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Kevin Drumm's Bandcamp Discography Listening Project


Horror Of Birth
Shut In-etc
60 Minute Relief
Impish Tyrant
The Obstacles Of Romantic Exaggeration
The Old Hag

Pretty good
The Sea Wins
Crooked Abode
The Kitchen
Split With Pita
Electronic Harassment 6
Wrong Intersection
Phantom jerk
Necro Acoustic 2-Malaise
Front Room

The Damned Sort
2014 Everything's Going along as Usual and Then All Shit Breaks Loose.
Necro Acoustic 3 - Decrepit
Necro Acoustic 1 - Lights Out
Live 1995(Somewhere in Chicago)
Quiet Nights
Dying Air
Necro Acoustic 5- Organ
09082001 gtr/synth 'solo'

Kinda bad
Electronic Harassment 1
Necro Acoustic 4-No Edit
Alku Tape
Electronic Harassment 4-5
Don't Ask

Impish Tyrant

Total Run Time: 30:04

1. Impish Tyrant 1 - 4:28
2. Impish Tyrant 2 - 4:50
3. Impish Tyrant 3 - 20:46

Today, I start what will probably be the hardest listening project I do for a while. Stretching over 150 albums and over 100 hours, Kevin Drumm's bandcamp is MASSIVE. And being a fan of him, I thought it would be a fun idea to do this. Unlike other listening projects though, I will not devote my sole attention to this, I can't listen to pretty much exclusively drone music for two months, sorry. I'll be doing this in the background of other listening projects, and while doing homework, it seems fun. Without further adeu, let's get into it. Jesus, this is a loud one, was not expecting that given the sheer amount of drone work Kevin has built up over the years, I forgot he could get this fucking harsh. Jesus, this might actually be better than Sheer Hellish Miasma... Kevin has produced some of the most beautiful sounds of all time along with some of the most harsh and that is an insane feat. But yeah, that was a damn solid release, I have a feeling these albums will be quite the challenge to actually rank, I have no clue what the categories are even going to be since I don't actually know if Kevin Drumm has any terrible albums (well, I mean there is The Illusion Of Having Plans, but we'll get to that when we get to that.)

Electronic Harassment 4-5

Total Run Time: 100:56

1. Cthulhu is Lazy - 53:08
2. Move Your Head A - 27:20
3. Move Your Head B - 5:48
4. Move Your Head C - 14:40

The first track is 50 damn minutes of tinnitus. Each of the following tracks are different tones of tinnitus for their respective lengths. Yeah, funny how RIGHT before this I was saying how Kevin Drumm never actually made anything bad, but this is drone music that physically hurts for an EXCESSIVELY long time (seriously, this is almost 2 hours of tinnitus, it's fucking insane how I managed to get through it). Like, of course there's artistic value in it, but that doesn't change that it's nearly unlistenable. I can just somehow make it through fucking anything after sitting through RINGEX PLASTER and doing a 7 and a half hour long SONG in one sitting. Maybe I will separate these into categories...

Electronic Harassment 6

Total Run Time: 27:50

1. EH6 - 27:50

Still the tinnitus, but VASTLY more interesting due to both variaton and the hilariously broken mixer. Turned it from awful into awesome. It was a fun experience.

Wrong Intersection

Total Run Time: 47:00

1. Wrong Intersection - 47:00

Changes from very quiet drone music to odd noises to field recordings over drones. Quite the interesting release content-wise but also doesn't have much especial substance. Despite being more objectively interesting than some of his other material, most of this didn't resonate with me very much at all. Seems more like a bit of trivia in his discography than being worth much.


