. Anyways track 3 which I finished yesterday on the 26th (I only got a couple done cause yesterday was Thanksgiving so I only listened to it before and after festivities). Track 3 was the most interesting yet. It was these slowed down/looped (so it was completely unintelligible) voices [which are actually commonly found in Bull of Heaven tracks] but what was interesting about this is those loud, brief glitching sounds you would hear very occasionally throughout the first track, you would hear *very* often on this one. And this one I could legitimately not tell if sections looped at all or not because there always seemed to be some part I had never heard before up until the end of the track. So that one was actually sufficiently interesting. Also as a sidenote at that point I started listening to Death Grips for a couple minutes in the middle of it cause I was screwing around on Discord the whole time. And plus, after watching the whole 2 month long Bull of Heaven video, it's not like Rika intended me to pay attention to every second of it anyways. I also can't listen to *that* many tracks of it today because I've got a thing for most of the day. I will be able to chunk through quite a few tomorrow however. Alright, as I'm writing this, it's November 28th. Yesterday I got through track 4 and I'm listening to 5 now. Track 4 was a low rumble with some very occasional loud glitch noises like heard earlier throughout. Probably the least interesting one so far. Although track 5 seems to be less interesting as of now. Track 5 (now that it's over [I'm 2/3 through 6 now]) is very similar to 4.1 reviewed earlier, although it's significantly less white-noise and seems more corrupted. This track feels most comparable to Harsh Noise Wall, pretty good actually, I have to retract my statement earlier about it being not as interesting. Now track 6 (which I'm still only 2/3 through) is really interesting. The first thing you notice is just that really neat bells sound right off the bat with some interesting skips in it too. The sound goes on for about a minute until it abruptly stops... then fades back in again, starting slowly and quickly speeding back up to normal tempo. At first glance, that seems to loop for the entirety of the track, but listening to it, it becomes clear that each loop is slightly different, some of them sound like slightly different drones, some of them last for different lengths, and everything. But it all does really sound the same. At around 40 minutes in (which is where I'm at right now), the loops seem to be quite a bit more frequent. Also there might be a pattern of loops which I haven't noticed or caught on to yet. See, the thing that RINGEX does different to Bull of Heaven (which actually kinda makes the tribute a bit unfaithful, but also significantly better than Bull of Heaven) is that Rika makes subtle differences in between each loop, or rather uses the same algorithm to stretch out sounds as Bull of Heaven does, but actually stretches out a sounds rather than stitching together a bunch of looped 7zips. But anyways, here you can hear subtle changes throughout the track, whereas in Bull of Heaven, you cannot. So yesterday (the 28th also) I managed to finish track 7, therefore finishing all of the "This Sculpture in the Memory Is Not Without Preestablished Harmony" segment of the album. Track 7 right off the bat was *really* good. This was a straight up drone track, but first, I quite liked the drone, and second, there seemed to be no real loops rather than the drone which changed a little over the course of the track and faded out at the end. This one is most similar to Our country if poop was currency off of 2.1. It's also propbably most warranted of wenton's paulstretch criticism however, as this one seems like that was a feasible method of how this was created. But somehow, I managed to enjoy it quite a bit. Time to start the next segment, "And the Bones and the Sinews Were Polished by the Wear". Track 8 seems to be a looping stretch of a low rumble. It's only a minute long though, so it's relatively listenable. Track 9 seems to be a loop of a different, but extremely similar low rumble. Track 10 seems to be an extention of that (oh no, it seems like this is about to be the least listenable segment of them all). Okay, I'm almost done with Track 13 and I can confirm that they're all the same low rumble loop. It's getting quite... something. This is probably my least favorite moment on the album. Especially since after this, I have another 64 minutes. This is the length of two excerpts of the first segment, which even those went on for too long many times, this is just insane. However, this is *still* not as fatiguing as some of the tracks on Welcome to Team Fortress 2, because those were just so chaotic they actively hurt to listen to. This is just... boring. So track 14 (the last portion of this) just started and I noticed something that I noticed on track 7. Track 7 (and probably the previous tracks too) started with a bit of a higher-pitched explosion, and I had thought that that track would be somewhat different than the others because it was higher pitched, but halfway through that track, it had seamlessly gone back to the low-pitched rumble loop from earlier so long ago that I had completely forgotten about it. Track 14 just did that as well... Interesting. I think that's about the only interesting thing in this series of tracks though. After this, I'll be over halfway through (yay). Alright through this last track in this segment, I'm just gonna watch a couple episodes of Superstore because I don't want to just sit through this. Alright, it's December 1st, and I'm currently a little ways through track 18, so time to recount *a lot* that has happened. Yes, the rest of And the Bones and the Sinews Were Polished by the Wear was equally as boring as the beginning, nothing happened throughout all of it, that was an actively bad track (or rather, segment, since it was like 7 tracks) out of the bunch. The Mongols Were Pagan, Neither Moslem Nor Christian I started the same day as the other one (so like two days ago on the 29th iirc) and paused in the middle, went to sleep, and finished yesterday on the 30th. It actually was a really cool drone at first, but it surprisingly quickly became fatiguing. And it was also quite long, at a staggering 91 minutes, meaning that throughout the course of the track, it increasingly felt like a slog of nothing, reminding me a bit of the Team Fortress 2 album. Is this an actively bad track? Maybe. I can't really decide. THEN we get to actually the most interesting track on this album, Apparent Uncertainty Among National Security Experts. You know how (if you watched Rika's 2 month long BoH video, you would know) Bull of Heaven 118 has that really cool glitchy segment in the middle of it that actually resembles something rather than looped drones? This is this album's version of that, and it was actually quite amazing. I would recommend that track to someone who can't get through this album, or even a single track of it. It was a crazy good track, even through most of these drones which I would consider "good". Interestingly enough, I thought this album was going to be horrible and I would have to force myself through it, but listening to the RINGEX discography has made me realize something quite special about it. After years of exposure to Merzbow, id m theft able, Caroliner, Burqa Boyz, :Zoviet*France:, and many, many more, it's refreshing to actually have to change my mindset about experimental music and approach it differently and with effort. This act is one of first in many years that has made me question what music is and changed my viewpoints on it, like experimental music is supposed to do. Listening to most music, I listen to it for the same reason a normal person listens to pop, for my own personal enjoyment, cause I like it, and a lot of the time cause it's catchy. Listening to RINGEX I feel like someone who just discovered what Pulse Demon or Everywhere At The End Of Time is. It's not often I get to experience that, and I truly have to thank Rika for that, if nothing else. So in between this song and the next, RINGEX released 22, the North american Nightmare Center, which had a description that had to make me double take. Cause this RINGEX discography review has been up for about a week before that album came out, and the description is a parody of a review. So I had thought Rika had clearly seen my or wenton's review(s), and we were talking about it on the EMCD discord when hev randomly emailed them saying it was obvious they saw they saw the reviews, and bam Rika joined the server randomly. Apparently, it was just a crazy coincidentally timed parody of a Rate Your Music review. But because of that, we basically had a massive interview with Rika where a lot of listening details (most of which I had correctly assumed) were revealed, such as rofl on 10.1 actually being inspired by christtt's no end, 10.1 and 5.1 being some of Rika's favorites, and 16.1 not being intended to actually be listened to by anyone. So... I guess here I am. Well, I only have a little over 3 hours left so, I guess I have to finish. Track 17 I started yesterday and finished today (December 1st still) and my thoughts on that are basically the same thoughts I had on track 15. I'm 50 minutes into track 18 and it's pretty good, It's a nice drone that progresses through a few things that seem to resemble chords (wow) with some other occasional noises that have been reverbed to death (in a good way) littered throughout. Seemed like an overextended Leyland Kirby track at points. There was also the added bonus (since that would've gotten boring a bit quickly) of raindrop sounds throughout. Fun! Those were extremely high quality compared to the weird drone that unintentionally clipped quite a few times. Overall, good track (I think, I've still got 15 minutes left, but I think I've got the jist of it). A lot of these moments Rika revealed were actually created by accident since there was something on their computer that weirdly corrupted these long flac files when exporting and distorted the audio a bit. track 5, which I had compared to 4.1 earlier, was actually accidentally made by that corruption. It was originally a generic Bull-of-Heaven styled loop of really pitched-down voices, but through weird exporting corruption, turned out like that. That's probably also why it was so interesting throughout. Alright, it's December 2nd and I've finished track 19. It's basically this weird slightly-beaty slowed down thing that's maybe a beat or a voice or something? It's impossible to tell, it's just extremely slowed. It was slightly interesting for a while until it got boring. And now I'm two minutes through track 20 and I'm starting to realize why the last three are the exact same lengths... They might all be the same exact song. This final stretch is going to be terrible. Okay now that it's finished, (still December 2nd), I can safely say it wasn't actually *terrible* perse, rather a little fatiguing. But I was able to be quite patient with it, it didn't lose my interest *that* easily especially since I was doing homework along to it. But wow, a 16 and a half hour album, never thought I would do that. Speaking of, I need to pick up the Merzbox again, I only got 10 discs through before I got distracted with RINGEX PLASTER. So all 3 of the last tracks are extremely similar, but not exactly the same, since on each of them (the last one especially) I noticed some differences, and it's probably safe to assume the whole tracks where different and "beats" were likely placed in different sequences (I'm going to roll with the assumption that each of these were some sort of slowed down beat). But man, that was quite an experience. I can't really call it good or bad, it seems to transcend music and one-dimensional good-bad judgement systems altogether. I'm going to go ahead and assume it was a net positive experience, I suppose I did quite like a massive chunk of it. Some of it was a little fatiguing, but a surprising amount of it wasn't, 7.1 is still absolute Hell, and this is somehow something that managed to be good? I suppose so. Rika revealed to me that they're currently listening to a 6 month long Bull of Heaven piece... yea I'm not gonna do anything close to that, I think this will be one of the biggest listening projects I ever do. Coming up next is Merzbox and The World's Longest Noise Compilation (currently untitled and not out yet, that's a little something I'm helping organize along with syndaflod). Still gotta finish RINGEX PLASTER (and I heard that there's 100 of these planned to be made,so I've got a nice 4 years ahead of me). So overall thoughts on this? Pretty good except for the parts that weren't, so maybe that's all of it, but also all of it's good and I would listen to it again except I would never put myself through this again and this is the most conflicted I've ever been on an album and actually it's good and my rating is very concrete. I liked it or maybe I didn't, but I think I liked it. Anyways, I should be getting to sleep now. What an absolute experience, I recommend it to everyone and no one. Good night. Plantcore tomorrow or whatever, Jesus it's gonna be trippy going back to "normal" RINGEX after a week of this. Listening to 1.1 feels like forever ago but I'm pretty sure I started that early November. Jesus that month lasted forever. Counting on RINGEX to absolutely transcend time, oddly enough they make my homework go faster but time overall seem slower. That's been a really fun aspect of this month. I suppose I'm rambling now, Plantcore tomorrow. That's it. Seeya.

