Work of Genius, or Actual Dogshit?

Quite some time ago, Sturmp (featured on Daddy's Mad OST) and I created a parody-comic-book thing not only consisting of the Daddy's Mad main story arc, but also spawning a short-lived subculture about the Orange Man which in turn spawned another short-lived rebellion faction known as the Maroon Men. Even though the subfactions of the Orange Man were constantly at some sort of war with each other, there was an entire other race of beings that fell under the other sub-category of Maroon Men. I'll try to explain this whole story as we go along as best as possible, because there is a LOT of information to get to. (Names censored out)

Secret message on that last one that couldn't be captured cause the page was slightly too big for my printer. It says along the right side, "I KNOW WHAT YOUR DAD DID TO YOU. DON'T FORGIVE HIM. KILL HIM. MUTILATE HIS FLABBY FLESH AND SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF HIM WHI". Kinda disappointed I have to reveal this secret message, cause finding these secret messages are a big part of the story behind Daddy's Mad. I guess I'll take this moment to tell you to look for these secrets!