Total Run Time: 93:44

1. Krapula - 10:13
2. Goddamnerung - 15:04
3. Embrace the befuddlement - 22:20
4. Incus Fear 1 - 10:00
5. Incus Fear 2 - 5:18
6. Incus Fear 3 - 9:32
7. Incus Fear 4 - 21:17

Another EXTREMELY noisy release. Transitioning in between battering washes of noise, to stagnant tones and dim static, Ghybbrish shifts from vastly entertaining to somewhat of a field recording, contributing to an overall excitement, but minimally losing the moments a bit. While the beginning explodes with variation, each track becomes more muted and unchanging until the last four tracks sit on largely unchanging drones culminating in the ultimate 21 minute closing slog. One that promises quite a bit at first and sadly refuses to deliver throughout.

Front Room

Total Run Time: 22:35

1. Front Room A - 9:30
2. Front Room B - 13:05

An extremely quiet bout of minimal tones, glitches, and guitar plucks. Selected moments from a collaboration with Taku Sugimoto. Front Room B is significantly more nuanced, progressive, and active than the sparse and random Front Room A, although the last few minutes drone extremely quietly seeming to be silent. Relatively in the mediocre middle of Kevin's work.

Electronic Harassment 1

Total Run Time: 28:09

1. Electronic Harassment A - 14:49
2. Electronic Harassment B - 13:20

Endulging in long stretches of unvarying, harsh, and high-pitched tones, the Electronic Harassment series certainly sets out to harm the ears. This particular one is relatively more entertaining due to a particularly great resonant bass prevalent in the first half of the second track, but that was about all that was notable about this one. Some portions were similar to the unchanging portions of Ghybbrish.

Horror Of Birth

Total Run Time: 26:48

1. True Warriors Endure The Idleness - 12:43
2. Guillotine Licker/Present Tense Returning/Smelling In Stereo - 14:05

Now THIS is what I fully expected going into Kevin's discography. REALLY pleasant drones that build up into extremely bass-heavy noise sections, it's absolutely perfect.

Split with Pita

Total Run Time: 10:01

1. I Like The Idea of A Power Trio Where... - 3:18
2. 2 (Built In Mic) - 1:32
3. I'll Never Go To Mass Again - 5:11

Really crazy minimal noise thing, with just small, tinny glitches here and there rather than a constant stream on the first two tracks. The last track seems to be some slow-motion drone thing with more slow-motion clangs on top. Extremely interesting, but a bit short.

Live 1995(Somewhere in Chicago)

Total Run Time: 24:24

1. Your Guitar Is Prepared...But You Aren't!

Live noise that seems more or less poorly recorded. A bit of a generic set, nothing really special going on, neither especially good nor bad.

Don't Ask

Total Run Time: 39:30

1. Don't Ask - 39:30

Extremely short (like we're talking fractions of a second here) bursts of prepared guitar noise interspersed between extensive periods of silence. A bit of a boring release, it gets a bit tiring and goes on for a while considering its length.

Alku Tape

Total Run Time: 34:36

1. Alku Side A - 19:56
2. Alku Side B - 14:40

Tinny, ear-grating noises that don't seem to have much merrit due to their franticness and their tinniness, seeming quite unprepared due to a large amount of decision-changing sweeps. The volume rapidly changes, feeling more like a mistake rather than a decision and the whole thing gives a headache rather than being enjoyable. The whole thing is noise entirely in the high frequencies and you get used to one volume and then suddenly it gets turned up JUST past comfortable hearing range.


Total Run Time: 47:43

1. Cynicism is the stuff laugh riots are made of - 23:47
2. All morning and half the afternoon - 1:55
3. We both liked the view - 22:01