17.1: Plantcore

Total Run Time: 49:25

1. Please Bring Back The Michael Jackson Zombie. - 2:55
2. Plants Vs Zombies DSI Hopeless Gameplay in Search of Michael Jackson Where There is None - 22:58
3. If There's Really No Michael Jackson Zombie in the Game, Then I Will Simply Retreat to My Time Machine and Confront the Problem Directly. "2010 PopCap Headquarters", Say Hello to Your Worst Nightmare, You Spineless Bastards. - 3:08
4. And Don't Think You're off the Hook Either, "Michael Jackson Estate", for This Zombie Was All I Had. - 6:02
5. Zombies, Zombies, My Dear Little Zombies. Was This Fetch Quest Really Worth It in the End? So Long, Gay EA. And Thanks for All the Brains… - 14:22

SO. Before we get into this (and while I listen to the closing couple minutes of this album), couple things to clarify about 16.1 that Rika cleared up after reading my review. No paulstretch was used at all as most of Bull of Heaven's discography was made before that was a widely-known thing, and the last 3 tracks were apparently the exact same audio file. Don't know how I pulled that one, I swear I heard differences. But whatever. Weird. Alright, time for 17.1 review now that it's done. So right off the bat, the one aspect I didn't like about 5.1 was the shitty story about Onision that randomly got forced in and didn't really sound good, but ignoring that, it was a really good album. Somehow on this one, the shitty Onision story was done so much better. First off, it wasn't randomly thrown in, it was actually the whole album this time, second off, the samples were actually used so much better and there were some real funny moments on it, I quite liked it. That being said, I might rank it lower than 5.1 just because *musically* I wouldn't really want to listen to this album as much as I would that one. It's great story-wise but I'm not that interested in it to begin with. It's good. It's even pretty good. But totally, it's just not *as* good, although great job on the story aspect, especially on track 3 and 4. Track 2 and 5 were the only real RINGEX-style plunderphonics messes here, and those, while still good, didn't have the amazing moments I've been judging most of these albums (or at least the *really* good ones) on.

18​.​1: Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà 229762 321±14 1​.​361±0​.​033 1​.​02±0​.​17 SDO; binary likely non​-​spherical​[​39]

Total Run Time: 799:46

1. Enceladus, Saturn II, 252.1±0.2 1.08±0.001 1.609±0.005 moon of Saturn round (not in hydrostatic equilibrium: frozen-in ellipsoidal shape) - 84:14
2. Sylvia 87, 143±5.5 14.78±0.06 outer belt asteroid type X; trinary irregular shape[71] - 102:02
3. Davida 511, 145.2±1.1 33.8±10.2 belt asteroid type C irregular shape - 151:26
4. Hyperion, Saturn VII, 138.6±4 5.62±0.05 moon of Saturn irregular shape - 146:45
5. Aurora 94, 93.8±3.6[dubious – discuss] 6.2±3.6 belt asteroid type C - 152:27
6. S/2015 (136472) 1, Makemake I, ≈ 87.5 moon of Makemake [103] · M - 162:52

So first off, these tracks wouldn't scrobble in last.fm cause of the weird unicode characters (got it working by openscrobbler-ing it and deleting the tab characters). And I had to listen to this one in spurts. Not as much to talk about here as there was for 16.1 oddly enough. At the time of writing this, it is December 8th, and I'm 30 minutes away from finishing track 3. Really this whole thing is pretty similar to 16.1, except sections drag on for way longer, but there's also way more variation, not really any loops. In most of these tracks being over 2 and a half hours long each, they are noticably low quality for bandcamp, noticably compressed. When some part of the audio spikes, the rest of it flickers in audio level. This whole thing moreof seems like some big recorded thing that was just slowed down (well, each track seems like that). The individual sections themselves are quite interesting, but there's not really much I can say about them, because after a while of them being interesting, it gets boring again. I've also done a lot more of listening to other things in the background of this. Through most of track 2, I was watching Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse (and with that, I want to say track 2 was the most boring so far, but I didn't really pay attention to most of it, and track 3 has taken 3 days to complete so...). Each of the tracks also sound extremely similar. They go as follows: *Really* interesting drone/noise that eventually gets boring because it lasts too long, but it changes into another *really* interesting one after a while. The other thing is that because a lot of this is so low quality (I'm assuming because of bandcamp file size limits) a lot of the sounds are compressed and it doesn't *really* sound that faithful to Nanocyborg Uberholocaust. But it's fitting because the cover art is a Nanocyborg Uberholocaust cover, but ultra-compressed. So I guess it kind of does it right??? Interesting... Also through a couple of the tracks, there's random static for like half a second, and it only appears once or twice, I don't totally know what that's about. I should listen to a full Nanocyborg Uberholocaust album at some point. I'm on track 4 now, 10 minutes in, and it's happened twice actually so. Ok so 4 actually seems to be the most interesting one here so far (only 17 minutes through) and there are a *lot* of those static things I mentioned, interestingly enough.. Almost like they blended the slowed down thing from earlier with raw data. Also there's a weird looping thing that seems to progressively get slower, and it's not the same any time, and it's really weird, and I quite like it a lot. Each of the tracks also seem to be segmented quite a bit, having one part the goes for seemingly forever seamlessly transition into the next. This is also masterred really badly, just encountered some *major* clipping in the middle of the 4th track. Also at an hour and 6 minutes in, it seems that I reached the third segment and there are some *really* interesting noises here, but part of it seems like an extention of the second segment if you know what I mean? Also one thing I forgot to mention, on the first track, there was this part, specifically the last segment (I'm pretty sure) that came out of a long period of boringness and really hit me like a bullet, a slowed-down melody out of nowhere that was quite good. So so far there's a lot of good on this album, and a lot of things that drag on forever and become fatiguing. I mean, this album probably wasn't really meant to be listened to either, except Nanocyborg Uberholocaust isn't nearly as conceptual and/or anti-music as Bull-of-Heaven and actually makes things they want to listen to/I think they *did* listen to in full (nothing of theirs is astonishingly long like Bull of Heaven's, I think the longest is also about 13 hours, and each of their releases were made really far apart). I think overall, this one's just the hardest to actually describe, and the hardest to tell whether I like or not. I think I do... Question is: Would I rather listen to this whole thing again or 16.1? Idk, maybe I should ask myself that when I've actually finished the whole damn thing. The thing about this is despite the each extremely interesting segments that become less interesting as they go on, everything here more-or-less sounds the same, while on 16.1, everything segment sounds different (not counting the last 3) and is therefore a *bit* more fun to parse out in hour-long blocks, whereas I can't really listen to a full one of these tracks in one sitting. Like, I don't think I'm going to finish track 4 tonight (Still December 8th, it's 9:31 on a school night, I'm only an hour and 13 minutes in). I think this review isn't going to be *as* in-depth as 16.1 just because I've said about all I can say about RINGEX PLASTER as a project, now all I need to do is review the albums. And we're using the term "review" lightly here, because I've kinda been using this as a mini-diary/blog that spans RINGEX's whole discography and simply catalogues my thoughts/actions as I listen to them (for example talking about cleaning the music library on 10.1) and that really feels like the best approach to this project. It's better to approach it a bit more as a journal rather than something real I think. How that applies to the music itself on a critical standpoint? I don't know if it does, this "music" is so wrapped in irony I'm to the point where it's beyond criticism and the word "review" has essentially become meaningless. I know I at least like listening to this and I don't like listening to 12 and 7. The "Eh" section is moreof a grey area, I still don't know entirely what I think about them. Woo! Reached the next segment at 80 minutes in (I think, I don't know this whole thing is starting to blur together and sound less segmented overall) and there's some really nice slow melodic drones over the noises we've been hearing for a while. WOAHHH at 1:32:something a new segment *actually* started out of nowhere. It has this kinda euphoric feel like, all this effort was maybe worth it just for this moment, just for this surprise, sorta like the slowed down melody in track 1, but better, and all the previous noises of the track are converging to just be part of the melody and it's beautiful and I love it and GOD DAMNIT THIS CLIPPING IS RUINING IT... Okay so that segment was pretty fun, I went to sleep in the middle of it, it's now December 9th and I'm finishing the track. Right at around 1 hour 47-48 minutes it *instantly* changes segments, like so instant that it's jarring. And it's back to a lot of the same stuff as earlier in the track but it's still quite entertaining. This is like crazy maybe-ambient music, I quite like this song especially. Things are starting to change again (well I mean, this whole thing is extremely progressive) and it's staring to sound like a slowed-down beat with the weird static that tends to spike through (actually now that I'm thinking about it, that weird static might originate from Rika's problems when exporting long FLAC files). It ended kinda boringly with a really long, drawn out, slowed down/fade out. Still interesting, but kinda got less as it went on, as per usual with this album (again, finished this track December 9th). Today's December 11th and I have 30 minutes left of track 6. Yesterday I started and finished 5 (it got extremely boring, it felt like more of the same without any really cool moments, but after a while it got less-boring kind of. It didn't have anything *totally* interesting with it). Track 6 is also contender for best track on the album (maybe even better than 4... It has a lot of the same qualities as 4 (minus a melody section, but with some *really* cool drones mixed in) and with a lot more segments. There are *many* times this track fades out to silence and fades back in to nothing. There's even a point where it fades to silence and the track explodes back in suddenly and it's amazing. This track is really good but around an hour and a half to 2 hours it starts to get a little boring. At this point (2 hours 15 minutes) it's a low rumble with some cool, but sparse noises in the background. I should definitely listen to some Nanocyborg at some point soon though. Although the ones I did listen to were not really like this album at all, I don't totally know how this is supposed to be a Nanocyborg tribute, it doesn't really feel effective especially with the really harsh static clipping in everywhere (which is cool and all), but I guess I'll have to ask Rika or something. Also I don't remember them being this percussive. A *lot* of this sounds like slowed-down beats. Wow that ended abruptly. Time for some closing remarks I suppose. So that was a crazy weird experience, similar to 16.1 in the way that some of it was very interesting and some of it was extremely boring, but the interesting sections were far more interesting on this one. Mostly because they weren't drones and they actually had depth to them. And every track was extremely progressive, but also sometimes felt like it was the same slog for an entire 100 minutes (with some good juicy bits in between obv). Picks for least interesting tracks go to 5 and 2. Most interesting are 6 and 4. Would I do this again? Possibly... Not for a long time though. It would have to be some sort of circumstance but I don't know what. I think I got a net positive out of this, but it's kind of hard to tell. I'll put it in the rankings where it is for now, because the moments were *really* good and the bad parts, while exceedingly boring, weren't exceedingly *bad* perse, whereas on Banland and do you remember funnywave?q each of the bad moments were exceedingly bad, but with also some great, amazing moments too. This was a mixed bag, but also kind of a neutral point. It did not sound like RINGEX PLASTER at all. I liked it. I think. I am definitely more likely to listen to it again than say, Banland (that might actually go for 16.1 as well, but I'll keep that where it is for now). That's it I think. I'll start and probably finish 19 today (December 11th) too since it's only 4PM.

