what even is this

LCD R - πΠπ (Video Edition)See πΠπ for download

I don't even remember making this one. One copy only. Video listed in tracklisting, but no video is present on either disc.

Welcome Back, We're Glad You Came, Do You Think It Works?, I think thats It ONLY WAY, Dance to Noise, Do It, Dance, It's The Only Way to find Out, That Better Than Before, Randy Frick, You know what they say, little pi, big pi, little pi, Not Bill Again!, Welcome is you, πΠπ:

1. Hello - 3:47
2. π... - 13:28
3. Another Fragment - 15:12
4. An Hour - 13:30
5. ...π - 15:25
6. Done - 10:32


(titled: "πΠπ: LCD R (Complete DVD))

Disc contains nothing.