Starts with an EXTREMELY high pitch (like so high that it just sounds like a click and you're not sure if you're actually hearing it or if it's just silence). Then, some quiet clicking occurs, fading slowly into complete silence. Then we get some decently variant clicks that are sometimes bass heavy and actually produce quite interesting sounds. We get progressively sent into an extremely interesting noise and rumbling section, then we're subject to bass that's the low-frequency equivalent of the high frequency from the beginning, where you can feel it more than you can hear it. Some more electronic and distorted rumble-like noises. After a while, a quiet, but very calming drone kicks in. Some quiet noises in the left ear kick in, then more super calming drones that get louder, and now a harsh drone that slowly builds up and then the first track abruptly ends perfectly. The second half of that track was amazing, but the first half was kind of terrible, certainly made my headache from the previous release worse. Second track is as expected more of an interlude. Some quiet rumbles akin to some of the more random background noises in the first track, nothing particular of value here. In track three, odd beeping transitions into a beautiful drone that encompasses the length of the track and goes on an odyssey of sorts, quite the Kevin Drumm treatment on this one.

Dying Air

Total Run Time: 112:49

1. Dying Air A - 27:28
2. Dying Air B - 25:34
3. Dying Air - 28:36
4. Dying Air - 31:11

Largely minimal, entirely acoustic creaks from odd things. Seems to be an exercise in sounds from non-instruments, and in that it achieves some stellar sounds, seriously a lot of this was extremely impressive. However, it's not very interesting. Lasting almost two hours, the slow creaks with large gaps of silence in between get tiring.

The Damned Sort

Total Run Time: 145:11

1. Live(Static Generator) - 40:01
2. The Onset of Sleep - 57:50
3. Burn In Hell For A Bit - 47:20

Starts off with some high-range harsh static that eventually quickly fades out. Some low rumbes. Then more, but a little different high-range harsh static. The track cycles through various harsh statics and tones that suddenly change into one-another. The second track consists of a low rumble that I thought was actually silence until I paused it. A significant chunk of the way through, a higher pitch finally starts and we get some decent cascading drones from various lengths of static. Then, what sounds like silence for a while, then that crescendos into more intense static cycles, except this time (if the last static sounded like a bathroom sink) these statics sound like a vacuum cleaner. Then it very suddenly stops, and another low rumble slowly fades in, followed by some more harsh statics later. Kind of interesting, but the statics get boring (or even grating) fast and stay unchanging for needlessly long periods of time. The third track is by far the best one, although the entire first half is unchanging static. The second half is some super interesting distroted sounds though, you can hear crazy distorted melodies and screaming, it was insane, it was perfect! I wish the rest of it was like this, that just bumped up the album a category.


Total Run Time: 86:49

1. Earrach A - 41:32
2. Earrach B - 25:47
3. Earrach C - 19:30

In the past couple weeks I finally resolved the whole issue of the CRAZY CDr never arriving and finally recieved it with my order of Motif (along with the surprise of the Adam Golebiewski collaboration, excited to listen to that once the catalog calls for it). I had heard the first half of this release before due to it being inlcuded within the Elapsed Time box set. That track is absolutely stunning, squelchy cricket-like noise cascades in and out while occasional euphoric melodies swell in enveloping the ears and resonating. By the end, it's entirely those melodies and it's perfect. Second track starts with a new sort of squelching, but higher-pitched noise, manages to be super interesting. Then these crazed, super ominous, glitchy drones come in. Those drones quickly cease and the rest of the track is fairly interesting forms of squelching. Ends weirdly with manipulated static for about a minute. Recommended, but not as good as the first track, the drone section is the best part. Earrach C starts with some ultra-quiet tapping then BAM it surprises you with an influx of crazy harsh noise. And that's when the track REALLY kicks in. We get all these sudden sections of crazy noise, everything's totally unexpected. The track slowly progresses into a complete Brise-Glace-esque drone, one that also sounds absolutely perfect. This track might be the best out of the whole thing, but the first track is also pretty damn good. The last two minutes are quite the surprise.

The Old Hag

Total Run Time: 34:40

1. The Old Hag - 34:40

The definition of abrasive. Extremely loud, knocks you off your socks the moment you press play, harsh on the level of Merzbow, but not to an unlistenable degree (in the way that it's not so high-pitched it's annoying). This noise is perfect and extremely impressive going in. Lasts a little long with no change though. But amazing release.