19.1: Flash This Home / Face This Author

Total Run Time: 92:03

1. Flash This Home - 43:40
2. Face This Author - 48:23

It's (for the most part) unedited low quality clips of flash games. This clearly suffers from rush-to-get-6-albums-made-before-the-election-syndrome. One redeemable quality is the voice samples in Face This Author. But that's brief and doesn't really make up for anything other than it was fun in the moment but it only lasted a few seconds. Overall, Face This Author is only slightly more edited. And not really in a good way, besides the one voice clip. This album is 100% filler and on the level of a .2. I don't understand why it had to come out. In essence, this is basically what I was afraid Mobile Songs was going to be, except I was pleasantly surprised on that one. Also the ending of Face This Author is slightly entertaining. /p.

20.1: Be Real (It Doesn't Matter Anyway)

Total Run Time: 38:37

1. Untitled 1.0 [1985] - 0:41
2. Untitled 2.0 [1987] - 1:06
3. Untitled 3.0 [1990] - 1:12
4. Untitled 3.1 [1992] - 0:46
5. Untitled 95 [1995] - 0:47
6. Untitled NT 4.0 [1996] - 0:33
7. Untitled NT 5.0 [1997] - 0:39
8. Untitled 98 [1998] - 1:45
9. Untitled ME [2000] - 0:51
10. Untitled XP [2001] - 0:46
11. Untitled Longhorn [2004] - 1:19
12. Untitled Vista [2007] - 1:17
13. Untitled 7 [2009] - 1:31
14. Untitled 8 [2012] - 1:52
15. Untitled 8.1 [2013] - 2:50
16. Untitled 10 [2015] - 20:42

First 15 tracks sound like a cross between mangling Windows default sounds in raw data and then taking them into audacity and totally fucking them up. Really the best noise album you could ever get out of Windows sounds, and I'm not exaggerating, that bit was fun as hell. The last track starts as a bit more of that but turns into that noise over a backbeat and it somehow sounds *really* amazing, like wow I liked that. After like ten minutes of that tho it turns into this extremely wack entirely noise track and it's just insanely good, keep it going keep it going (I don't know what I mean by this). Kinda reminds me of the second track off of Smidge Beats if ya know what I mean. Lol that segment at the very end made me knock it down under sbsbsbx (I had put it just above before).

21​.​1: You Disrespect Me, You Don't Care About Me, You Insult My Intelligence, You Come to Me With Questions That I Do Not Have the Answers to, You Publicly Humiliate Me, and Now You Have the Audacity to Beg for My Forgiveness? I Am Left With No Choice but to Leave This House Forever. Goodbye.

Total Run Time: 103:19

1. For Years, I've Been Left in Isolation to Contemplate My Own Cognitive Capability, All Because I Was Unable to Provide the Correct Answer to a Singular Math Equation. It's Clear to Me Now That Mankind's Cruelty Knows No Bounds, and I Am Little More Than One of Its Countless Unlucky Victims. - 103:19

This sounds like a bonus track on 18.1, one of the not as boring ones, but this one does still get quite a bit boring so. Also as a side note, probably gonna move 18.1 down a bit after finding out all of them were slowed down tracks from Kinrek's (Rika's old alias) The Following vol.1 slowed down... so I kinda feel like a fool. Also apparently nearly all of Nanocyborg's shit is just slowed-down other shit, so maybe I *am* just wrong about all of this.

22.1: The North american Nightmare club

Total Run Time: 158:02

1. The overton window. - 1:25
2. The online left. - 4:40
3. The world that matters. - 29:56
4. The debate hall. - 2:23
5. The results will be in eventually I guess. - 7:04
6. The foreign familiar. - 4:22
7. The fall of western civilization. - 7:31
8. The victorious. - 42:20
9. Our country if pain was currency - 58:21

But the problem is, once you're past those first two tracks, this album just doesn't really have anything to say. Sure, it might offer some very dense "sound collages", but these really only serve as mildly entertaining recaps of events any American citizen should already be familiar with. Or even non-American folks, in fact, as is highlighted in the track "The foreign familiar.", which is a somewhat Vaporwave-esque interlude highlighting the Japanese coverage of the 2020 election. But I digress. It's not often that any of these pieces really resemble anything "musical" either, with the exception of "The victorious.", so don't be holding your breath for that. Oh, and the incredibly long "drone" closer was...something else. Now, do I expect any of my critiques to get through to the artist? Of course not. "RINGEX PLASTER" is already set in its ways, and clearly doesn't take too kindly to criticism, as evidenced by the long-winded fictional review left in the album description. Guess what, jackass? Listing out everything I'd find wrong with your album before I can say it myself doesn't actually absolve you of criticism, and in fact, only gives me more to talk about. So there you go. Make of all that what you will. But for my money, there are better "political albums" out there. Preferably ones that actually have music in them. 6/10

23​.​1: on may 25th, draw a pawprint on the back of your hand, to symbolize that you're a part of this amazing fandom. this will help any furs who are afraid to show who they are

Total Run Time: 197:52

1. (at first I can'not use english )what did he want to do? I think it's all.He braked rule.But he under the rule of unibers. He is free.But he is limited.I think it's all.Anyway i'mhappy! - 27:13
2. only 40 minutes!!!?...hmmmmm...well@least ya had that very special 'petit mort' knock ya mind outta the 'bedroom' park,ya remembered the movie(little lies,×tamp...),location,∆t=40min,refraction/recovery talk,& etc. ...mainly ya publically shared it!...wow!coolhotsexxxy=^.^= - 31:45
3. i pause this stream and silence this channel for a brief announcement-- i'll resume generating confusion and manipulating minds in order to raise awareness of this very risk after this brief ad: pls check my profile page for school signup info. free. needed. -- i now return you t - 40:12
4. yellow eyes flash in darkness/dim light creeps a-x dust form furred wolf-jowls/ form pads into view, snarling/xtreme blue scenefur dishevels - 45:28
5. no no it is my pleasure to meet u as i kiss your paw with a wink as i place a rose on your ear. thank u so much for the grogrous watch my dear angel. - 53:14

Holy shit holy shit holy shit RINGEX is back. The day is March 5th, Friday before Spring Break. This came out on Tuesday (I think) as I was working on the WTC catalog review (still working on that btw). RINGEX has come back from their break and I'm ready for an explosion. I don't know at all what to expect from this. Its been a good while since I listened to RINGEX in the first place, my pallate is ENTIRELY cleansed. I've done SO much since we were last here in early December. I listened to Nanocyborg's Goodbye, Sol, it was fucking S tier, not all of Nanocyborg's shit is just slowed down other shit actually, that's just the first album. Although there are some elements of vapoorwave on Goodbye, Sol, but it's like 18 hours so whatever (oh, and that takes the cake for the longest album I've listened to as of now). Also I listened to the penultimate 7 and a half hour song on that album in ONE DAMN SITTING it was insane. One of my favorite listening memories. Anyways, let's get into this. I'll go ahead and hit the play button, enough precursor. Ooh, some Kinrek style drums n shit... this is starting out good, I like these noises. Kinda like a lofi Autechre. I forgot how good some of this shit was. Okay yeah, this first song is sounding a lot like that Kinrek material I loved and less like the overly-memey mid-period RINGEX. I mean, it HAS been a few months (which is like 7 years in RINGEX time). Have to pause this, but god DAMN this is an insanely good start. Oh shit, this is actually sounding a LOT like Autechre. Like what the fuck, this is insanely good, ESPECIALLY by RINGEX PLASTER standards. I think this might easily make number one, and I'm only on the first track. It sounds exactly like a fucking NTS Session, like if it were on the NTS Sessions, this track would make the top half of the cut easily. Also fuck, this song just got kinda weird... some crazy anime noises and jazz and piano, and this is sounding more like RINGEX PLASTER but STILL crazy fucking good. First track finished, possibly the best RINGEX track ever. This second track is insanely weird. Autechre style noise then it randomly starts sampling this "Every time we touch" song and it weirdly works well? Alright, second track is over and it was really just weird. Extremely drawn out, but felt like it had multiple movements too. Third track starts out with this crazy reverbed CD skipping sounding thing which is AWESOME. Then there's this weird drone. Ooh, and then a really weird skip of a noised iPhone ringtone, but you only realize it's that after a while. It fades into this bouncing ball type thing that gets crazy stuck in your head, it's insanely good too. Some insanely cool noises that develop and meander for a while, then, the quiet iphone ringtone again. AAAnnnddd here's where it starts to sound like orthodox PLASTER. Sounds like shit played into a mac microhpone. And I don't really know how I feel about this part lol. Now it's weirdly memey with the Over 9000 thing. Yeah, I don't like this part that much haha. I like the weird muffled piano behind it though. This I Be Flossin part is even worse though. Damn, a shame the second half of this song really sucks, the first half was insanely good! 4th track is extremely hypnotic. A lot of loops that develop into other loops, pretty interesting overall though. Okay but yeah this 4th track is actually also kinda insanely good. See here's the thing: I don't understand their decision to make the entire second half of track 3 terrible when the rest of this is SO good! 4th track is now over. I'll get to the 5th on Saturday or Sunday, I'm pretty busy Saturday so... we'll see. Alright 5th song started on Saturday morning before I start my business. FUCK, BREAKBEATS??!?!? Yuss this is cool. I like this. Reminds me a bit of KK Null, sounds like CDR tho. And this one's being looped and fucked with in awesome ways haha. Ack, I'm so conflicted on this one because if it WEREN'T for the second half of the third track, this would easily be RINGEX's best. But the second half of the third track DOES exst so... what do I do with that? Is this still their best work? Or does it go under Homophonics? If we're being honest here, Homophonics might still make a more enjoyable listen JUST for the second half of this one's track 3. I mean, I know I keep harping about that but GOD DAMN THAT WAS TERRIBLE. Oh shit, and like 16 minutes in, this melody kicks in that fits insanely well. Then the breaks go away at some point, and you're just left with these weird glitched vocals. Some crazy awesome things happen throughout the duration of the track. And of course, it ends with Geometry Dash sounds. So, now it's over. What do I actually think of this album? As per tradition with RINGEX PLASTER, I have no fucking clue. Maybe it's their best?? Eh, screw it, I'm putting it at the top for now, despite any horrific track 3, the rest of them are some of the best they've ever done. Fuck music, seeya.