Total Run Time: 32:49

1. Primate A - 14:20
2. Primate 2 - 18:29

First track is completely batshit harsh noise, gets louder than you think. It does manage to get somewhat boring after a while though, the tones aren't especially resonant. It's awesome, but it's nothing particularly special. The second track was a harsh, but really nice buzz, I liked it better than the first track. Solid album, not that special, but still really solid.


Total Run Time: 48:00

1. 1983 B - 7:20
2. 1983 A - 16:00
3. 1983 C - 24:40

From the cover art, I expected this release to be entirely abrasive. Surprisingly, it's quite the opposite. The first track is entirely nearly silent actually, with just barely-audible drones. Each consecutive track is slightly louder than the previous, and the drones in each track are quite well done, reminds me of a more suspenseful and less repetitive version of Basinski's Watermusic.

Shut In-etc

Total Run Time: 34:40

1. Shut In extra 1 - 18:44
2. Shut In extra 2 - 15:56

This is actually one I've heard a couple times before, since I've had it downloaded for a while cause I have the Elapsed Time box set this was featured on. Absolutely amazing drone. Not that much to say about it since the drone is a bit unchanging, but it never gets boring. It's thhe perfect drone, and small subtleties vary throughout each track, changing the volume and vibrato of the drone which is already perfect, but these interesting and subtle changes elevate it so much. Truly one of Drumm's best pieces, its place on Elapsed Time is very well-deserved. Very similar to parts of Tannenbaum.


Total Run Time: 56:12

1. Moving part 1 - 14:02
2. Moving part 2 - 14:04
3. Moving part 3 - 14:25
4. Moving part 4 - 13:41

Somewhat interesting, but didn't do that much for me. High-ish pitch drones that buzz in and out, but nothing's especially resonant. Sort of flew by while I was studying.

The Obstacles Of Romantic Exaggeration

Total Run Time: 88:49

1. Cupcake focused militants - 2:14
2. Stochastic Sophistication - 5:58
3. Humidity Can Suck It - 3:02
4. Violent Daydreams - 11:53
5. Shortwave Intermission - 5:02
6. A Hairdresser Who Suddenly Went Mad and Decapitated A Duke - 6:56
7. A Therapists Lazy Nightmare - 3:25
8. Brutal Nothing - 1:00
9. This Sounded Like A Bad Fennesz Rip So I Bagged It... Until Now - 4:40
10. Transgressive Yawns - 1:27
11. Farewell Reprobates - 4:20
12. Hang The Hustlers - 6:00
13. Hypnogogic Jerk - 0:15
14. Fauxnakis - 0:34
15. Gutsynth 2000 Version 1 - 10:00
16. Nanoplankton - 7:23
17. Gutsynth 2000 Version 3 - 14:40

A weird assortment of tracks. First few tracks don't seem to serve much of a purpose, then Violent Daydreams kicks in being one of Kevin Drumm's best ever tracks with Oval-esque melodies looping around guitar plucks and an arrangement of drones and odd noises cascading in and out. Absolutely brilliant, I think this song might be my favorite Kevin Drumm track. Track 6 is also brilliant, but with some weird gross sounds that come in randomly. Track 7 manages to sound EXACTLY like The Caretaker, and it's brilliant. Brutal Nothing is literally a minute of silence (as expected). Track 9's title is accurate, except I quite liked it. Track 10 was nice. Track 11 felt largely unnecessary. Track 12 is extremely weird coming from Kevin Drumm, resembles noise rock more than anything else. We then have a couple REALLY cool, but really short noise tracks. Track 15's interesting, but fairly standard. Track 16 was quite boring until holy fuck, that bass kicked in. Last track is fine but not notable.

60 Minute Relief

Total Run Time: 59:05

1. 60 Minute Relief - 59:05

Absolute insanity, one of the harshest albums I know of. Starting with about 10 minutes of beautiful overdriven drones that suddenly and abruptly transition into the loud, glitchy, insanely detailed mess of Relief. This is if a Gustav Klimt painting were a song. After an immense drone of harsh glitches and tweaks, the song ends with a brief moment of silence, followed by a final, equally brief (we're talking like fraction of a second) explosion. Extremely good. About the only thing wrong with it is the beginning drones have a really weird pattern of unexpectedly cutting out, it almost seems unintentional.

Necro Acoustic 1 - Lights Out

Total Run Time: 30:57

1. Spraying The Weeds - 5:55
2. Blistering Statick - 4:38
3. Needleprick - 2:06
4. Idle Worship - 18:18

First track is extremely interesting, the harsh overtones combine with the bass to create a tense, but somehow calming atmosphere. It ends quite abruptly though. Pretty much same exact deal with the second track, although it was considerably more tense. Third track is entirely silent. The last track, while entertaining at first, slowly becomes annoying and almost as headache-enducing as the Electronic Harassment series. First two tracks great, last two not so good.

Necro Acoustic 2-Malaise

Total Run Time: 60:13

1. Malaise 1 - 4:16
2. Malaise 2 - 9:22
3. Malaise 3 - 3:20
4. Malaise 4 - 2:10
5. Malaise 5 - 1:47
6. Malaise 6 - 1:36
7. Malaise 7 - 2:54
8. Malaise 8 - 2:20
9. Malaise 9 - 14:59
10. Malaise 9 - 6:44
11. Malaise 10 - 6:44
12. Malaise 11 - 4:01

Extremely noisy release with multiple tracks that sound like cuts from 60 Minute Relief. Track 4 is especially loud and headache-enducing. An odd selection of extremely noisy tracks that don't really blend into each other or sound like the same universe. Sort of like a less poignant Obstacles of Romantic Exaggeration. Track 9 is an absolutely perfect drone. Mr. Drumm accidentally uploaded track 10 (what's supposed to be "Malaise 10") twice under both the name "Malaise 9" and "Malaise 10". I mean, I guess I have to listen to both.

Necro Acoustic 3 - Decrepit

Total Run Time: 67:42

1. Stomach Acid - 3:02
2. Blistering Static - 7:00
3. Band Pass - 5:12
4. Take The Focus Off - 2:52
5. Stale Content - 2:52
6. Bustelo - 1:15
7. Trash - 2:54
8. dilemma 1 - 3:44
9. dilemma 2 - 9:12
10. older shit 1 - 3:10
11. older shit 2 - 2:44
12. Totemic Saturation - 13:31
13. The Blurry Stupor - 10:14

Pretty good overall, but nothing that notable here. This just kinda seems like an album of filler tracks, everything goes by pretty fast and you don't remember it much afterwards. Very noisy.

Necro Acoustic 4-No Edit

Total Run Time: 58:10

1. No Edit 1 - 23:33
2. No Edit 2 - 34:37

Pretty quiet for the most part, a lot of the noises don't really have any merit and are actually quite boring. Most of the first track is in the right ear for some reason.

Necro Acoustic 5- Organ

Total Run Time: 54:54

1. Organ - 54:54

Had higher hopes this would be a quite interesting drone piece. It barely changes with a loop of a few seconds going back and forth between the same hums that never change. The only changing thing here is the length between switches, but only enough for it to be noticed if you're REALLY paying attention. Was a nice drone, but got boring after the first couple minutes. Then it went on for 20 more. Around 25 minutes in, things actually start changing a bit (or maybe they did earlier and I never noticed) and now they're back to normal. Overall, changes are extremely subtle and don't contribute much and end up looping back to normal so they didn't really mean anything, and goes on WAY too long. But I have to be honest, it's quite a nice sound, and after a REALLY long time, it starts to get good again for whatever reason.