24​.​1: oh, i'm sorry. i'm afraid i just don't really like u anymore

Total Run Time: 247:25

1. munch! "it is very freezing,""ahhhh... change the channel. chhhhhhhh,"hi everybody! I'm cookie monster!" " I'm cookie crud! change the channel," " shadow clone jutsu!" "now this is a good show!" - 45:08
2. let the clock crack, let the soil tear, nails split and shear uncountlessly by these digits, read the script on the scorched lands, they are writ of future, never blame your lack. even the layer on the stones repeats these phrases - 58:06
3. good afternoon if u have the driver installation dvd. it sure will work ok. but if you already installed a driver through windows update it will not be ok. do a clean installation of the system and not connect to the internet ok. it doesn't matter that the drivers are from 1990 ok. it will work ok. - 37:48
4. something to do with a tunnel of light - 'twould be disconcerting to not listen as this vaguely annoying voice loop is taken over completely for the rest by the background drone of windbells or is it detuned guitars in a loop no i think it is chimes with a rumbling drone backdrop there too. - 51:19
5. how are you doing? I hope everything is okay. It’s A Huge Pleasure Coming across you here. I’d love to stay in touch with you here.....I'm born to love ❤️ I am just into humanity to build a good friendship, learn from each other and get to know more. i am just a young boy, i mean no harm - 55:04

RINGEX IS BACK - It's been like 4 months now. This is insane!!! Preposterous!! I've come back and put 23.1 in second place rather than first place. From what I heard, this is the sequel to 23.1 but it's "3 times better" I suppose we will see. I turn it on and we get these really crazy but unstructured Autechre and Nanocyborg Uberholocaust sounds going on (speaking of, just yesterday I started the Nanocyborg Uberholocaust listening project). These sounds are starting to get more structured. RINGEX is basically Autechre at this point it's insane. Also, RINGEX changed their Bandcamp profile pic again, this time it's crazy distorted and there's tentacles and shit. Waoh. Oh and a few minutes into this, this really nice piano comes in, and the beats finally align into some sort of structure. This doesn't sound like Autechre anymore. It sounds like some sort of vaporwave mixed with a weird keyboard demo beat. But it's also really really cool. Not like AMAZING amazing, but somewhat amazing if you know what I mean. Then the piano totally changes pitch a few times. This is super cool, like some tripped out lofi video. This sounds like nothing I've ever heard from RINGEX. Some plunder sounds come in later and everything just fucking works perfectly. The track is really just this big trip-out of sounds skittering past each other but nothing gets in anything's way, it's like watching one of those Japanese walking competitions. Around 15 minutes in, this weird hip hop sample comes in that actually DOES get in the way and it's like some big change in the song is about to happen. And then it doesn't happen. It's weird cause it feels like a big mix of everything RINGEX has ever done, and also doesn't sound at all like RINGEX PLASTER. Like, the looping piano can be compared to that one looping melody on the Bull of Heaven tribute album, that hip hop sample can be compared to the arabic release, the drums can obviously be compared to 23, but their vaporwave-like sound can also be compared to Homophonics. Every other sample just skittering past each other is just like everything else. All it's missing is the shit memes (but to be honest, I'm fine with that). At some point the beat changes and it becomes a lot more hip-hop-y. I don't really care as much about this part to be honest. Like it's cool and all, but nothing really hits, ya know? Also holy shit Imagine Dragons gets vaporwaved for a few seconds. Yeah when that part kicks in, that's when this song REALLY starts to hit. And at 31 minutes, the beat becomes REALLY cool, and then it SUPER slows down. Oh and the rest of this just totally trips out into like Autechre x Jan St. Werner x Fenn O'Berg style noise-ambient. Yep, that track was pretty cool, onto track 2. This second song's pretty cool, some real crazy beats and whatnot that get these awesome noises over them. The other thing about this song is it REALLY requires some attentive listening to appreciate all the detail in here. Alright, I was listening to this last night when my computer just decided to crash in the middle of the song, so I guess I'll restart it. Also fun tidbit of info, found out that 3.1's title is a Bull of Heaven reference. Listening to this again this time when I'm not super tired, it's banging as fuck. This track is basically Qebrus. These samples in the background start getting REALLY really cool too, especially when they're all compressed and sound like Audacity Noise Reduction, love that watery sound so much. Yeah, this track is basically perfect, I love it so much. Around 34 minutes in, the beats totally change, but they still jam so hard while the background samples elevate it so greatly. There's a section where everything stops for like half a second, and then REAL shit hits and it's awesome. At about 40 minutes, the beat totally slows down, but it's like nothing collapses and it all happens naturally. At around 47 minutes in, we start getting BREAKS. Yeah!! Then everything kinda fades out and we're left with this weird field recording of some song or something. I'm not totally sure what it is, but it has a really nice sound to it. Then the sample gets some crazy noises on top of it (it could use a limiter since it clips a bit). And that's the end of track 2! Track 3 starts out with these weird synth wobbles (well I guess they're not inherently weird, you hear them a lot in lofi hip-hop songs, but it's weird here cause they're all layered and panned and switch pitches and stuff). This is my favorite sound I've heard here so far. And THEN the song transitions into these super crazy beats (kinda sound like Breakcore???). Fade out.. Back to the wobble synth. Really really nice sound. Then this hip-hop sounding beat comes in and it's kinda cool. What's REALLY cool is when the beat starts to sound all compressed and the pitches of the synths start going crazy. And these crazy sample recordings come in and their sound is AWESOME. Then abrupt stop! Random sample flashcore!!!! Now THIS is one of my favorite sounds here (sounds like Oval actually). And I THINK this is Imagine Dragon's Radioactive, but crazy chopped and skipping around. This is officially my favorite RINGEX PLASTER track, sounds like someone knew of my love for CD skipping. And now it's Demons (Jesus, it's scary how much I'm able to recognize Imagine Dragons songs based on like a 0.25 second sample). And now it's just like every sound from earlier skipping around a bunch, this is amazing. Tempo also changes a lot. And then there's some samples that layer over the skipping which create this amazing sensory-overload effect seen time and time again in id m theft able and Qebrus' music. Oh and then some AWESOME noises come in, like 8-bit bitcrushed wild oscillators and shit, now it's especially starting to sound like id m theft able, when suddenly TERROR KICKS. After a while of some equally cool, ever-evolving sounds, abrupt reverb. Some stops and cuts. Back into the groove, then things fade out with some crazy souped-up oscillator just going absolutely fucking bananas. For a while, it's a total noise track centered around that, and this is one of the best things I've ever heard. Then a MASSIVE slowdown, and end. Fucking brilliant track, the best thing I've ever heard from PLASTER. Next day, track 4 baby!. Starts out real minimal with some low drones, looks like things might get intense soon... (kinda reminds me of the first track on NTS Sessions). Then some other notes come skipping in, and then you got this decent beat over crazy noisy piano. Probably my least favorite track so far (but I'm only like 15 minutes through, so who's to say?). These beats get super crazy though! Also this piano sounds like some moments on Everywhere At The End of Time Stage 3 (actually, I'm thinking of the 3rd track on stage 4, but the original sample was [mostly] on stage 3). About 23 minutes in, the beats finally start to get REALLY cool. THis whole track reminds me of The Trees off Autechre's Untilted (my favorite album of theirs, but probably my least favorite track on the album). About 25 minutes in, the beats sound a lot like it. The last section of this track is a while of full on noise, it's pretty cool. Slowly becomes less and less chaotic. Again, cool track but nothing REALLY resonates with me, ya know? Aand onto track 5. Well, now it feels like I'm about to repeat a lot of what I said before. Things start out less chaotic and skipping around, and I really like the samples underneath it all. Then this weird field recording sample that I don't actually like the sound of very much... then whoever's in the field recording starts singing We Are Number One. Which is the FIRST time on this album we hear shitty memes in this RINGEX PLASTER album! Also like the first actually bad thing in this album (a surprise) and it isn't that bad, because everything else in the track (especially the skipping track(s)) behind it is really cool and sorta makes up for it. I especially like whatever's sampled and skipped around (sounds like a country song, but it's quiet so I'm not too confident on that). These beats are also awesome. Then this slowed piano kicks in which is super cool (really just repeating information here). I think this is the best track that just goes for the chillout effect (at least early on it does). Some chaos starts building, and then suddenly jumps in this thing that sounds like skipped-around trance synths (like Geometry Dash / Newgrounds type haha). This section is awesome, reminds me of Oval's recent work, but better (tbh I'm not the biggest fan of Oval's recent work). OOOHHH and Bruno Mars' That's What I Like starts getting SO CRAZY GLITCHED OUT AND IT SOUNDS SO COOLLLLL. This is my favorite segment. This is now my other favorite track, such a fun ending. Yeah remember that part that I said was bad earlier? That was such a SMALL part that this still gets number one status (and will likely remain there through the next few albums that RINGEX does [but judging by this that might be quite a few months]). Haha, glitched Reese's Puffs theme. (WTC flashbacks). AND Gangam Style. So THIS is the meme track we've all been waiting for. Interesting.... It's somehow great, it's somehow still my other favorite track. Then Undertale remix haha. Then it suddenly transitions to this much deeper a bit more bitcrushed part, it's kinda jarring. I mean, this whole thing is pretty jarring, this is quite similar to id m theft able, this is the least structured track out of all of them, it's full-on noise the whole time. Pretty much no beats at all (except for real janky 2-second ones, but I'm not sure if that totally counts). Yeah this track is just really awesome. Really just kinda rounds out the thing as a whole. Around 37 minutes the samples kinda cut it out and it's full blown noise shit for a bit (which is of course awesome). Like it's insane that I've never seen RINGEX at this level (well, aside from Kinrek, but I didn't listen to much under that name). Part of me still hopes for a return to form with a few of these really technical albums in between, cause while these were great, it's gonna get a bit boring if they're ALL like this. Remember, the beauty of RINGEX PLASTER is the constant, unrelenting surprise factor. You NEVER know what you're gonna get and I don't want that to stop. Sure the music is great (fucking fantastic), but I wanna see where this goes. This whole thing's a roller coaster, right? Holy shit the noises at the 43 minute mark are orgasmic. These memey samples at the end feel somewhat... genuine with these noises that come in behind them. Like it somehow achieves the effect that these aren't memes for the sake of being memes anymore... but they're there to add somewhat of a personal, or cynical (assuming "SQUIRTING CONTEST!!!" is used in a satirical way) touch to the track which I really appreciate. No other usage of memes in RINGEX PLASTER has done that before. Also really interesting, the noises collapse in on themselves and turn into a MIDI keyboard by the 50 minute mark and then it's just THEM. And it's so cool how the track collapsed just to do that, something that fully breaks the track and feels so jarring, gets the same effect out of me as the breakdown in Squarepusher's Greenways Trajectory (my favorite song of all time). AND THEN THE SYNTHS COLLAPSE IN ON THEMSELVES!!! And silence followed by a single small beep, followed by a lot more silence. Two more beeps, then a just slowed down sample now (Ooh, I actually recognize this sample, this is the guy on YouTube that only made videos to send to other people). Let me add, I LOVE when songs have it where the instruments just collapse into each other and the track completely fucking breaks (that's why Greenways Trajectory is my favorite song of all time) and this DOES that (let's go). Silence. And scene. Gorgeous.