Total Run Time: 58:21

1. Purge - 58:21

This one's absolutely fucking insane. Beginning with some crazy sounds almost like raw data (but they're not, they don't have that distinctive sound) transitioning into a crazy interesting harsh noise wall for a while, then around 20 minutes in we get this onlslaught of absolutely insane sounds one after another. At 22 minutes everything cuts out and we get this huge distorted metallic bangs and at 23 minutes in, some of the most fucking alien, Autehcre, crazy sounds I've ever heard just come out of nowhere and grind into the ears at the absolutely PERFECT rate (KD is good at that). One of the most harsh things ever (a lot of Kevin Drumm's albums I'd make the argument that they ABSOLUTELY are more harsh than Merzbow's harshest). What also makes this so much better than Merzbow is Kevin Drumm's versatility. This thing changes to straight up drone in the second half, and it's absolutely perfect and just as interesting as the insanely harsh first half. Jesus, this might be the best thing so far, this is one of the best harsh noise albums I've EVER heard. Oh and that ending is SO weird and out of place that it actually circles in on itself and becomes YET ANOTHER aspect of this thing's perfection.

09082001 gtr/synth 'solo'

Total Run Time: 40:21

1. Extracted - 40:21

For a while, quite a bit like No Edit, managed to be especially uninteresting and in the background. At about 20 minutes in though, these noises become a lot more significant and drawn-out. Ends extremely abruptly and hilariously. The last segment isn't as interesting as the middle.


Total Run Time: 34:54

1. Wider Distance - 10:58
2. Waterbed Music Part 1 - 15:56
3. Slanted Floors - 8:00

Another one I had previously listened to due to its inclusion on the fantastic Elapsed Time box set. The first track is a brilliant drone that progressively gets more intense and resonant. Absolutely masterfully done, but it's pretty much the same story with a different drone for the rest of the two tracks. The second track does shift through a few different tones though, the last couple minutes of it being especially interesting, dissonant, and resonant. This is a perfect drone album, but not much more than that.


Total Run Time: 24:05

1. Albatross Version A - 14:32
2. Albatross Version B - 9:33

First track opens with a sound I never expected to come out of Kevin Drumm - Complete chaotic percussion! But it's also quite calming, while being conceptually dense, it's calm sounds like frogs and bamboo chimes that cascade and bounce into each other and fill the air rather than being a bombardment of drums. This later fades into electronic drones that argue with each other and by the end sound completely like glitch-processed drones and the percussive sounds are gone. The second track essentially does the reverse of that; Very processed drones (in the vein of spectrogram-generated sounds [might want to look into that]) fade into the boucing frog/bird percussion, transitioning from extremely processed, to somehow extremely natural. This album is one of the most similar to a lot of Merzbow's works, combining animal sounds with noise.

Phantom jerk

Total Run Time: 42:22

1. Phantom Jerk 1 - 23:10
2. Phantom Jerk 2 - 5:56
3. Phantom Jerk 2 - 13:16

An extremely quiet release, but once paid attention to, reveals itself to be quite the nice bit of ambient melody. The last track though doesn't change its drone much and just goes on a little long, would've been fine with just the first two as the last doesn't add much.

Quiet Nights

Total Run Time: 52:48

1. quiet nights 1 - 30:04
2. Quiet Nights 2 - 22:44

Sort of like another version of Phantom jerk, makes sense given the name. Less interesting than the first phantom jerk, but more interesting than the last.


Total Run Time: 27:11

2. REDIKI - 13:11

First track has some real interesting noises on top of crazy drones. Almost like a much less melodic version of Earrach. Second track is a lot more metallic and intense. At about 9 minutes in, the drones start to get REALLY intense, and then we have this super harsh, super awesome, Sheer Hellish Miasma type crazy distorted drone that (and I have a feeling I'll be repeating this phrase a lot) grinds into the ears in the absolute most perfect way possible. Ends perfectly weirdly too. Fantastic listen.