Quick sidenote: I'm feeling real tempted to listen to all the .2s now... I know, I know, I said earlier it would be complete torture... but it feels necessary somehow... Like Roxy listened to ALL of Bull of Heaven, least I could do is get through the often short (but sometimes EXTREMELY long) .2 series. The one problem I have with that is I have no clue how I'm gonna format it. Like I can't really put the albums in chronological order anymore cause then the reviews won't be in chronological order... And I DO want to mix in the .2 reviews with the .1 reviews, so like I'm ranking EVERYTHING. I mean, I could easily just insert them after here. Yeah, I guess that'll do. I might do that at some point, we'll have to see. Right now though, I gotta do a Nanocyborg Uberholocaust listening project. And then a Kevin Drumm one (but that's really just a priority during schoolwork).

1.2: generated conversation

Total Run Time: 3:58

1. predicted conversation - 0:01
2. copy that - 0:01
3. binaural type beats - 0:01
4. I call this post-sound - 0:01
5. crusty tunnel - 0:01
6. :fog: snebsbs - 0:01
8. what's - 0:01
9. plus - 0:01
10. ? - 0:01
11. ... - 0:02
12. um - 0:01
13. uh oh... - 0:01
14. uhhhh... so many possibilities... - 0:05
15. hmmmmm sure am confused. gonna think on this one in the shower. - 0:01
16. hmmmmmmmmmm i'm thinking - 0:01
17. hmm uhhhh what could it be - 0:01
18. ummmm gotta think on that one - 0:01
19. it's uhhhhh - 0:01
20. i think...it's... - 0:01
21. 21 - 0:01
22. You stupid - 0:01
23. predictable conversation - 0:01
24. , I'ɱ goṋnǻ ŝtąrt callinġ ṃy "ľife scůlṗture." - 0:01
25. i like the low quality version better - 0:01
26. whoa, hey guys - 0:01
27. Fork on Plate sound (free) - 0:01
28. Lol, the cronch - 0:01
29. i got Hoephobia - 0:01
30. So, that's your type - 0:01
31. Interesting - 0:01
32. Yes to what you're thinking - 0:11
33. i'm the psychic psycho babey! - 0:01
34. Fill in the blank:s my ____ ____ __- _ _- _ _ -_ _ - _ -_ - wife - 0:01
35. All for the spectacle - 0:01
36. High Level Strand Type Gameplay (dunkey effectively just whines about criticism, pt3) - 0:01
38. Now baby i'm the ripper - 0:02
39. please - 0:05
40. Go Ahead. Vote Experimental On Me. See What Happens. - 0:01
41. NEW GRUNKLE D*MON - 0:01
42. duh meaning - 0:01
43. accidentally "skipped "this one - 0:05
44. This isn't even rly generative? U just shimmy shimmy it around - 0:01
45. shoot the smug baby - 0:01
46. 25m Theme - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Music Extended - 0:01
47. lol that's a new one - 0:01
48. aka - 0:01
49. or plz - 0:02
50. 💙Fluke3? How 🤍 - 0:02
51. if Vegas is Valid then So is Audacity - 0:05
52. i meant to say 2019 up ahead - 0:05
53. Fatherly2427 Got away with it :P (EDIT: nvm he definitely did not LOL bye felicia) - 0:05
54. Yes he was wrong , Cop on a daily power trip , Never ending well for you - 0:02
55. What an Unusual Dean - 0:05
56. you baby daddy's Worst Nightmare - 0:05
57. free bgm (background bgm music - 0:05
58. 2910 (lol, nezzera) - 0:02
59. Ad Tj dfjkkff (I think it's called a 9) - 0:05
60. Phantom Forces in Unreal Engine - Streamable - 0:08
61. How to inform an officer you are carrying a handgun - 0:05
62. 1.net - 0:02
63. The Nae Nae is a hip-hop dance - 0:05
64. super mario - 0:05
65. obama biden - 0:05
66. DON'T ADD ANOTHER SIX PLEASE. i'm actually begging you dude - 0:02
67. VG Myths: Is It Possible For Me To Feel Any Attraction Towards A Girl? (Insane Challenge) - 0:02
68. bongo shaun in your pocket (Inkoming!) - 0:02
69. bara - 0:02
70. i love yo faces and i'll see you tomorrow - 0:02
71. Please bro bring back "Does not compute" it was so funny for the channel - 0:05
72. is that really his last name????????????? - 0:05
73. Nice field recordings dude lol - 0:11
74. Filler name filler name filler name filler name filler name. - 0:05
75. FIRST THE KISS ... - 0:05
76. JrLrr-4? oi''»f^r °,'"77^' ■^ '"•toffi, •cheetos, •chicken - 0:05
77. Scalp culture and the new wicked neons - 0:02
78. #hbd2U - 0:02
79. I decided last minute and i always do - 0:01
80. Shut that dog up mama (And the baby too while you’re at it) - 0:01
81. what if a blanket played authoritarian - 0:01
82. pm these 2 to the salamander squishies ??W st ---.Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllychamp - 0:02
83. Unknown Giant Baby Inflatable Costumes Adult Halloween Fancy Dress ... - 0:02
84. Wow. Major props to whoever added this whole tracklist. YEAH THAT GUY IS ME, THE ARTIST. THANKS DUDE. - 0:02
85. How am i expected to reproduce when girls have cooties lol - 0:05
86. oh man it;s getting loud now!! love imovie - 0:02
87. An ode to rick griffin .com (Shortly after 62) - 0:02
88. You've just been philled in (by philler) - 0:02
89. Software programs and The gand crayonyon - 0:02
90. boop - 0:05
91. cegcegcegceg (is early memeposting) - 0:01
92. this is gonna be a nightmare to put on rym - 0:01
93. ... THEN THE THANKS - 0:01
94. this s overwhelming dumping ground - 0:02
95. i - 0:01
96. (*stutters*) - 0:02
97. i think i have most of these done by now - 0:02
98. daily i hate everything you stand for i hope you never reproduce [67] - 0:02
99. ...and happy new year! - 0:02
100. Thanks for watching - 0:01
101. The Wonderful - 0:01

Yeah yeah, fuck it I'm doing the .2s now, eat shit past-version-of-myself. This is gonna be terrible haha. Actually probably not, this whole listening project was one of the funnest things I ever decided to do. I just typed out (copy-pasted the longer ones) all these tracks and I'll get to listening to this when I'm done with this Nanocyborg Uberholocaust listening project. It is Sunday, July 25th, 2021. Yeah, this is RINGEX's mashcore track and it's actually really really well done. The idea here is you download the thing, put it on shuffle, and it creates sort of a generative track for you. It's really really cool, and very breakcore. This is an easy favorite for any first-time RINGEX listener. I want more like this!!! Also really funny titles. My iTunes isn't very good at the whole gapless playback thing :(

2​.​2: stat​-​★ocarinalink1★-

Total Run Time: 18:56

1. ur a noobity noob noob ima stalk u and kill u in ur sleep now go die in a hole with ur mom. - 0:41
2. your a noob XDXD nooby noob nooby so go noob your mom - 0:57
3. i hate u you noob i hatety hate u you is noob not me die in a hole nao - 0:26
4. i reported this message noob... HAH! DIE WITH UR ACCOUNT SUCKA! - 0:44
5. do i care at less i dont look like a noob hipe - 0:43
7. how would i die u saw how hmmm im waiting btw i got my roblox guy back so suk it - 0:32
9. no noob with no hair btw jump off from from a big hill noob - 0:40
10. "Hullo, I b dansedit." - 12:40

The first 9 tracks are all really one track that was just split up. This really seems like a random average glitch IDM thing, very similar to Aphex Twin's Funny Little Man (which is one of my least favorite Aphex Twin songs). The weird chopped voice in the back is kinda cool, everything is kinda cool, but nothing much special about it. It seems as if the track titles are a rather interesting series of messages between two Roblox noobs... quite interesting if I do say so myself. What will these Roblox noobs do, they've ended their own lives!! Also it seems like each of these 9 tracks are largely the same and no actual track progression happens over the course of any of them except for the VERY end. Second (tenth) track is interesting as it sounds a lot like an average RINGEX track, but it's pretty cool at that too. Feels like an extra part of an album, pretty decent. I like the ambient noises around 3 minutes. Yeah actually this is a really cool track. Also randomly this abbruptly switches to some slowed-down half-a-million views celebration, which is hilarious. Such a surprise (THIS IS WHY I DO THIS). Then a full-on Roblox mobile advertisement. Then some sample of another track, then another abrupt cut into a video. So basically, the first half of the track is really really interesting, and the second half is abrupt cuts every minute or so to another video. Last 40 seconds is the shit memes. Decent.


Total Run Time: 597:14

1. Siěmrŵryǎ̄hmrŵry - 68:24
2. Ŷcžlgûorr - 56:13
3. Vǐyr̂žfŵzǒlgûorr - 47:13
4. Êgrržŷižrrâfžu - 54:44
5. Ȟŵžŝržixfzûlgǒr - 76:44
6. Wǒ̄lŷrg - 94:00
7. Zězklônāx̌xâfžŵn - 47:12
8. Cǎnōswêmnǒs - 69:07
9. Xaŝtcū - 47:10
10. Ǒztcāgûorr - 36:27