The Kitchen

Total Run Time: 43:58

1. Accord A - 12:41
2. Accord B - 27:03
3. C - 4:14

Really nice drones, a different, but stagnant one in each track. The first track was by far the least interesting though. The second track was really nice and reminded me of a more harsh Selva Oscura. The last track was also really nice and warm, but it ended weirdly abruptly. Good listen.


Total Run Time: 37:04

1. Humid Weather - 20:06
2. Heat Stress - 16:58

Conceptually a super interesting release, but doesn't manage to do that much for me. Its sounds vary and change constantly, and they're cool sounds don't get me wrong, but they don't seem to have much behind them. It all seems like a set of ideas that didn't come into full fruition. There are parts that go on way too long also.

Crooked Abode

Total Run Time: 30:31

1. Crooked Abode - 30:31

This one was also on the Elapsed Time box set! A solid release, has a lot of drone segments that change like movements. Over 30 minutes, quite a few times the drone fades to silence and a new one comes in. They're all very quality drones too though. So nice release that's pretty interesting because it tries to be.

2014 Everything's Going along as Usual and Then All Shit Breaks Loose.

Total Run Time: 83:54

1. What Sleep Is - 8:40
2. Private Fugues - 10:20
3. The Sinking Quarrel - 9:40
4. Panoramic Carnage - 16:20
5. Awful Deep - 8:00
6. Social Interaction - 4:20
7. Lower - 22:00
8. The Forthright Fool - 4:34

So its been a couple months since I listened to Kevin Drumm. Mostly because I originally planned on this to be a sort of sub-project that I would just focus on when doing schoolwork and do the main projects outside of schoolwork. However, I haven't had schoolwork for a couple months now. Therefore, I've gotten to focus on my Tsundere Violence compilations listening project (which I'm still not finished with because that is HARD to listen to in obsession like I have with every other listening project since every thing is like multiple hours and a hundred separate songs that are hard to completely focus on and write something about each track. It sort of all becomes a jumble of noise by the end that I didn't get THAT much out of, very much unlike RINGEX PLASTER, or this, or even portions of WTC (though WTC did certainly feel like that a lot, but it was easier to make progress with WTC rather than the hours worth of content with TV). Anyways, when I actually listened to this, I didn't actually write thoughts about it, I wanted to, but I was kinda busy doing schoolwork. So its been a couple months since I ACTUALLY listened. I do remember it being quite uneventful though; A lot of quieter harsh noise walls that didn't seem to progress much and then they would fade out and come into the next track. They didn't have much merit and the release was a bit dissappointing. I'm going to skim everything again and make sure I get opinions on each track real quick. What Sleep Is is cool, but these noises don't really seem to do much or contribute to much. Same with Private Fugues, The Sinking Quarrel, Awful Deep, Social Interaction, and Lower. Panoramic Carnage and The Forthright Fool are the only ones that seem to do anything for me, Panoramic Carnage being real intense, and The Forthright Fool being quite pleasant. Private Fugues and Social Interaction are basically the same song, each with some quiter tones (these aren't HNW tracks) and klangs that seem kinda random and meaningless. Lower is interesting because it is just what the title says: REALLY low frequencies. It goes on for 22 minutes though and very quickly gets boring. Those are my final thoughts about the tracks, but keep in mind, I only skimmed through this time around, I did a more proper listen a while back and just remember feeling unmoved by these tracks. It's an okay album.


Total Run Time: 38:16


This one clips a little bit in some places. Other than that, absolutely fantastic drone piece that undergoes some very noticable changes while they still create the same overall drone.

The Sea Wins

Total Run Time: 31:15

1. The Sea Wins - 31:15

Another from the Elapsed Time box set!! Oddly enough the version on bandcamp is 17 seconds longer, but I'll be listening off the Box set. More brilliant drone music! This one isn't AS good as some of the amazing ones, but still worth a listen or two.