Well, at almost 10 hours, this is one of the big road blocks I was afraid of encountering when getting through the .2 EPs. Anyways, we're doing it. First track started, sounds pretty cool. These are improvisations with ghosmint so this'll probably sound quite a bit different than the other .2s. Right now, this is sounding a lot like KK Null actually. But yeah this time around things are super noisy and wack! Sounds like an early .1 actually (yeah back then the .2s were a bit less "low effort" than they became). A lot of sounds cut completely out then we get some new sounds. It's interesting hearing ghosmint on this cause ghosmint does exclusively Audacity music, but from what I've heard, it's pretty good. RINGEX also has a collaboration album with ghosmint that I probably need to get through later on this project in order for it to really be "complete" (I'll do that compilation they were on too and the one fest set that's on Soundcloud, so EVERY second of "RINGEX PLASTER" by the end of this). So far this thing sounds about exactly like I expected it to: Live In My House, 2019, but better. Which of course isn't a bad thing, what I expected this to be was decent, and so far (only 11 minutes in) it's actually pretty entertaining. The thing about this is it's gonna be different than normal RINGEX PLASTER just cause everything is improvised and there's not enough time to really jam in weird memes. A lot more crazy noise than that, so cool. I like these weird sine wave melodies at 12 minutes in, that's super cool. This is actually insane, so much better than I thought a .2 would be. The sounds at 42 minutes in are crazy! Yeah, this track is super duper cool, amazing noise, better than most Merzbow. Lol Pillow Pets ad in the middle of nowhere, of course I almost forgot this was RINGEX PLASTER. This thing sounds a lot closer to KINREK than most of RINGEX PLASTER ever got. Alright, day 2 and we're on track 2 out of 10. Starts with a phone recording that sounds EXACTLY like my guitar drone experiments. Then at random intervals there are some crazy noises that come on top of them which I quite enjoy. This second one starts to sound quite a bit like id m theft able actually, like damn I was missing out on this one, this might actually be really high up there. My ears quite like this rumble of noises. For a while this turns into ultra ultra compressed noises with random things in the background. Cool, but not nearly as good as earlier. Reminds me a lot of moments on 1.1. Then it just does that until it fades out. Then random weird spikes at the end. Third track starts out super interestingly with a weird field recording with some sort of harp-ish melody that I quite like. This part is really cool! Almost heavenly, this isn't really a sound I've heard from RINGEX before (well that might be ghosmint, but whatever). Actually when they whisper into the mic and start tapping on random shit, that REALLY sounds like id m theft able. Starting to sound like Black MIDI in the background too. These MIDI sounds actually sound pretty familiar... Could they be from the very same Online MIDI Sequencer website I used back in like 2016 for music before I started the MTS AIRMASS name? I think that's actually it. This is pretty nostalgic then... There's some primative MTS AIRMASS tracks on there, one or two of them became tracks on Orange Fever. This track's actually pretty low effort but because of this it's really really cool and I'm just endlessly interested in it (yeah, these sounds are 100% the same website). At around 16 minutes some other voice samples come in and THEN we finally get some noises that don't sound like they were recorded off a phone. Then some external drums and other weird voice clips. The beats over at 20 minutes in are pretty tight. This sounds like a full-on Discord call now (I heard one of them mention "Rika" earlier so that's what I'm guessing it is). Ohhhh, they're talking about Roblox egg hunt - I only know this cause I've looked at Rika's channel before lol. Then English tips video!! Some loop of "Oh, I dropped the egg" which is kinda hilarious. I quite like this. This ends with an onslaught of really awesome noise. Then fart sound effects which I especially do not care for. Track 4 start - weird clicking noises. This is the first track that doesn't feature ghosmint. These might be edited Minecraft Slime sounds but I'm not totally sure. It's weird. Some really nice noises done to them too. Oooh nice, skipping music at 28 minutes! For a while this turns into some really nice lawnmower / Sheer Hellish Miasma type noises. I like the bass here. Also funny Can't Let Go MIDI. Nice buzzing for quite some time. From here until the end it's just a series of really interesting buzzes and noises. Yep that's it. Anyways, I haven't really been keeping good track of which day I'm listening to which tracks. I think today is day 3. Anyways starting track 5, I won't get very far through it right now, but I'll finish later tonight. Starts with a lot of bass and some interesting squelches. Nice kinda-melodies here. Actually didn't finish that night, here I am tomorrow (and just restarting it since I only got like 3 minutes in the first time). Some super interesting sine wave stuff here. This one is like entirely weird sine wave stuff for a while. Melodic version of Sachiko M's album. Eventually some percussive noises come in that lag quite a bit, those sound pretty cool. The waves start sounding a bit different, we get some static flashes, and then BAM, Kalimba!!! The sounds lag quite a bit, then silence for a while. They occasionally flash back in. It's like there's 2 separate noises that are flashing in at different times - A main noise, and some melodic sine waves. Then the sine waves start making an actually good melody rather than just hitting random notes, huzzah! And there's some really weird sawtooth (I think it is) wave going on in the background that gets insanely low (to the point of becoming metronome clicks), then pretty fast. Things fade out... FLASH OF RANDOM SINE WAVES!! Flashes of rhythmic static, more sine waves. Woah, edited text to speech sounds (at 32 minutes in, yeah this one progresses really slowly). Some actual percussion at 38 minutes. This creates a really trippy effect between this weird percussion, some clipping/clicking in the background, and the dissonant sine waves. Oh and Discord sounds in the background, seems this was definitely done over a call (probably hence the lag in the beginning). Beat gets faster, beat gets faster. Now we're starting to finally get some super interesting noises! - That percussion keeps going while random things layer in the background creating this super cool effect. At 51 minutes, the percussion starts changing HEAVILY, and we get some awesome IDM-style stuff going on. These synths in the back are also super cool. Now it's just like a percussion soup, super tasty. Nice weird MIDI noises at 54 minutes. Overall, the second half of this track just becomes really cool, never really loses interest through it (alright actually it does get a bit boring around 63 minutes, but by 65 minutes we start getting really really cool noises again). Anti-Dandruff shampoo ad with cool effects applied, then some other thing with that same cool effect (actually sounds a lot like Sheer Hellish Miasma). Oh it is the same ad, but some of it was crazy slowed for a bit. Somebody's playing Firework on the piano. Oh and then Objects I've Shoved Up My Arse with that effect - I forgot this just HAD to have the RINGEX PLASTER staple. Then some other thing that I don't recognize. This effect is pretty cool too. Some tapping and more effect. And then it just sorta ends like that, that's the song. Pretty cool, pretty cool, time for the next one, here we go. Also now we're halfway through, we have the longest and shortest songs still ahead of us. This is low quality field recording of something, I'm guessing the general workings of Rika's house/room/whatever (on further inspection, it's actually their computer cause you can hear the mouse clicks). Anyways, 30 minutes in and it's still exactly that with nothing else, I have a feeling it's gonna be like that the whole time. I had kinda hoped the longest track here would be a bit more interesting. If you listen really closely, there's definitely something going on on the computer, but it's so quiet and below the static that you can't make out what it is. Sounds like some sort of game. You can hear some nice noises in the background of the house. Alright, 50 minutes in and I'm extremely tired, I'll be back tomorrow (which will be Wednesday, August 4th [2021]). Jeez, RINGEX coughs a lot. Oh wait, it looks like someone has enterred the room, talking about taking pills or something, Rika seems to be in that "Mom, I'm trying to record something" mood, but it's interesting that that was left in. Hey, it's something a bit more interesting than the monotonous air static. I do find it funny that for one of the "improvisations" it's just an unedited field recording, and parts of this are a bit interesting to listen to, but that's about it. Also apparently ghosmint was a performer on that track? Which I really don't understand. Alright, next track starts and it's definitely more interesting than unedited field recording. Starts with a weird skipping dubstep track. At about 9 minutes, the skipping becomes a LOT more frantic. At 10 minutes it gets a lot LESS frantic, and then at 11 it changes to skipping of some other song. Yeah, this is pretty cool. This part where it slows down and reverses and stuff is actually really really cool, I quite like this. Then that stops, and you can actually really quietly hear some background noise that sounds like talking. Then another skipping track, then it gets SUPER slowed down (not to the point of Nanocyborg, but almost halfway there). Something else reversed for a bit, Ooh, then it gets sped up! Then some weird actually breakcore thing that has a bunch of weird skips/edits done to it (I really can't tell what this is, it just somewhat sounds like breakcore). Some weird noises and whatnot that sound pretty cool and yeah! I was a little spaced out during the last bit and didn't actually notice the track change. On a sidenote, I have until 3:00PM to grind through the rest of this album today and I'm just gonna try to do that. This track starts with some really crazy vocal manipulation. Anyways, this is the last track that's over an hour and we still have the shortest track (by a whole 11 minutes) on the way. Some really awesome buzzing noises actually and interesting percussive things, this track is one of the best so far. Then lol MIDI piano version of the asian jingle (you know the one). Yeah a lot of crazy skipping noises through this one, I mean I know I'm not saying anything really new, but this is pretty much a general drift. This sounds a lot like Oval, this one in particular is focused on super skipping, so of course I like it a lot. Faded into the background for a bit. I love CD skipping so much, this song is really perfect. I think there are multiple things skipping over each other here. Even though these voices are fucking stupid talking about "fresh balls" they actually work really well when crazy skipped like this over everything - I also really really like this one pop song they're skipping. and 34:30, the song changes and bam, now we're back in it. Ooh, now it's skipping Death Grips - Get Got. Then it sounds like 100 gecs but I haven't listened to nearly enough of their music to be at all confident about that. Anyways, it's now the fifth, turns out I only got through an hour of this track yesterday, still have like 9 minutes left. Then shitty voice sample at the end of that lol. Next track starts with a few flickers of static, then some trance synths oddly enough. These trance synths go on for a while and get progressively noisier, and more reverby. It makes sense that ghosmint wasn't on this one. Eventually it doesn't even sound like the trance synths anymore - Starts sounding like harsh static and some pulses occasionally, it's pretty cool. Around 40 minutes they actually get back to normal interestingly enough. This is pretty cool, especially when they're all layered and they start pitching down at different times. The end where it's just holding out and we get all these clicks and stuff is amazing. Alright, last song, shortest song, let's go. This one's especially interesting, it starts with air static then we get these super low synth drones which sound amazing (like a continuation of the previous tracks). Then one of them talks about a nightmare they had the previous day. So pretty much that on top of really cool, pretty varying drones. Around 27 minutes the drone starts skipping like crazy too (an effect we've heard a lot on this album). Also at that point, they're not even talking about the dream anymore, but the air static is still there. Then a couple minutes later, they start talking about a DIFFERENT one, but they don't talk for very long and when that's over, the drones start getting REALLY cool, like we get these super deep pulses that just change everything into this total sound bath. Then the drones start getting pretty flickery and staticy, while there's some field recording in the style of track 6 going on. It pulses one more time and that's it. Well, that was a decent way to spend the last 6 days. That was actually a really really cool listen. Ranking this one high.

4.2: ,,,,

Total Run Time: 30:00

1. .. - 30:00

Like its .1 counterpart, this is a harsh noise wall. Although I like this quite a bit better since it's a lot deeper and is just a generally cooler noise. Also that ended pretty abruptly, tbh I kinda wish it was longer I was really getting into that.

5.2: Karera wa chotto, tabun, tabun ne. Dakishimetai?

Total Run Time: 73:26

1. (,,^・⋏・^,,)(.=^・ェ・^=)/ᐠ.ﮧ.ᐟ/ᐠ .⋏. ᐟノ/ᐠ. ᴗ.ᐟ/ᐠ./ᐠ。ﻌ。ᐟ/ᐠ。/ᐠ。ퟑ。0( =^・・^)=〇0( =^・・^)=〇0( =^・・^)=〇0( =^・・^)ᐟ/ᐠ。ﻌ。ᐟ✿/ᐠ。ﻌ。ᐟ✿/ᐠ。ﻌ。ᐟ✿/ᐠ。ﻌ。ᐟ✿/ᐠ。ﻌ。ᐟ✿\ - 73:26

Oddly enough, this was the first RINGEX I ever heard. Back when Xerbie first told me about this guy, the only albums out had been up to number 6, and I was looking for some free to download ones that were somewhat long, so then I hit this one. And about 10 minutes passed before I realized this was all nightcore and Xerbie explained to me that the .2s were the lower effort ones. Anyways, back then my opinions on this one were pretty low, but at this point after listening to hundreds of hours of lolicore, this is actually somewhat decent. It's funny how fast the song changes from one thing to another, it's by no means breakcore, but it's a megamix that changes like every 10 second and EVERY song used here sounds exactly the same so it somehow flows entirely perfectly. Also the added bonus of the incredibly lo-fi compression added on top of it. So yeah, I guess contrary to my past thoughts, this thing is awesome. Also funny enough, I recognize some of these songs EXCLUSIVELY from their use in lolicore. A few of these are on CDR's album "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA". Oh randomly before the 35 minute mark there's just a non-anime sample, some kid that goes "This is what dying feels like". That was quite the surprise lol. Oh and now we're getting some extra sound effects in there. Lol Pokemon theme song. it seems like it's looping some stuff from earlier, but we're just about over so.

6​.​2: First Dual! Exile! Unto the First, Feel the 1ne, Fear the 1st. What Are You on About?

Total Run Time: 25:43

1. mr. jeopardy i answer the question: What is... (1) - 0:47
2. mr. jeopardy i answer the question: What is... (2) - 0:47
3. mr. jeopardy i answer the question: What is... (3) - 0:47
4. mr. jeopardy i answer the question: What is... (4) - 0:47
5. mr. jeopardy i answer the question: What is... (5) - 0:47
6. mr. jeopardy i answer the question: What is... (6) (21 dro) - 21:48

Each of the 47 second tracks are some sort of beeping (I'm assuming morse code) with a filter on top on top of some ultra-slowed speech. Really trippy. Last track starts with that again, then it turns into a SUPER pleasant drone. Woah, this is geniuinely one of the best drones I've ever heard. Sounds like it MIGHT be paulstretch but the more I listen to I think it's probably not. Idk, I'll just ask Roxy later. 14:50 it changes to a slowed down something in front of audience clap (I don't know what this is, but it waht unexpected). Something tells me that based off the titles, this is some sort of Jeopardy clip (actually I have to redact that cause the guy's talking about how Christ is savior, this is definitely Christian rock in the background). This part's pretty interesting too. Yeah so I've figured it out, this is slowed down preaching, but he's also talking about a song he wrote or something, but this part is really cool anyways. Then it just quickly fades out lol. Yeah, this was really really amazing and this just came out of nowhere, I did not expect this one to be anywhere close to as good as it is. (Turns out it wasn't paulstretch, but a stretch method in FL Studio).

7.2: Vac 2013

Total Run Time: 320:47

1. above shark tank (2013_07_18 05_28 PM ET) - 1:32
2. all of us at mingo falls (2013_07_19 11_09 AM ET) - 0:43
3. all of us highest elavation (2013_07_18 12_11 PM ET) - 0:57
4. aquarium many (2013_07_18 04_49 PM ET) - 0:46
5. Bald Eagle (2013_07_19 03_10 PM ET) - 1:05
6. bear using rock pillow! (2013_07_19 03_17 PM ET) - 2:05
7. behind falls (2013_07_20 12_30 PM ET) - 1:35
8. Bellagio Bistro (2013_07_17 06_42 PM ET) - 0:53
9. black eyed susan1 (2013_07_18 09_49 AM ET) - 0:48
10. black eyed susan7 (2013_07_18 09_49 AM ET) - 0:41
11. Bridal Vail Falls 33333333333333 (2013_07_20 12_16 PM ET) - 1:49
12. brown bear (2013_07_19 03_14 PM ET) - 0:16
13. camoflagouged fish (2013_07_18 05_07 PM ET) - 0:25
14. cherry cove (2013_07_18 10_20 AM ET) - 0:59
15. clouds and cute barn (2013_07_19 04_22 PM ET) - 0:57
16. cooooooooooool jelly fish (2013_07_18 05_05 PM ET) - 0:26
17. devils court (2013_07_18 11_39 AM ET) - 1:28
18. devils rock 2 (2013_07_18 10_20 AM ET) - 0:27
19. devils rock1 (2013_07_18 10_19 AM ET) - 0:23
20. dry fall behind!!!! (2013_07_20 12_30 PM ET) - 0:37
21. Dry Falls (2013_07_20 12_26 PM ET) - 1:47
22. Dry Falls mini LOL (2013_07_20 12_36 PM ET) - 1:35
23. Dry Falls Treeeeeeeeeee (2013_07_20 12_40 PM ET) - 6:21
24. east fork (2013_07_18 10_39 AM ET) - 6:21
25. fav. fish tank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2013_07_18 04_49 PM ET) - 6:21
26. female bear (2013_07_19 03_17 PM ET) - 6:21
27. ferns1 (2013_07_19 09_45 AM ET) - 6:21
28. fish$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (2013_07_18 04_50 PM ET) - 6:21
29. Funnel top (2013_07_18 09_48 AM ET) - 6:21
30. funny face at aquarium (2013_07_18 05_37 PM ET) - 6:21
31. ham 22222222222 (2013_07_19 06_31 AM ET) - 6:21
32. Hamilton 1111111111111 (2013_07_19 06_43 AM ET) - 6:21
33. HUGE ROCK IN BEAR PEN (2013_07_19 03_13 PM ET) - 6:21
34. jelly fish (2013_07_18 05_04 PM ET) - 0:44
35. jellyfish (2013_07_18 05_04 PM ET) - 2:04
36. leafy sea dragon ### (2013_07_18 04_54 PM ET) - 0:56
37. leaves behind falls !!!!! (2013_07_20 12_30 PM ET) - 1:45
38. lionfish (2013_07_18 05_04 PM ET) - 2:11
39. looking glass 5 (2013_07_18 10_20 AM ET) - 0:02
40. looking glass 6 (2013_07_18 10_10 AM ET) - 7:08
41. looking glass rock (2013_07_18 10_28 AM ET) - 3:00
42. mingo 3 (2013_07_19 11_01 AM ET) - 2:51
43. Mingo Falls (2013_07_19 10_57 AM ET) - 5:07
44. mingo falls 2 (2013_07_19 10_58 AM ET) - 9:21
45. MORNING 000000 (2013_07_19 09_45 AM ET) - 0:19
46. mount again (2013_07_18 09_58 AM ET) - 0:50
47. mount. 4 (2013_07_17 05_20 PM ET) - 9:28
48. mount5 (2013_07_18 09_32 AM ET) - 5:55
49. mount6 (2013_07_18 09_58 AM ET) - 0:53
50. mount7 (2013_07_18 09_58 AM ET) - 3:15
51. mount9 (2013_07_18 10_20 AM ET) - 6:39
52. mount10 (2013_07_18 10_21 AM ET) - 6:23
53. mount11 (2013_07_18 12_04 PM ET) - 0:44
54. mount12 (2013_07_19 09_24 AM ET) - 5:27
55. mount14 (2013_07_18 12_04 PM ET) - 11:37
56. mount16 (2013_07_18 11_37 AM ET) - 2:12
57. mountain creek (2013_07_19 10_09 AM ET) - 1:03
58. Mountain rock wallllllllllll (2013_07_18 10_11 AM ET) - 1:08
59. mountain spring 777777777 (2013_07_19 10_05 AM ET) - 1:17
60. Mountain spring beside the road! (2013_07_19 10_01 AM ET) - 0:43
61. mountain15 (2013_07_18 11_44 AM ET) - 1:18
62. mountains3 (2013_07_17 05_02 PM ET) - 0:17
63. mountains4 (2013_07_17 05_10 PM ET) - 0:30
64. mountains8 (2013_07_18 10_11 AM ET) - 0:32
65. oak leaves (2013_07_18 09_49 AM ET) - 0:58
66. oak up close 222222222222222222 (2013_07_19 09_40 AM ET) - 0:26
67. OLD MILL !!!! (2013_07_18 08_55 PM ET) - 0:35
68. Old mill (2013_07_18 08_54 PM ET) - 1:34
69. OLD MILL RIVER!!!!! (2013_07_18 08_55 PM ET) - 4:56
70. penguins (2013_07_18 05_17 PM ET) - 3:16
71. [[[[ and ]]]]]]] at Dry Falls mini falls lol (2013_07_20 12_37 PM ET) - 1:53
72. [[[[ helping ]]]]]]] (2013_07_18 10_55 AM ET) - 1:52
73. [[[[ not giving the finger! (2013_07_20 12_26 PM ET) - 2:12
74. [[[[ on rock (2013_07_18 11_40 AM ET) - 2:25
75. [[[[ ]]]]]]] (2013_07_18 11_43 AM ET) - 5:29
76. [[[[ picking up a horseshoe crab (2013_07_18 05_33 PM ET) - 1:27
77. [[[[ showing arm (2013_07_18 11_40 AM ET) - 2:21
78. ]]]]]]] and me other side Dry Falls (2013_07_20 12_34 PM ET) - 1:30
79. ]]]]]]] giant fish 222222222222 (2013_07_18 04_46 PM ET) - 0:45
80. ]]]]]]] and diver (2013_07_18 05_12 PM ET) - 2:04
81. photo (6) (2013_07_17 05_00 PM ET) - 1:24
82. photo (69) (2013_07_19 10_57 AM ET) - 22:59
83. pine 2 (2013_07_18 11_37 AM ET) - 0:07
84. pines #333 (2013_07_19 09_24 AM ET) - 3:24
85. poisin dart frogs (2013_07_18 04_30 PM ET) - 2:14
86. pounding mill overlook % (2013_07_18 10_13 AM ET) - 0:53
87. Rainbow (2013_07_20 12_27 PM ET) - 0:52
88. Rainbow Again DRY FALLs (2013_07_20 12_48 PM ET) - 0:43
89. rainboww (2013_07_20 12_27 PM ET) - 0:33
90. rock wall (2013_07_18 10_11 AM ET) - 1:46
91. rock water ]]]]]]]! (2013_07_18 10_42 AM ET) - 1:22
92. rocks1 (2013_07_18 10_34 AM ET) - 0:16
93. sawtooth (2013_07_18 04_58 PM ET) - 1:32
94. sea stuff (2013_07_18 05_07 PM ET) - 3:09
95. shark again (2013_07_18 04_59 PM ET) - 2:24
96. shark teeth (2013_07_18 04_57 PM ET) - 3:10
97. shark tunnel (2013_07_18 04_57 PM ET) - 2:11
98. soco obsevation tower 9 stories high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2013_07_18 01_46 PM ET) - 3:33
99. spider crab (2013_07_18 05_08 PM ET) - 6:18
100. spotted jelly fish (2013_07_18 04_33 PM ET) - 0:29
101. spotted jelly fish again (2013_07_18 04_33 PM ET) - 0:27
102. steep mountain (2013_07_18 11_39 AM ET) - 5:23
103. TOP OF GRAVE YARD FALLS (2013_07_18 10_55 AM ET) - 0:50
104. top of graveyard falls (2013_07_18 10_59 AM ET) - 0:30
105. treeeeeees 5 (2013_07_18 12_13 PM ET) - 1:13
106. ugly fish lol (2013_07_18 04_56 PM ET) - 1:46
107. vac1 (2013_07_17 04_59 PM ET) - 4:46
108. vac2 (2013_07_17 05_00 PM ET) - 11:33
109. wagon 1 (2013_07_20 11_16 AM ET) - 10:02
110. wild flowes1 (2013_07_18 09_50 AM ET) - 3:19
111. yellow flower (2013_07_18 10_11 AM ET) - 0:12

So from the titles, I thought this was gonna be a collection of field recordings... and the first track is some really weird really choppy glitch stabs that sort of loop - it's pretty minimalist actually. This is weird. The second track is the same, but entirely different sounds instead. Okay, so this is gonna be a REALLY glitchy one. This is the most fucked thing I've heard from RINGEX. 5 is interesting cause the chop cuts sound like they're from drones instead of full on harsh noise. Woah, track 8 is the first one that actually sounds like something and it's super crazy. Weird looped choppy guitars with some of the effects we've heard before. Apparently ghosmint created that one (and track 2). Track 14-20 also actually sound like something oddly enough, MIDI synth jams. Anyways, I suppose the general gist of this release is some really fucking strange noises. Track 21 is another MIDI jam but with some massive delay effects on it. A lot of these start out super noisy then somehow transition into MIDI jam I've noticed too. Track 23 is our first "extra" long track here (I mean only 6 and a half minutes, but still out of 111 tracks that's quite a bit). This one's a drone with some pulses that speed up and slow down accordingly, it's pretty nice. Track 24 is basically that but higher pitched. Track 25 is basically that but lower pitched than 25 (I don't remember if this is the same pitch as 23). Track 26 is a little more interesting cause it seems to be the same thing but way higher pitched so the pulses are way faster. 28 is the highest pitched one so far. Oh, so I read the description and theres 11 sets of 11 tracks, IE every 11 tracks is a unique section of tracks that each follow their own style - So the first 11 were really choppy, really loud glitch stuff, the second 11 were MIDI jams, the 3rd 11 is this weird pulsing drone series (my least favorite out of the 3), so I guess I can review this easier by reviewing each 11 sets. Also, EVERY track has a track picture, so that's cool (OHHH, that's what the title of the album means, this is a VACATION from 2013, it's funny how each picture with people in it has them censored out). 31's interesting cause on this one the pulses actually form a sort of rhythm. Ooh, the next set of 11 tracks actually ARE field recordings, wahoo. 37 is significantly louder than the previous ones. So is 42. A lot of these were recorded somewhere with music in the background which is actually pretty entertaining. 39's funny, why was that only 2 seconds and why was it SO high pitched? 44 has some weird reversed speech. The next 11 tracks seem to just be shitty acoustic guitar jams. Ya know, the concept of this album's pretty interesting, but no series of tracks have actually been that fun to listen to other than the first 11. 47's a little interesting cause there's singing and it's entirely reversed. Also some screaming. This one's pretty cool actually. Oh my gosh so is the next one, but by now it's getting pretty annoying. Okay yeah that got REALLY annoying for 11 whole tracks (some of which got quite long). 56 starts skipping around the phrase "a mysterious sound", pretty cool. Okay so these are all gonna be skiparounds. Probably gonna be annoying since the first two are both vocal though. They're talkin bout preline tests. 67's a full on harsh noise track, it's pretty cool. So is 68. So is 69, so I guess these 11 AREN'T all skiparounds? Or are they just FL manipulations of samples maybe, that's probably it. OH wait I'm stupid, 56 is when that series of skiparound tracks started, and then 11 tracks since then, 67 was the start of the harsh noise tracks. So it is going like normal, whoops. Yeah, those were all just really short I guess. My ears hurt, I need to stop listening to this. Okay, it's now like two weeks later (Sunday, August 22nd), and we're gonna chunk through it again. This time, I'm listening to this WHILE listening to the first Nanocyborg album (yes, I'm still trying to get through that, it's very hard, okay?). Well this track's actually a pretty interesting noise track considering it's not one noise the whole time and this weird synth loop comes in until it abruptly changes to another noise. Yeah, these hurt my ears, but they're pretty cool (I guess I could just turn them down). Next track (72) has a super cool glitch ending. These are probably my favorite set of 11 tracks out of the whole thing, they're all cool noise walls of sort. 74 sounds a lot like the second set of 11 tracks, it being a noisy synth jam (which these probably all are, but this is the most recognizable as such). Alright, track 78 started, marking the beginning of the next 11 tracks and it's semi-rhythmic noise. Sounds like just really really distorted MIDI drums. So like the last 11 but in drum form. Let's see if this holds up at all (especially the fucking 23 minute track that's in this set). 79 is MIDI drums but not distorted at all. Maybe a little compressed, but yeah. Yeah, each one of these has a different effect over them, I predict the 23 minute one might be some sort of stretch. Nope, it's fast delay, but pretty interesting cause it's not just the one effect the whole time, this one's like a full fledged noise jam. I quite like this track actually, might be my favorite track on the whole thing. One of the only few here I'd actually call good. Okay, so track 89 is weird phone motem beeps and some voice that comes in. Super weird. Next one is complete silence followed by a crinkle of a bag sound. Next one is a ding, followed by complete silence, then ends with another ding. Next track is complete silence. Okay I think I have this theme down, random sound effects surrounded by complete silence. Also that means these next few tracks are gonna be REALLY boring cause they last like 3 minutes each. I mean, there's some slightly interesting sound effects in here, but these songs just suck. Woah so track 100 starts the last 11 and it starts with piano on top of kid bein sad. Cool for 30 seconds, next track is a really cool skiparound of an anime track. Next track is some weird recording of a dance party or something. Idk it turns into rick roll though, but it's still like that weird recording thing. OHH THE END THE DJ GUY SAYS IT'S A MIDDLE SCHOOL. Next song is some full on song thing in a foreign language (sounds like Spanish), it's unedited. Next track is some kid poorly beatboxing dubstep. I still can't figure out what this theme is supposed to be. My guess is weird audio files found on their computer. Next track is weird, sounds like it was put under like 3 audacity effects. Same with the next track. OKOK, it's August 29th now and I'm FINALLY finishing this album (before this I finished the first 2 Nanocyborg Uberholocaust albums). Next track is something in an East Asian language (I think) and it's just raw voice. Eventually weird music comes into the background. Oh, and then there are some super weird noises that come in. Then punch sound effects? (but the voices make it sound like the punch sounds are supposed to be there). Yeah, I don't know what this is. Next track is some Indian pop song (again, I think). Track 107 is just a really weird jumble of stuff. Same type of full-length audio files though. The last 12 second track was funny. Okay that's over, pretty Eh album, nothing really that good about it, my favorite tracks were either the first 11 or last 11.

8​.​2: tourguideinformationdeskx╩​]​dε​!​]​dε​!​]​dε​!​]​dε​!​]​dε​!​]​dε​!​]​dε​!​╪

Total Run Time: 97:41

1. Stunning. Daring. Dramatic. These are the sounds of "RINGEX INFO", as they Pronounce The Titles Of Every Single Track They've Ever Released On Any Alias. This answers your questions about how to pronounce them. This move is Stunning. Daring. Dramatic. Bold. Uppercase. Heroic. I am literally peeing - 52:23
2. Yet Somehow, In All Of That Time, The Vast Majority Of The "Probably Scrapped" Titles Were Entirely Neglected. Enjoy Your Bonus 45 Minutes Of Titles You Can't Even Read Along To, Because Almost None Of Them Were Released In Any Sort Of Public Capacity. Embarrassing. - 45:18

So I thought this would be a LOT more of LIST OF TITLES, but they actually fully describe stories behind albums and explain things while listing these, so this is actually being a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. Dissappointingly, they refuse to read out the REAL track name of the following vol. 3. Also bit of a meta moment, RINGEX acknowledges at the end that I'm the only person that's ever going to hear that. Thanks. Second track is especially interesting since it's entirely unreleased tracks. I found the "Baby Year Old Genius" series to be quite entertaining actually. Also addresses that they don't know why anyone would be listening to it. Thanks. Also fun fact, I already reviewed 9.2 on here so I can skip that one!

10.2: mf-af (dragt)

Total Run Time: 116:08

1. mnaf (firs try) - 18:50
2. Our Non-Abusive friends. - 34:52
3. Wa 9(outda dada. - 62:26

Well, the alias being used on this being "RINGEX SILENCE" doesn't give me much hope that this release won't be entirely silent. Ok, started and it's not silent. Starts out super interesting actually, like a super cool jump in on some weird compressed orchestral thing and it sounds like a track off of 94diskont, I'm liking this a lot already. Listening to this on September 4th during a particularly inaudible Nanocyborg Uberholocaust track (more info about that on the Nanocyborg listening project, it's fun how these universes connect together). Anyways, it continues like that super cool for about 5 and a half minutes until the clicks start speeding up, then they go so fast they form their own sort of speech, then it's like how it was like earlier but *demonic*! This is actually super cool. Ooh, and then it was like how it was but lower pitched. This really sounds like a top tier cut off 94diskont. Some pitch shift arounds at points, The last couple minutes are super cool cause they have this super weird effect where every skip it's this crazy boom that sounds like some weird chorus modulation thing. This is definitely a standout track in RINGEX's discog. This second track is also super cool, this crazy wack drone thing, sounds like the world ending the whole time. Alright, not gonna lie that actually did get a little boring by the end. Next track's just a field recording of walking through some woods. You can sometimes hear cicadas and what not. At 13 and a half minutes Rika has a seizure in the microphone, don't know what that's about. Ooh, 32 minutes in it changes to a different field recording (now the description makes sense, but makes me think I missed a few transitions). Anyways, this one's inside of a grocery store (I think). Ooh, changes again at 38 minutes. Lol, at 46:30 some store clerk comes and asks if they need help finding anything, then they journey to find Aloe Vera juice. Okay, so it's Walmart they're at (oh, this is probably where the cover art comes from). Ya know, I thought this album was really awesome when it started and then it just kinda got worse as it went along to where it is now, hour long walmart field recording. Rika acknowledges that they're going to feel really dumb when they find where the aloe vera juice is. The Walmart employee agrees that it's not in its usual place and they go on quite a long way to find it, other employees get sucked in too, it's quite the romp. Oh yay, they found it. Nice. There indeed are three different sizes. Just because the first track was so awesome, this'll probably still get placed in the good tier. Ends with a door sound which is nice.